Friday, November 21, 2008

Another of the Big Names in Psychiatry Doctor Goodwin just went down Who is next

Another of the Big Names in Psychiatry "Doctor Goodwin" just went down the tubes for his corruption and greed! Who is next on the list?

Has psychiatry become so corrupt and filled with greed that Big Pharmaceutical has everyone bought and paid for now? From the FDA, to All the Major University research programs and clinical trials, and then you add in almost every well known and influential psychiatrist in the business!

We can look at a long list of the people Dr. Fredrick K. Goodwin has provided intros, endorsed, and wrote books with!

Manic-Depressive Illness: Frederick K. Goodwin and Kay Redfield Jamison: Minkoff and Robert E. Drake, Jossey Boss, 1991

Manic-Depressive Illness - Fredrick K. Goodwin, M.D., & Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D., Oxford; 1990

Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You... That You Need to Know by John McManamy endorsed on the cover by Fredrick K. Goodwin

This barely even touches the surface of his endorsements, influence, and the power he wielded within the psychiatric community.

We read almost every week about about Harvard's Baderman, Emory's Dr. Nemornuts, the FDA's psychiatry products chief Thomas Laughren, and the list just goes on and on, one bad apple after another dropping from the same tree of greed and influence by Huge Multi-Billion Dollar Mega Corporations called the Pharmaceutical Industry!

So that puts everything in Question now doesn't it!

The whole medical model and drug treatments are put into question? Since other options that were never explored because of people like Goodwin were in the pocket of Good Old Big Pharmaceutical! Isn't this unfolding stacked deck of cards just wonderful! NOT!

Now you can understand why I say you cannot trust any mental health professional in psychiatry in these times, because they have all scratched each others backs to get to where they are. They have had it driven into their heads and bank accounts that drugs are the way and only way to treat mental health issues; and if they had their way we would be handing out more and more drugs all the time with Fantasy Diagnosis like Childhood Bipolar and a slew of other fallacies waiting in the pipeline for Corrupt Doctors and Big Pharmaceutical to jump all over.

The Mental Health Nightmare Puzzle is starting to come together and it's looks extremely ugly and scary for the mental health community as a whole; but especially for the millions upon millions of patients that have fallen victim to this giant hoax!

Dr. Goodwin perhaps the most influential researcher and writer in the world of bipolar disorder--and the well-known radio show "The Infinite Mind."

The New York Times just reported that National Public Radio will finally kick psychiatrist Fred Goodwin off the air after more than a decade of his shows promoting the mental health system.


Because Congress discovered that Dr. Goodwin was one of many well known psychiatrists who took huge pay offs from psychiatric drug companies without disclosing it.

By coincidence, Dr. Goodwin was reassuring radio listeners of low side effects of a drug on the very same day he received one of his pay-offs from the drug's manufacturer.

Thank you MindFreedom, Senator Grassley, and Congress for finally stepping forward and actually doing something for the American people and those with Mental Health issues.

Tell Congress: Stop Prescription Drug Ads

Yes we are getting screwed; this art may be in bad taste, but true unfortunately all the same!

Tell Congress: Stop Prescription Drug Ads

Each year, drug executives spend $4 billion on prescription drug ads for pills they say will make you feel happier, sleep better, and improve your sex life.

The ads are not educational, and do not promote public health.

They can be extremely dangerous, as the Vioxx tragedy shows.

The Public Health Protection Act will stop all direct-to-consumer drug ads. Thirty-nine organizations have endorsed this legislation.

Now we need your help.Tell your Members of Congress to support the Public Health Protection Act. Take action now.
Thank you Ana over at justana Blog for this heads up!

Pharmaceutical Companies and The FDA are destroying are Kids

Thank you Fox News and Philip at Furious Seasons for the heads up on this Video and information! Philip's blog link is located on my side bar as always.

Pharmaceutical Companies and the FDA are destroying are Kids

Let's get this out there as clear as it can possibly be!

Anti psychotics drugs do not help Kids in the vast majority of cases; if ever! They just put huge amounts of $$$$$Dollars$$$$$$$ in Big Pharmaceuticals basket, The FDA stands by and watches with their hands tied be hide their backs, while taking no action what so ever!



Today's New York Times has news that Sen. Charles Grassley has caught yet another researcher in his conflict of interest probe. This time out, it's Fred Goodwin--perhaps the most influential researcher and writer in the world of bipolar disorder--and the well-known radio show "The Infinite Mind." As a result of these new revelations, the show is going off the air.

More News:

FDA psychiatry products chief Thomas Laughren is accused of in the past ghost-authoring studies for pharmaceutical companies and of working hand-in-hand with his "friends" at pharmaceutical companies.

FDA goes with and recognizes the fantasy and dreamed up Child Bipolar diagnosis without any evidence or DSM criteria?

FDA refuses to respond to criticism and questions from the Public! Isn't that who they are supposed to represent?

FDA is allowing off label use of anti psychotic drugs in children with no studies or substantial data to back up such a gross health hazard to the public and our children's safety.

FDA allows Pharmaceutical companies TV, Radio, and print ads to run unabated with misinformation, and advertising anti psychotics as anti depressants?

I hope your starting to get angry! I know I am!

It's time to be calling your Senator, Congress Person, the FDA, and the President, both Bush and Obama on a daily basis; and ask why this is happening to our Kids?

Please take the time to make your voice heard!

Here's the link:

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Real ECT Ray Sandford stop his forced ECT "A survivor speaks out"

--Watch this video, I believe it speaks for itself!

Thanks to Bob Fiddaman posting this @ Furious Seasons

Ray Sandford is regularly given involuntary outpatient electroshock in Minnesota.

Read more here at MindFreedom

Correction: Mark author of psych survivor 2.0 actually left the link to this video over at Furious Seasons

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ray Sandford & MindFreedom: Call to Action: Telephone Governor Pawlenty

Ray Sandford & MindFreedom: Call to Action: Telephone Governor Pawlenty on Wednesdays

MindFreedom has a call to action to telephone Minnesota Governor Pawlenty every day and ask these questions regarding the forced ECT treatment of outpatient Ray Sandford:

"Action: Telephone Governor Pawlenty's office now: From anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391. From inside Minnesota phone toll free: (800) 657-3717.You can leave a message at any time. You can reach staff any non-holiday weekday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time.Call any day, but especially call on Wednesdays.

Be polite but be firm and persistent. Ask one or more of these questions:

1. Does the Governor support Minnesota laws allowing involuntary outpatient electroshock?

2. Is the Governor aware that some Minnesota citizens are being escorted from their homes using court orders to receive involuntary electroshock?

3. How many Minnesota residents receive electroshock against their wishes, as either an inpatient our outpatient?

4. Who collects this data?

5. How is this data reported to the public?

And if you have any doubts about this campaign, go ahead and ask,

6. "Are reports on the Internet true that some Minnesota residents receive electroshock involuntarily on an outpatient basis?"

You may be directed to another department such as Human Rights. Do not give up. Keep asking. If you do not get a return call soon, call back to complain.If you do receive any helpful information, e-mail it to

UPDATE 10:43 am Pacific Time: Staff in several offices is definitely aware of this campaign.

Phone calls to Governor now mainly seem to be re-directed to a voice mail. Please leave a clear message and ASK FOR A CALL BACK. If you do NOT get a call back in a day or two, please phone again asking for a call back.

I urge every Mental Health Blogger that believes forced ECT is Wrong and Inhumane to copy and paste this article to their site.

Thank you,


Monday, November 10, 2008

ALERT - call to action

Shock treatment & Ray Sandford: Forced ECT is not humane psychiatric care!

Mind Freedom has an alert out for awareness regarding outpatient Ray Sandford's forced ECT treatment.

This is a call to action.

We all have rights, civil liberties and basic dignity.

it's completely unimaginable to me is that ECT is being forced on patients at all, yet PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS ARE ON A DAILY BASIS. There is little difference, in my opinion. Forced is forced.

Please Write letters and make phone calls, speak up and be a voice and advocate for Ray Sandford.

~Ray's Story"
The past Wednesday morning after the historic USA election what were you doing?

I know what Ray Sandford, 54, was doing. Each and every Wednesday, early in the morning, staff shows up at Ray's sheltered living home called Victory House in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, adjacent to Minneapolis.

Staff escorts Ray the 15 miles to Mercy Hospital. There, Ray is given another of his weekly electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments, also known as electroshock. All against his will. On an outpatient basis. And it's been going on for months. Ray says the weekly forced electroshock "scary as hell." He absolutely opposes having the procedure. He says it's causing poor memory for names such as of friends and his favorite niece. "What am I supposed to do, run away?"

Instead, Ray phoned his local library's reference desk to ask about human rights groups, and the librarian referred him to MindFreedom International."

Thank you Stephany at soulful sepulcher for the content of this post!

Has PsychCentral jumped on the bipolar child band wagon?

Read this article for yourself, and you be the judge!

PsychCentral with all those flashy ads for drugs now has to weigh in on the bipolar child. Let us clearly define what they are saying here!

All the criteria in their so called signs of Child Bipolar could and are found in everyday normal kids, just being a kid.

So is this diagnosis a myth or real? We know the so called leading psychiatrist in this field of study at Harvard has taken millions of dollars from Big Pharmaceutical to come up with this so called diagnosis and has been outed throughout the psychiatric community and press for his greed and corruption. He is now under investigation and the magnifying glass of Senator Grassley. There is absolutely nothing in the questionable and limited diagnostic tool called DSM referring to childhood bipolar or a criteria for it's diagnosis or treatment.

Yet across America kids are being drugged into insanity with medications that in many cases will not just treat these suspicious symptoms, contrived and questionable protocols, but can and will alter their developing brains for the rest of their lives. I happen to believe that this a pretty important issue that needs a ton of public debate before we start shoving dangerous pills down our kids throats.
"If we are to error, let us pray we error on the side of caution" Our children deserve at least this much!

Should we be relying on tainted science, bad diagnostics, Guns for hire Doctors, and the greed of Pharmaceutical Companies to be looking out for the best interest of our youth?

I say they can not be trusted (as they and the FDA have shown us time and time again), as this appears to be just another dubious ploy at profiteering at our children's expense and health.

PsychCentral should be ashamed of itself for jumping on this band wagon without the science or proper diagnostic tools to back up this mythological disorder. I challenge everyone to read their article and all those little disclaimers they slip into it; and judge for yourself whether this is good mental health advice, or just them feeding themselves fantasies, their paid advertisers, and maybe just a few of their insiders club friend Psychiatrist?

I am clearly not a huge fan of PsychCentral, since they continue to walk the same old failed line and skewed logic on mental health issues and treatment. If they are going to jump on every opportunity to please their advertising friends and pad their wallets; I have to question the validity of their site and any information contained within it.

It appears to me that they are just another web dinosaur waiting to go extinct.

Let me call this article and site what it is without the quivering censorship others do when referring to PsychCentral "IT'S COMPLETE BULLSHIT".

Of course I'm not gunning for one of their worthless awards! I know who's pocket they are in! I know where they make their money. Bias is a nice way to put it; corrupt and tainted advice is another.

The article:

Your Comments are always welcome here! Many may disagree with me, which is absolutely OK.

I know many out there are big fans of PsychCentral; but I don't write this blog to please them or anyone else for that matter; I write to show it as it is through my experience, view, eyes, concerns, and thoughts.

I see the dice coming up sevens this time around!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More about Abilify - and the makers Bristol-Myers Squibb

Let's take a look at the the official site brought to you by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Now we have this conflicting data to decipher and make some sense of as a potential consumer? Those slick fancy commercials tell us this is the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread; but only a 11% success rate showed for some improvement as an add on to an Antidepressant for depressive symptoms. They don't even market the drug for what it is "Anti psychotic"; but as an add on treatment for depression.


The adverse side effects: "In the first study of Abilify, 362 patients were randomly assigned to Abilify or placebo for six weeks after a failed trial of antidepressants. There was a -8.8 v -5.8 change on the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), a difference of 11.5%. 23% of patients on Abilify versus 5% on placebo had akathisia, a potentially very disturbing side effect where you feel like you are jumping out of your skin or cannot sit still. Restlessness was seen in 14% v 3%. Fatigue was also more common.

"In the second study
of Abilify, 381 patients who had failed at least one antidepressant medication trial were treated for eight weeks with an antidepressant followed by the addition of Abilify or a placebo for six weeks. Abilify showed an -8.5 change on the 26 item Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) versus -5.7 for placebo, a difference of 2.8 points, a difference of 11%. 26% of patients on Abilify versus 4% on placebo had akathisia, and 10% versus 1% had restlessness.

Now here comes the fun part of this whole clinical trial and data collection business for profit nightmare.

This is what they don't tell you!

Who are the people they are using as test subjects? I have seen over many years working and observing in various institutions, hospitals, and with varied populations that many of these so called "Test Subjects" used in many if not the majority of these so called scientific studies are actually people pulled off the streets; as in homeless, and/or indigent populations, starving students hurting for some extra or much needed income (we have all read about those horror stories and deaths in the news and elsewhere), or prisoners, some have institutionalized extremely mentally ill patients involved; most study subjects are paid cold hard cash to do these trials (some get other benefits as in institutional brownie points, and there is even a population of professional Ginny pigs that do these trials to make a living!).
They have built in incentives not to complain, and complete the studies no matter what the side effects are; (thus the low dropout rates reported in the data) since they are making money, being provided food, shelter, and other goodies such as cigarettes in many cases.

This is only one of the many reasons why these clinical trials and studies should be strictly regulated and overseen with standardized protocols with not only with the drug in question itself; but also factoring in the backgrounds and status of the test subjects involved by completely independent bodies with no stake in the outcome, or are part of the huge windfall pie so to speak.
This is why I personally consider these trials/studies voodoo medicine, invalid, bad science, as well as very skewed statistically.
Maybe you'll get lucky and be part of that 11%, but I must ask can that justify the FDA approval and advertising an anti psychotic to the general population with so much at stake in adverse results and consequences?
How does that make you feel about your friendly neighborhood Pharmaceutical Company?

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