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Removing the Power of Psychiatry Forth Installment Part B

What is Anti-Psychiatry?

Removing the power of Psychiatry fourth installment part B

What is Anti-Psychiatry and why do those pundits out there use it in their argument in defending an obviously failed model and inhumane practices perpetrated upon a created subset of humanity. They actually show such malice and discontent as to use this terminology like it’s a dirty word, or call those that would question an ingrained system of prosecution against those with different and unique constitutions a rampant cult or believers in scientology. I am not a scientologist or do I believe medicine as a whole is something we should shelve completely as in going back in time to the dark ages when suffering of common human illness and afflictions were the norm and not the exception. The rational I use in being anti-psychiatry is grounded and valid in what we see in documented results we all have available to us today from real science, all the way to heart wrenching testimonials of the lived experience.

Here is where those preservers of the indoctrinated norm and I separate and depart like a grand canyon of opposition and malcontent. Please tell me why we have this created unscientific criteria they call the psychiatric bible or DSM. If you pick up and read this rambling spew; the first thing that will pop off those labeling and demonstrative pages is that it reads like a complete what not of all behavioral inclinations. From cover to cover it uses obviously subjective observational criteria of what is an abhorrent and abnormal behavioral check list to put a label on someone or if allowed the power to be taken to its outer limits of ridiculous assumptions, it could actually include everyone including innocent you sitting there reading this text today. Something quite important is missing in this book of myth and frazzle dazzle befuddlement? What is the mean, where does the bell curve originate from, and to put it in terms anyone can understand; what is Normal?

It’s not rocket science to know that what we believe is normal in one culture is not normal in another. But beyond this reasoning; the real problem is normal is not a static proposition. Normal is always changing and in flux by our essence and its basic human condition. What is considered normal today, could be considered unacceptable and abnormal tomorrow. As goes the reverse of this realization. Sociality judges and sets a basic outline and contextual implications of this term “normal”; which is constantly changing and morphing into something else entirely.
So why would a bunch of questionable experts get to sit in a secret room and create what they believe to be abnormal, and then have the audacity to subject everyone else to their narrow and ignorant views? We do know a little about what’s behind why they do this Omnipotent conjecture though. Their professional lives are at stake in all its majestic reality.

The fact is that if they don’t create an illness, then the illness can’t be treated or billed as an illness. Then you throw in the opportunity for profit making beyond your wildest dreams, and you have created a self serving monster that will try to devourer each and everyone in its path. I think we can throw in corruption, payoffs, influence peddling by huge pharmaceutical conglomerates, and a psychiatric industry that has spire-rolled out of control in the past few decades in the Western industrialized World, as well as beyond those limits to third world and developing nations. This is all about a falsehood turned into some it’s not. They that make the profits want disparately to call psychiatry validated medicine; but it at its very best is an evil bastard step child of this institution.

So why am I speaking out here? It’s because their system is nothing more than a shell game that is not really treating anyone (at least anyone humanly, with success, or with dignity in all truth).
Please show me the pathology of all these so called illnesses and conditions; Please show me a single person that psychiatry somehow magically cured, Show me how using dangerous drugs in a shotgun approach enhances the lives of those suffering from the human condition. We can show you countless documented cases of injury, lifelong debilitating consequences from the treatments used today in the medical Psychiatry. We can show you the corpses of the maimed, killed, and those that killed themselves do to this psychiatric modality.

Step to the plate Psychiatry! Show me a neuron pathway; show me the serotonin reuptake pathway please. Come on, let’s see it! Show exactly how your drugs affect the brain chemistry in real terms. Can you show the gene or series of genes in the genetic code you can alter or eliminate to create a cure? Come on now, enough of the half baked guess work on a subjective behavioral indicator test or questionnaires.

We want the real stuff, real scientific evidence! You do know about that whole repeatable and verifiable data criteria they use in real science?

I know that psychiatry can’t do that, because they don’t have the answers! They just play the guessing game, and you are the victim Mr. X or Ms. Y patient.

What a twisted and greedy web Psychiatry has weaved and created. They play God and make up the illness, then name and diagnosis it, they even treat it as if it were a real disease, and they make profits for themselves and the drug industry that has climbed steadily into the trillions of dollars as the progression of these lies and falsehood continues unabated through all of society and medicine.

So tell me why do these professionals that know this travesty is all a lie and shame continue sit on their hands and say nothing? Because it about following the money my dear folks! Which they in turn with little reservation or conscious these evil doers use to buy unbridled power and influence. They hold all the purse strings for research, they have the market cornered and shut in a box with extended patents, the professional tabloids that were once medical journals are in their bag of tricks, they control the information pathways through manipulation and bribery, They use the all mighty power of advertizing through commercials and direct to doctor perks and incentives to white wash anything that stands in their way, they even have the FDA our regulatory governmental body under their financial thumb and at their beck and call. Very few are going to stand up against the goliath of this girth and size without some heavy repercussions from their cohorts raining down on them with the sacrifice of career platitudes and possibilities shut closed right before their truth telling eyes.

Who are the victims and who gets hurts by all this greedy game they play. Everyone in our society does. More cost effective and better treatment modalities are ignored, which leaves a much smaller pie to be sliced among us all. Medicine suffers because they have resources taken away from other vital areas of research and treatment, education and the whole economy suffers because people are forever placed in a victim and public entitlement category as they are the non functioning leftovers and throw away pariahs of the modern treatment modality. If you out there reading this haven’t noticed the stink of corruption by now in our twisted around world of psychiatry, it is almost always the patient that gets blamed if things go south in a treatment process. Seldom is the treatment questioned or the Doctors held responsible for their true crimes against those they took an ethical and professional oath to do no harm too.

Now I will throw a zinger out there that may sting a few. Stop being Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry’s patsy.

If you are still taking your mind pills and are not in an active process of tapering off or eliminating their use for a more holistic and empowered processes of treatment; then you unfortunately are holding up the Golden Idol of Psychiatry by you not taking back your dignity and right to self determination.

Does it hurt to change and go through the process of being psych drug free? Yes, and you are still left with you as you are/were at the end of the process (that is if you’re lucky and not so damaged beyond repair by the demons). I guess it just a matter of who you want to be your master. Maybe you want those all powerful doctors that have lied and abused you for profit along with greedy big Pharmaceutical to remain at the reigns.

Do you really want to control your own destiny in the end, or is that too much to come to terms with? It’s really all about choice! It’s your choice. I’m not here to judge you as a person or patient; but I will say if you are going to talk the talk, then you should be walking the walk.

I know many out there that have been damaged, had addictions to, and horrible side effects from medication and other forms of treatments modern psychiatry has thrown their way. Many feel damaged, discouraged, and helpless to do anything.

Today is not a bad day to at least start to renew yourself and take your own life back. It all begins with a small step. If you think it will sting and be a painful process; you are probably right. Life doesn’t come without pain or suffering, it does come with something called free will and self determination if you are willing to pay whatever the going price and cost is for you personally.

Ask yourself this question as a possible worst case scenario and then you choose what the best option is: would you rather be in a prison made and designed by others that creates your living hell; or would you rather be in the prison of your own making where you choose which chains shackle you and how you go about an escape plan?

Your comments and opinions are welcome as always.
Thank you Steph @soulful sepulcher for this award that really describes me in a nut shell.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Removing the Power of Psychiatry Forth Installment Part A

From the Victim Syndrome to Empowerment

First Some News:

To begin with in this post from the aka St Petersburg Times web site.

AstraZeneca is trying too pull another great cover up in attempting keep their internal documents from the public eye and mind. Let's just call them the "Seroquel Documents". They are quoted as saying it is in the public good and interest for them not to be released; since people might stop taking their drug, and are afraid they may just have their legal right to "Informed Consent" actually realized.

We all remember the "Zyprexa Documents" from those admitted criminals at Lilly. Now AstraZeneca wants to seal their dirty little secrets from you. Makes you wonder when they will plead guilty to their role in criminal activity? So much information to relay here about those insiders that have leaked the dirty little secrets. But I will let you read the news, do your own research, and read other Blogs for the full scoop.

As I have said before, AstraZeneca's Legal Team is going to be going through this site with a fine tooth comb. So maybe they are a little nervous over these documents becoming public knowledge with so much on the line in the legal department and bottom line? To date it is reported through news sources that AztraZeneca has spent 500 million dollars in legal fees on this litigation alone.

Thanks Stephany over at soulful sepulcher for the heads up and information.

Let's me start here with a Picture Psychiatry today is using to create what I will call the "Victim Syndrome". Then just maybe we can take that down the road to "Personal Empowerment".

Removing the Power of Psychiatry – Forth Installment – Part A

I Changed gears here! I have decided to fore go the hypothetical examples I was going to write about and just do some plan old down to earth honest commentary on how victimization plays out in psychiatry and Mental Health. Then I’m just going to post some comments I have left on others Blogs out of context and let you create a context for yourself.

To begin with; to become a victim of psychiatry you start with making a choice. You walk into the office of a complete stranger and within minutes you are saddled with either to trust or not trust a diagnosis/label that will ever change your life. You have to honestly wonder if there are psychiatrist out there that actually would be honest and have the integrity to tell a potential patient that there is nothing wrong with them; stare a person in the face and say that you as a viable and intelligent human being that most likely could be fixed and live a whole life with some diligent effort and self examination on your own. I sure would like to see those brain analyzing shrink researchers do a detailed study in this area of medicine and seen what the results would show.

Once to you have made that choice to allow another human being to have the ornate and all consuming power to alter your brain chemistry through means of psychotropic medication or like means, you are in essence no longer who you were or will ever be as a person that just moments ago/earlier was not influenced by a foreign substance or gave unquestioned power to a flawed model of medicine.

Let us always remember that in a psychiatrist eyes and thoughts, there is not an equal sitting across from them in that office; but a patient, a label, a person not in control of their own destiny or faculties. This opens the door to unbridled power and abuse whether with or without direct negative intent or conscious effort.

So you take a pill that either changes you or enables you to continue down a path of self destruction or redirection. If and when that pill alters your brain’s natural abilities to self direct, there will always be another pill and label awaiting you in the offices of this shrink land in a never ending cycle of futility.

At some point you may choice to end the cycle of madness, maybe even stop to cycle of pills and direction; yet the damage has already been done. You have been changed, altered, labeled, and your dignity and self has been most remarkably replaced or removed in truth.
Even if you are repairable and have hope at this point; you are still left with the original predicament of self determination and choice you had before you were reconditioned and changed from the essence of inside out. This does mean going back to square one in dealing with your initial problems and the whole spectrum of your emotional rainbow. Plus you have those pesky little things called your own whole life experience and all those that have interacted with you or touched you in a powerful way both negatively and positively to start to come to terms with in your life.

There is no question from this wounded and vulnerable place where there are no easy fixes or smooth roads for you to choose from. There is just a lot of deep self examination, years of rediscovery and self discovery, and the development of self, a search for your true life passions, and begin the small steps toward the very infancy of realizing the possibility of dreams being awoken once more. This is not a cake walk or for those that want an easy road through life without hardship and great suffering. But I will say this as plainly as I can here; the rewards are unmeasured or yet conceivable from the beginning point of this journey toward a true being self of dignity and respect that is tangible each and every time you have to look yourself in the mirror or others in your life. This less traveled and seldom worn road you can walk down is Heaven on earth in comparison to what another appearing easier choice may bring.

Too often as I read through the many myriad of blogs and sites throughout the Internet; I see those that may have come to terms with a failed modality and have even sternly rejected being labeled as one of those. Then they blinding walk straight beyond rational and reasoning to a destination of relabeling themselves as victims and martyrs for the greater cause; yet never realizing they forgot to bring their true life along for the ride and journey with them.

Maybe it was not taking the time to grieve properly, truly reflecting within to gain insight or perspective, developing a strategy in navigating and figuring out a true and straight course to real full recovery; and not in the least these choices is this is your opportunity to begin to heal; to heal thy self and then to heal the wounds brought upon you by others and outsides influences. This seeking of fulfillment and enlightenment that could actually lead to a firm ground, a solid foundation, and comforting resting place of contentment, renewed dreams realized, action taken with purpose, and a zest for this one time offer of an adventure and wondrous puzzle of grand folly we call living.

This journey is a limited offer until that day which entails that last gasp of breath. Please remember that we each have an expiration date. This date is not stamped on your behind or forehead; yet is our final destiny all the same. So take life as it was meant to be! A gift you can give unto yourself, to those you care and love dearly; that has no measure of value in solid tangible finite terms, but does have the power to change your life and even the world for a better today and tomorrow far beyond your stay here in this body and on this earth.

So then I come to ask this simple question of each one of you out there; what foot print do you want to leave on this earth when your life is made a final summation and statement to all that have known you?

You and you alone will only be able to answer this question within your very heart of hearts, and deep within your spirits soul of existence. To be or not to be is not the question here; for you will be! But what you will be and what that person will experience in this life journey is all yours to determine in this true reality. You are now making a valid choice to be empowered, use this gift wisely and with great care.

-Part B coming soon-

Your responses and comments are always welcome.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Removing the Power Of Psychiatry Part Three

Mark wrote this thoughtful post in response to my post "Removing the Power Of Psychiatry"

So I thought I would further the conversation a little and see where it goes! I Welcome all your insight out there in the bloggery world.

I came up with this

It has to be recognized psychiatrists put people in jail, not a hospital. Psychiatrists put people in jail until the behave properly. Behaviour , for the most part is a choice.

Society needs to be protected from the insane criminal, which do exist.

The problem then is injustice. Injustice of a “different” person judged a criminal.

In the judicial world when a police officer testifies what he observed and heard (in a crime), his/her world is believed . He/she is a sworn agent of the state.

When a psychiatrist testifies what he/she believes, he/she is believed as he/she has a diploma.

It is known there are bad police, and they have special police to find the bad ones.

It should be known there are bad psychiatrists and an organization to find the bad ones.

My idea is a group to watch the watchers, and have the power to strip bad psychiatrists of their power.

Dear Mark:

I believe your concept in the presumption of being different predominantly in Mental Health is assumed criminal. We as a society embrace difference all the time in many forms, persona's, artistic venues, and other labeled disabilities.

I believe we differ slightly is in the policing policy! I believe in the construct that psychiatry should in essence have all power removed until they can truly validate intrusion upon another human being. I can’t even begin to express how self determination is the key factor and empowerment tool that needs to be nurtured and weighed as the predominant factor in all Mental Health Court rulings and treatment processes. If you go to any mental institution you will find somewhere on a stark barren wall the “Patients’ Bill Of Rights”! It is stated quite clearly that the least restrictive means is always first priority in any setting or treatment, and must be up held to/and above all others.

It is common knowledge and accepted medical ethical standard that especially with psychotropic medication (and Like Treatments as in ECT so on and so forth) intervention should always be the last resort option in all believed to be Emotionally Different in Constitutional Variations or as they call in Psychiatry land Diagnosis/Label /illness; since it is always deemed the most restrictive form of treatment. Even isolation and restraint is listed below psychotropic medication as being less restrictive. Once you enter a person’s mind and alter the chemistry and behavior artificially, you have entered in to the realm of supreme omnipotent territory.

If I was to the create the paradigm that would serve as a new and improved model; psychiatry would have all powers removed and be replaced with a moral conscience driven socially bound with oversights controlling the model with an extremely high bar of the most humane ethical practice, least restrictive intervention, and fully inclusive of criteria which involved the patients choice; including full disclosure of all options and possible negative/positive consequences from stated options/treatment; that would also include all available modalities including holistic and alternative options before any right of self determination was even remotely brought into question or subverted by professional or legal means. As an extra safety measure I would insure honest peer review, consolation, full legal representation, a broad spectrum of debate, and the protection of civil legal recourse before any basic human rights were infringed upon an individual for the sole purpose of treatment related to (basically all DSM diagnostic labels which over time should be phased out completely) subjective and observational afflictions.

Psychiatry has a false paradigm starting right out of the gate in its premise, since they use subjective criteria they artificially create through the DSM, which they then use to validate pseudo science, which in turn they use in false treatment modalities. This goes against the whole concept of empowerment and self determination; since they make up all the rules and how they will be enforced. The courts view them in a legal sense as on par to laws; yet they are anything but laws, they are invisible parameters subjectively created to a particular sub-class of humanity.

Therein lays the root of the evil and the basic problem we must overcome and change. This is where the door opens for the abuse by psychiatry and pharmaceutical industries upon a sub-set of human beings. Opening this door wide to a recognized darker side of human nature and takes it on the ordained course which disenfranchises the afflicted.

Change can and will only happen when those false presumptions have been stricken down, discarded, and the power is rightfully returned to where it belongs; in the individuals own hands.

Yours Truly,


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Removing the Power Of Psychiatry Part Two

Dear Readers:

I thought I'd hold true to a little theme here. This is a comment I left on Pete's Blog - anti socially adept related to his post Ocean revelations.
It ignited the unraveled memories in my mind that not one single pill had ever got me through a single Door to the Majesty and Wonderment of my own life experience, or the magic of our world's miracle awaiting me on the other side. I know there were many times that The Monster (The front door) appeared like an insurmountable obstacle or an obtrusively precarious mountain perch in my whimsical journey. So this was my short and concise response to a fairly complex reality for so many.

Dear Pete:

Figured I would throw just a little scrap of thought your way for whatever its worth. Have you ever noticed that YESTERDAY and TOMORROW are much longer than TODAY!

Get off your butt, scream, yell, jump up and down like a kangaroo if you have too, even break down and cry if that's what you feel and need to do. But get past the heinous monster with every ounce of effort you can muster (That's what I always called the front door “Monster” when I was caught in the bleak dimly lit place of emotional isolation and gloom).

Go out to the beach and look at that sand as now in this very moment of breathing being, with one step following another this feeling a new as each grain of sand goes running through your toes and awaking your senses to the healing of your golden glistening imagination.

Run along the break water’s edge and be that frolicking child again with your heart pounding in your chest like the rare distant beating drum of native ceremony. Believe it or not; it's perfectly OK to be or feel whatever you want. It's even OK to have those so called normal people look at you like your mental constitution is not quite all there without those raspy whispers of judgment or self doubt ringing in your ear.

Tomorrow is just today unused; and yesterday has been washed away with the tides of change and time. Today is here; you get to choose what it means and what action you’re willing to take.

Isn't it said that usually what we miss most in this grand experiment of life; is what we didn't really try to experience with unbridled courage and fortitude; even from that fragile and fear filled place of pain, weakness, and suffering?
Yours Truly,

Removing the Power Of Psychiatry

Dear Readers:

Here I go again with taking something from a comment section of a blog, and making a post from it! I know this is a little dicey since the AstraZeneca Legal team is going to go through this Blog with a fine tooth comb in an attempt to put me on trial instead of them.

I can only say, I am who I am, I don’t fear your personal attacks upon my character or past afflictions. I will trust in Justice even though I know intellectually that justice is a teetering scale that doesn’t always tip in the direction of truth, right, fact, or celebratory outcome. But it’s the best we have in a civilized society, and I look forward to my day in court before a jury of my peers.

So now I will try futilely to answer Mark’s question from the comment section of my last post here.

Dear Mark
PsychSurvivor 2.0:

To begin with you need to take those moose antlers off {laughing}.

Ok, that is a good start; but it will only keep you from being locked away at the funny farm where life is only wonderful if you can create your own world all day long.

On a more serious note:

Right out of the gate; we as patients, and those with a questioned mental constitution must accept responsibility for our life, future, and ultimate destiny. I believe from this point of discovery and strength we as a body of like mind and virtue can then step out and take on our responsibility as a community to end the suffering and create inclusion for all able to assimilate within a new boarder parameter of social humanity.

I try to believe as more of the truth is known (and I know all too well that psychiatry, entrenched other interest including many governmental entities, and Big Pharmaceutical are spending billions to make sure that truth comes out as twisted, vanilla coated, watered down, and obscure as possible in tangible and understandable results and message) we can achieve a equitable outcome.

We have to be the voice, the bellowing echo that rings from each mountain top to fertile valley below. It will be through are direct and earnest action taken without being shaken from our foundation or dislodged from real principles that must bring balance and rational dialogue to the public eye, to the public speakers lips, and finally to the indifferent deaf followers ears.It was not in all actuality too long ago that the same people that used to call us all crack pots, loon birds, and scientologist; are now finally starting to see the shell game for what it is, and how this supposed great mythological fix was nothing more or less a grand marketing ploy and scheme.

I hope the day will come again sooner than later, as it has done in the past when psychiatry, the drugging, and other undesirable treatment modalities; that finally society will wake up and measure them each on real science, and the lack of promised results that has never came to pass. Of course there will also be the lingering damage that will be seen in each sorrowful community for many generations to come as a witness to this tragedy and injustice propagated on the very least and also the very best of us in Human toll.

We each here in the Blogosphere information world, as in our normal everyday lives can take a small step toward that end. I have no illusions that it will take some time, much frustration and sleepless nights, and the untold efforts of the diligent. But just think for a moment how Furious Seasons and many others have started to shine the light into the darkness as surely the mainstream will and must start to see what really is going on and follow truth in do course.

I also see that only a few good men and women like the examples of Senator Grassley, Philip, and so many others that have put it all on the line to demand the truth be told and action be taken forcefully if necessary. Those solders of truth in these dark days and somberness of dreary nights embracing toil, tirelessly taking each battle being waged one step forth at a time. Holding to the memories of the maimed victims as shards of broken glass piercing their blood soaked hands with undying courage and lack of doubt that this war for the rights of humanity can be won.

It's the countless multitudes of once throw away human beings that are going to end this injustice. You are one of those towering beacon of lights shining forth though this foggy cloud of indifference Mark.

Our voice will be heard. History tells us it must be heard. Humanity tells us that it is the least of us that shall be crowned this achievement and a final place of restful contentment.

So what is it we do? We continue to do what we are doing; as we continue to push the envelope going forth as those with a good conscience, a righteous cause, and persevering faith always do. We call out the perpetrators and face them head on each and every day. We have to believe that this good will in time climb over great obstacles, triumph over greedy egotistic evil; even though this journey is obviously going to be a painful one, arduous in both scope and scale, and many times a grueling thankless task with little support or encouragement.

Yours Truly, Stan

Friday, February 6, 2009

Torture Today in the USA

Yes it's True!
Inhuman Torture Happens and is sanctioned by our own Government
This is not some terrorist trying to kill thousands of innocent Americans
This is a Citizen of the USA receiving forced ETC ( Electricity Shot though his brain) against his will on a regular and continuous basis.
Mr. President Obama, is this the hope and renewed vision you promised America?
Is this what our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights stands for?
From MindFreedom:
Ray Sandford of Minnesota has now had as many or more forced electroshocks as the fictional character portrayed in the Academy Award-nominated film _Revolutionary Road_:

Thirty-seven (37).

Ray Sandford, though, is a real human being.

Involuntary outpatient electroshock re-started for Ray Sandford, and is slated to continue indefinitely.
unless everyone acts!
My comment: If you think this is treatment; just remember ECT is a forced brain convulsion which causes irreversible brain tissue damage each and every time. The proponents say it's a reset of the brain chemistry to allow positive behavior change. There is no proof or reliable science behind this theory and complete hogwash. What we do know without any argument what so ever; is the testimony of thousands that have been damaged for the rest of their lives from such treatments/torture. MindFreedom has failed to stop this inhumane torture by themselves. It is beyond time for every blogger on the web, and those that read these words that also believe in self determination of a human being in America and basic human rights to step to the plate and make your voice heard from the White House all the way down to each Town Hall across America. If this doesn't stop soon, Ray will not only be at risk of being harmed beyond any reasonable chance of recovery or humanity; but we as a people will have so lost our way in this life journey as to be blinded to these two prescious words Freedom and Liberty. They will no longer hold any real meaning in our truest of hearts, minds, and souls. This Issue and rally call isn't just about Ray; this is about each and everyone of us and those we love.

Last week MindFreedom reported that Ray Sandford postponed one of his series of forced maintenance outpatient electroshock's because of a health problem.

Ray phoned the MindFreedom office with the sad news that his doctor approved him for another involuntary electroshock, and Ray received it yesterday morning, 5 February 2009.

It looks like thousands upon thousands of united people are needed to unite to stop involuntary electroshock for Ray, and many others. Let that include you!

For more info on the Ray Campaign to Stop Forced Outpatient Electroshock, see this gateway:
Australia Electroshock's Toddlers! Yes it's True; read this article @ FURIOUS SEASONS BLOG and be amazed at how ludicrous psychiatry and so called governed civilized society has become.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kay Jamison The Unquiet Fraud

In Tribute to Vincent:

"Genius from Madness; and if he lived today he would be locked away painting blank canvasses to no one, blinded by anti psychotics, strapped to a bed with frozen hands, his gift never blossoming or shared. Yes, he took his own life; that is our loss and his burden bared; but it was never a life in vain. " - from a comment I left at soulful sepulcher

I thought these two videos off YouTube where both interesting and entertaining; so Thanks to Philip over @Furious Seasons and Stephany @ soulful sepulcher Blogs ( Both Blogs have links on my side bar) I bring them to you for provoking thought, education, and your enjoyment.

Now you must be wondering about the Title of this Post? Kay Jamison has been running around for many years publishing one book after another telling us all how wonderful her drugs are in controlling her "Bipolar Label". But she just doesn't stop there; she in out there pushing the Child Bipolar Myth with the likes of Goodwin, Biederman, Nemeroff, many others of what I call the psycho-psychiatrist, and of course those good old money grubbing pimps @ Big Pharmaceutical.

She wrote a book about all those famous people in History and the Arts that in her eyes had Bipolar or what I would call Precious Madness ( I would highly question her take on the historical perspective of Madness, since she has no idea what was effecting those minds in all reality, and never met or has tangible data on any of those so called mad people).

I guess you can even use that false tool the DSM on the dead as well as the living. I gather you could call the DSM, the Gift that's just keeps on screwing you even after your dead. So why am I picking on poor little Kay and her fan club? Because she and others like her are part of the problem and not part of the solution. She is just another money whore on the speaking tour that includes NAMI, DBSA, CABF (Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation) where she is an advisory counsel member, and any APA or Convention/Conference of drug pimping shrinks that can pay the mighty toll.

Next time you are tempted to pick up one of her newest psycho propaganda books; at least you should know exactly where she is coming from. She is and always will be a drug first and at all cost type of person. Not exactly what is need in these times when we are just starting to get the clear picture about how psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical industry has screwed us in countless ways; as in through damaging our health with dangerous and unproven drugs, by destroying many individuals and families financially, By using mythological methology per the DSM in propagating a Myth that has the potential to destroy our future as a society; by destroying the very foundation of any society "OUR CHILDREN".

What a GO Kay, you deserve and have earned your spot on the "what the F--K" list here on this Blog.

A List of the CABF Advisory Counsel: Let's play pick out the WANTED POSTER! OK, I was just messing with you! They are all guilty; Just some a lot more than others.

Professional Advisory Council
Mani Pavuluri, M.D., PhD, FRANZCPChair of the CABF Professional Advisory BoardDirector, Pediatric Mood Disorders ClinicAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Pavuluri

Boris Birmaher, M.D.
Professor of PsychiatryUniversity of Pittsburgh School of MedicineWestern Psychiatric Institute and ClinicPittsburgh, PA

Kelly Botteron, M.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and RadiologyWashington University School of Medicine

Gabrielle Carlson, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Stonybrook State University of New York.

Kiki Chang, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Director of Mood Disorders Clinic, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California.
CABF interviews Kiki Chang, M.D.
CABF Expert Chat with Kiki Chang, M.D.
Christoph Correll
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Medical Director, Recognition and Prevention (RAP) Program, The Zucker Hillside Hospital, New York.

Melissa DelBello, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; Associate Director Bipolar and Psychotic Disorders Research Program.
Interview With Melissa DelBello, M.D. Andrea Eberle, M.D.Private practice in pediatric endocrinology, Little Rock, AK; NAMI national board member.-->Gianni L. Faedda, M.D.Private practice in psychiatry, New York City (former Director of Research in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine).-->
Robert L. Findling, M.D.
Director Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio; Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Jean Frazier, M.D.
Assistant Professor of PsychiatryHarvard Medical SchoolMcLean HospitalBelmont, MA

Mary Fristad, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Psychological Services, Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Ohio State University.
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Fristad

Barbara Geller, M.D.
(Past Chair)Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, MO.
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Geller

Ian Goodyer, M.D.
Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge; Director of the Cambridge Language and Speech Project.

James Hudziak, M.D.
(Past Chair)Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, and Pediatrics at the University of Vermont; Director of the Divisions of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Genetics. Co-chair of Research for the Society of Professors in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (US).
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Hudziak

Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.
Winner of 2002 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award", Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD; author of "An Unquiet Mind," "Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament," and "Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide. Co-author (with Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D.) of the classic textbook Manic-Depressive Illness.
Joseph Biederman, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Chief, Clinical and Research in Pediatric Psychopharmacology Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital.
Paramjit Joshi, M.D.
Chair, Department of Psychiatry at Behavioral Sciences Children's National Medical Center. Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences & Pediatrics George Washington University School of Medicine.

Vivian Kafantaris, M.D.
Director of Research, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Robert A. Kowatch, M.D.
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ellen Leibenluft, M.D.
Researcher, Affective Disorders Unit, Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine.
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Leibenluft

Neal D. Ryan, M.D.
Vice-Chair of the CABF Professional Advisory BoardJoaquim Puig-Antich Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Karen Dineen Wagner, M.D., Ph.D.
Clarence Ross Miller Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston; Director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Janet Wozniak, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Wozniak

Eric Youngstrom, Ph. D.
Researcher, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Case Western Reserve University.
CABF Expert Chat with Dr. Youngstrom

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