Sunday, February 22, 2009

Removing the Power of Psychiatry Forth Installment Part B

What is Anti-Psychiatry?

Removing the power of Psychiatry fourth installment part B

What is Anti-Psychiatry and why do those pundits out there use it in their argument in defending an obviously failed model and inhumane practices perpetrated upon a created subset of humanity. They actually show such malice and discontent as to use this terminology like it’s a dirty word, or call those that would question an ingrained system of prosecution against those with different and unique constitutions a rampant cult or believers in scientology. I am not a scientologist or do I believe medicine as a whole is something we should shelve completely as in going back in time to the dark ages when suffering of common human illness and afflictions were the norm and not the exception. The rational I use in being anti-psychiatry is grounded and valid in what we see in documented results we all have available to us today from real science, all the way to heart wrenching testimonials of the lived experience.

Here is where those preservers of the indoctrinated norm and I separate and depart like a grand canyon of opposition and malcontent. Please tell me why we have this created unscientific criteria they call the psychiatric bible or DSM. If you pick up and read this rambling spew; the first thing that will pop off those labeling and demonstrative pages is that it reads like a complete what not of all behavioral inclinations. From cover to cover it uses obviously subjective observational criteria of what is an abhorrent and abnormal behavioral check list to put a label on someone or if allowed the power to be taken to its outer limits of ridiculous assumptions, it could actually include everyone including innocent you sitting there reading this text today. Something quite important is missing in this book of myth and frazzle dazzle befuddlement? What is the mean, where does the bell curve originate from, and to put it in terms anyone can understand; what is Normal?

It’s not rocket science to know that what we believe is normal in one culture is not normal in another. But beyond this reasoning; the real problem is normal is not a static proposition. Normal is always changing and in flux by our essence and its basic human condition. What is considered normal today, could be considered unacceptable and abnormal tomorrow. As goes the reverse of this realization. Sociality judges and sets a basic outline and contextual implications of this term “normal”; which is constantly changing and morphing into something else entirely.
So why would a bunch of questionable experts get to sit in a secret room and create what they believe to be abnormal, and then have the audacity to subject everyone else to their narrow and ignorant views? We do know a little about what’s behind why they do this Omnipotent conjecture though. Their professional lives are at stake in all its majestic reality.

The fact is that if they don’t create an illness, then the illness can’t be treated or billed as an illness. Then you throw in the opportunity for profit making beyond your wildest dreams, and you have created a self serving monster that will try to devourer each and everyone in its path. I think we can throw in corruption, payoffs, influence peddling by huge pharmaceutical conglomerates, and a psychiatric industry that has spire-rolled out of control in the past few decades in the Western industrialized World, as well as beyond those limits to third world and developing nations. This is all about a falsehood turned into some it’s not. They that make the profits want disparately to call psychiatry validated medicine; but it at its very best is an evil bastard step child of this institution.

So why am I speaking out here? It’s because their system is nothing more than a shell game that is not really treating anyone (at least anyone humanly, with success, or with dignity in all truth).
Please show me the pathology of all these so called illnesses and conditions; Please show me a single person that psychiatry somehow magically cured, Show me how using dangerous drugs in a shotgun approach enhances the lives of those suffering from the human condition. We can show you countless documented cases of injury, lifelong debilitating consequences from the treatments used today in the medical Psychiatry. We can show you the corpses of the maimed, killed, and those that killed themselves do to this psychiatric modality.

Step to the plate Psychiatry! Show me a neuron pathway; show me the serotonin reuptake pathway please. Come on, let’s see it! Show exactly how your drugs affect the brain chemistry in real terms. Can you show the gene or series of genes in the genetic code you can alter or eliminate to create a cure? Come on now, enough of the half baked guess work on a subjective behavioral indicator test or questionnaires.

We want the real stuff, real scientific evidence! You do know about that whole repeatable and verifiable data criteria they use in real science?

I know that psychiatry can’t do that, because they don’t have the answers! They just play the guessing game, and you are the victim Mr. X or Ms. Y patient.

What a twisted and greedy web Psychiatry has weaved and created. They play God and make up the illness, then name and diagnosis it, they even treat it as if it were a real disease, and they make profits for themselves and the drug industry that has climbed steadily into the trillions of dollars as the progression of these lies and falsehood continues unabated through all of society and medicine.

So tell me why do these professionals that know this travesty is all a lie and shame continue sit on their hands and say nothing? Because it about following the money my dear folks! Which they in turn with little reservation or conscious these evil doers use to buy unbridled power and influence. They hold all the purse strings for research, they have the market cornered and shut in a box with extended patents, the professional tabloids that were once medical journals are in their bag of tricks, they control the information pathways through manipulation and bribery, They use the all mighty power of advertizing through commercials and direct to doctor perks and incentives to white wash anything that stands in their way, they even have the FDA our regulatory governmental body under their financial thumb and at their beck and call. Very few are going to stand up against the goliath of this girth and size without some heavy repercussions from their cohorts raining down on them with the sacrifice of career platitudes and possibilities shut closed right before their truth telling eyes.

Who are the victims and who gets hurts by all this greedy game they play. Everyone in our society does. More cost effective and better treatment modalities are ignored, which leaves a much smaller pie to be sliced among us all. Medicine suffers because they have resources taken away from other vital areas of research and treatment, education and the whole economy suffers because people are forever placed in a victim and public entitlement category as they are the non functioning leftovers and throw away pariahs of the modern treatment modality. If you out there reading this haven’t noticed the stink of corruption by now in our twisted around world of psychiatry, it is almost always the patient that gets blamed if things go south in a treatment process. Seldom is the treatment questioned or the Doctors held responsible for their true crimes against those they took an ethical and professional oath to do no harm too.

Now I will throw a zinger out there that may sting a few. Stop being Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry’s patsy.

If you are still taking your mind pills and are not in an active process of tapering off or eliminating their use for a more holistic and empowered processes of treatment; then you unfortunately are holding up the Golden Idol of Psychiatry by you not taking back your dignity and right to self determination.

Does it hurt to change and go through the process of being psych drug free? Yes, and you are still left with you as you are/were at the end of the process (that is if you’re lucky and not so damaged beyond repair by the demons). I guess it just a matter of who you want to be your master. Maybe you want those all powerful doctors that have lied and abused you for profit along with greedy big Pharmaceutical to remain at the reigns.

Do you really want to control your own destiny in the end, or is that too much to come to terms with? It’s really all about choice! It’s your choice. I’m not here to judge you as a person or patient; but I will say if you are going to talk the talk, then you should be walking the walk.

I know many out there that have been damaged, had addictions to, and horrible side effects from medication and other forms of treatments modern psychiatry has thrown their way. Many feel damaged, discouraged, and helpless to do anything.

Today is not a bad day to at least start to renew yourself and take your own life back. It all begins with a small step. If you think it will sting and be a painful process; you are probably right. Life doesn’t come without pain or suffering, it does come with something called free will and self determination if you are willing to pay whatever the going price and cost is for you personally.

Ask yourself this question as a possible worst case scenario and then you choose what the best option is: would you rather be in a prison made and designed by others that creates your living hell; or would you rather be in the prison of your own making where you choose which chains shackle you and how you go about an escape plan?

Your comments and opinions are welcome as always.
Thank you Steph @soulful sepulcher for this award that really describes me in a nut shell.


Ana said...

What amazes most is that psychiatrists know the harm these drugs are promoting but they remain silent.
Few, we can cont on our fingers, are those who dare to say "Hey, there's something wrong here!"
Peter Breguin, David Healy, Alison Bass, Johanna Montcrief, Patricia Deegan and some others.
But their voices are not heard.
So it's up to the patients taking care of themselves.
Thank you Stan!

susan said...


Very very good job explaining a very complex matter.

Now don't rest on your Laurels too much and I look forward to the next installment.

Besides, keep in Word and use it for the book you have in you.



ps congrats on the new award!

Radagast said...

Very eloquently put. Regrettably for the patient who is unfortunate enough to be denounced as a witch (sorry, that should read "diagnosed a mentally ill"), even though psychiatry's model is hopelessly flawed, there is too much riding on it (in terms of money and power), for anybody to acknowledge its deficiencies and change it, or else shelve it. And so we proceed with this very fine example of Abilene Syndrome - with everybody knowing that they don't really agree with it, but unwilling to hold up their hands and say so.

The things that are wrong with psychiatry's model are too numerous to mention, here, and psychiatry isn't listening, anyway. The only thing that psychiatry is good for, as far as I can assess, is sharpening one's analytical skills!


Mark Krusen said...

I agree with Matt.

Psychiatry as an institution doesn't care. They are so convinced that the piece of paper hanging on their wall gives them the knowledge,therefore the right, to effectively put you in what ever box they deem necessary.

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