Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Removing the Power of Psychiatry Forth Installment Part A

From the Victim Syndrome to Empowerment

First Some News:

To begin with in this post from the aka St Petersburg Times web site.

AstraZeneca is trying too pull another great cover up in attempting keep their internal documents from the public eye and mind. Let's just call them the "Seroquel Documents". They are quoted as saying it is in the public good and interest for them not to be released; since people might stop taking their drug, and are afraid they may just have their legal right to "Informed Consent" actually realized.

We all remember the "Zyprexa Documents" from those admitted criminals at Lilly. Now AstraZeneca wants to seal their dirty little secrets from you. Makes you wonder when they will plead guilty to their role in criminal activity? So much information to relay here about those insiders that have leaked the dirty little secrets. But I will let you read the news, do your own research, and read other Blogs for the full scoop.

As I have said before, AstraZeneca's Legal Team is going to be going through this site with a fine tooth comb. So maybe they are a little nervous over these documents becoming public knowledge with so much on the line in the legal department and bottom line? To date it is reported through news sources that AztraZeneca has spent 500 million dollars in legal fees on this litigation alone.

Thanks Stephany over at soulful sepulcher for the heads up and information.

Let's me start here with a Picture Psychiatry today is using to create what I will call the "Victim Syndrome". Then just maybe we can take that down the road to "Personal Empowerment".

Removing the Power of Psychiatry – Forth Installment – Part A

I Changed gears here! I have decided to fore go the hypothetical examples I was going to write about and just do some plan old down to earth honest commentary on how victimization plays out in psychiatry and Mental Health. Then I’m just going to post some comments I have left on others Blogs out of context and let you create a context for yourself.

To begin with; to become a victim of psychiatry you start with making a choice. You walk into the office of a complete stranger and within minutes you are saddled with either to trust or not trust a diagnosis/label that will ever change your life. You have to honestly wonder if there are psychiatrist out there that actually would be honest and have the integrity to tell a potential patient that there is nothing wrong with them; stare a person in the face and say that you as a viable and intelligent human being that most likely could be fixed and live a whole life with some diligent effort and self examination on your own. I sure would like to see those brain analyzing shrink researchers do a detailed study in this area of medicine and seen what the results would show.

Once to you have made that choice to allow another human being to have the ornate and all consuming power to alter your brain chemistry through means of psychotropic medication or like means, you are in essence no longer who you were or will ever be as a person that just moments ago/earlier was not influenced by a foreign substance or gave unquestioned power to a flawed model of medicine.

Let us always remember that in a psychiatrist eyes and thoughts, there is not an equal sitting across from them in that office; but a patient, a label, a person not in control of their own destiny or faculties. This opens the door to unbridled power and abuse whether with or without direct negative intent or conscious effort.

So you take a pill that either changes you or enables you to continue down a path of self destruction or redirection. If and when that pill alters your brain’s natural abilities to self direct, there will always be another pill and label awaiting you in the offices of this shrink land in a never ending cycle of futility.

At some point you may choice to end the cycle of madness, maybe even stop to cycle of pills and direction; yet the damage has already been done. You have been changed, altered, labeled, and your dignity and self has been most remarkably replaced or removed in truth.
Even if you are repairable and have hope at this point; you are still left with the original predicament of self determination and choice you had before you were reconditioned and changed from the essence of inside out. This does mean going back to square one in dealing with your initial problems and the whole spectrum of your emotional rainbow. Plus you have those pesky little things called your own whole life experience and all those that have interacted with you or touched you in a powerful way both negatively and positively to start to come to terms with in your life.

There is no question from this wounded and vulnerable place where there are no easy fixes or smooth roads for you to choose from. There is just a lot of deep self examination, years of rediscovery and self discovery, and the development of self, a search for your true life passions, and begin the small steps toward the very infancy of realizing the possibility of dreams being awoken once more. This is not a cake walk or for those that want an easy road through life without hardship and great suffering. But I will say this as plainly as I can here; the rewards are unmeasured or yet conceivable from the beginning point of this journey toward a true being self of dignity and respect that is tangible each and every time you have to look yourself in the mirror or others in your life. This less traveled and seldom worn road you can walk down is Heaven on earth in comparison to what another appearing easier choice may bring.

Too often as I read through the many myriad of blogs and sites throughout the Internet; I see those that may have come to terms with a failed modality and have even sternly rejected being labeled as one of those. Then they blinding walk straight beyond rational and reasoning to a destination of relabeling themselves as victims and martyrs for the greater cause; yet never realizing they forgot to bring their true life along for the ride and journey with them.

Maybe it was not taking the time to grieve properly, truly reflecting within to gain insight or perspective, developing a strategy in navigating and figuring out a true and straight course to real full recovery; and not in the least these choices is this is your opportunity to begin to heal; to heal thy self and then to heal the wounds brought upon you by others and outsides influences. This seeking of fulfillment and enlightenment that could actually lead to a firm ground, a solid foundation, and comforting resting place of contentment, renewed dreams realized, action taken with purpose, and a zest for this one time offer of an adventure and wondrous puzzle of grand folly we call living.

This journey is a limited offer until that day which entails that last gasp of breath. Please remember that we each have an expiration date. This date is not stamped on your behind or forehead; yet is our final destiny all the same. So take life as it was meant to be! A gift you can give unto yourself, to those you care and love dearly; that has no measure of value in solid tangible finite terms, but does have the power to change your life and even the world for a better today and tomorrow far beyond your stay here in this body and on this earth.

So then I come to ask this simple question of each one of you out there; what foot print do you want to leave on this earth when your life is made a final summation and statement to all that have known you?

You and you alone will only be able to answer this question within your very heart of hearts, and deep within your spirits soul of existence. To be or not to be is not the question here; for you will be! But what you will be and what that person will experience in this life journey is all yours to determine in this true reality. You are now making a valid choice to be empowered, use this gift wisely and with great care.

-Part B coming soon-

Your responses and comments are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you Stan

That was a very well thought out post. Many thoughts went through my mind while I was reading it.

The first was how crazy someone sounds who says, "I have the power to know what is wrong with you from mere interrogation." Even crazier sounding is, "hey, lets poison you to fix it."

The second was about your question near the end. That question sounds a lot like the last question everybody asks themselves at the end of their lives (a lucky few get to ask it twice). Of course the real importance of the answer does not hit you here quit the same as it will when your ability to delude yourself has been removed, but there is no better time to switch trains then when the train your on is derailing.

Good job, keep up the good work.

love eternal

Mark Krusen said...

I was only kidding about having a camera in your kitchen. But maybe you do!!

I would hope their Lawyers would have something better to do than pick on Little ole Stan. If you have truly gotten their ear than good for you. "The truth shall set you free". I know you wouldn't let them get the best of you anyway.

$500 million dollars!! Just think what that could buy. Hell,you could buy a new air pump or something.

I like your essay on Self Examination.{mentally of course} It's something I've always done. I've tended to walk to the beat of my own drum albeit I was always just under the radar,never rocking the boat so to speak.Never so wacked out that anyone could really tell. Well the damn boat is sinking now isn't it. The money grubbing Pharma community, from the top all the way down to the, I'll sell your pills for you pushers{some people call them doctors}that are willing to be a shill because of the last drug rep that stopped by and happened to bring lunch.

Yesterday my drug pusher. wrote out 4 different scripts. Well his nurse did and he signed them. 2 for high blood pressure,1 for high cholesterol,and the last one for the Seroquel. Two of them I'm not going to fill.Multiply mean times the other 80 people that came in for the 10 min dr.visit and you say where the real economy is don't you.

Hell,this is starting to be the length of one of your comments. I appreciate this post. It really is timely for me.

Jaya said...

The mind is an amazing thing and whilst I agree with what you say here, unless we have a real spirit of community and support, it is not easy to give up something that is as natural as salt on your food and which keeps a mind in check. It is a crutch and the fear of totally losing it is what keeps one from not giving it up. If it works and there is no harm then why mess with it???? Isn't this a harm reduction philosophy?? We are so alienated from each other in the world we have created and fear plays a big role and this has to be overcome first.

Mark Krusen said...

Time for a new post you communist left wing nut job.

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