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25 Good Reasons Why Psychiatry Must Be Abolished

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25 Good Reasons Why Psychiatry Must Be Abolished

by Don Weitz

1. Because psychiatrists frequently cause harm, permanent disabilities, death - death of the body-mind-spirit.

2. Because psychiatrists frequently violate the Hippocratic Oath which orders all physicians "First Do No Harm."

3. Because psychiatrists patronize and disempower people, especially their patients.

4. Because psychiatry is not a medical science.

5. Because psychiatry is quackery, a pseudo-science which lacks independent diagnostic tests, testable hypotheses, and cures for "schizophrenia" and all other types of alleged "mental illness" or "mental disorder".

6. Because psychiatrists can not accurately and reliably predict dangerousness, violence, or any other type of human behaviour, yet make such claims as "expert witnesses", and with the media promote the "dangerous mental patient" myth/stereotype.

7. Because psychiatrists have caused a worldwide epidemic of brain damage by promoting and prescribing brain-disabling treatments such as the neuroleptics, antidepressants, electroconvulsive brainwashing (electroshock), and psychosurgery (lobotomy).

8. Because psychiatrists manufacture hundreds of "mental disorders" classified in its bible called "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (a modern witch-hunting manual); such "mental disorders" and "symptoms" are in fact negative, class-and-culturally-biased moral judgments for dissident ways of coping with personal problems and alternative ways of perceiving, interpreting or being in the world.

9. Because psychiatrists, blinded by their medical model bias, fraudulently pathologize and label people's serious life or existential crises as "symptoms" of "mental illness" or "mental disorder" such as "schizophrenia","bipolar affective disorder", and "personality disorder".

10. Because psychiatrists compound this fraud by falsely claiming, without scientific proof, that these "mental disorders" are caused by a "biochemical imbalance" in the brain, genetic factors or "genetic predispositions", despite the fact that there are no genetic factors in "mental illness".

11. Because psychiatrists frequently misinform their patients, families and the public by claiming that brain-disabling procedures such as the neurotoxins (e.g.,"antipsychotic medication" and "antidepressasnts"), electroconvulsive brainwashing (electroconvulsive therapy/"ECT"), psychosurgery (lobotomy) and other behaviour modification-mind control procedures are "safe, effective and lifesaving". The exact opposite is tragically true.

12. Because psychiatrists routinely deceive or lie to patients, prisoners, their families, and the public.

13. Because psychiatrists routinely and willfully violate the medical-ethical principle of "informed consent" by misinforming or not informing their patients about the numerous toxic, disabling and frequently permanent effects of the neuroleptics such as memory loss, tardive dyskinesia, tardive psychosis, parkinsonism, dementia (all signs of brain damage), and death.

14. Because psychiatrists routinely threaten, intimidate or coerce many patients - particularly women, children, the elderly, and prisoners - into consenting to health-threatening/brain-damaging "treatment" such as the antidepressants, neuroleptics, electroconvulsive brainwashing, and hi-risk experiments.

15. Because psychiatrists frequently fail to fully inform psychiatric inmates and prisoners about existing safe and humane, non-medical alternatives in the community such as survivor-controlled crisis centres, drop-ins, self-help or advocacy groups, diet, massage, wholistic medicine, affordable supportive housing, and jobs.

16. Because psychiatrists are sexist in frequently stereotyping women in crisis as "hysterical" or "over-emotional", blaming women whenever they voice real complaints and assertively express their feelings and emotions, prescribing massive doses of tranquilizers and antidrepressants to disproportionately large numbers of women, and in sexually assaulting women in their offices and institutions.

17. Because psychiatrists, particularly white male psychiatrists, are homophobic - the American Psychiatric Association (APA) once labelled homosexuality as a "mental illness" or "mental disorder" - and have used forced electroshock on lesbians, trying to coerce them into adopting a heterosexual life style.

18. Because psychiatrists are ageist in prescribing tranquilizers, antidepressants ("medication") and electroconvulsive brainwashing for disproportionately large numbers of elderly people - a form of elder abuse.

19. Because psychiatrists are racist in disproportionately incarcerating and drugging people of African descent, aboringal people, other people of colour and labelling them "psychotic" or "schizophrenic".

20. Because psychiatrists routinely violate people's civil rights, human rights and constitutional rights such as imprisoning innocent people without court trial or public hearing ("involuntary commitment"), and subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishments or tortures such as forced drugging, electroconvulsive brainwashing, psychosurgery, solitary confinement, "chemical restraints", and 4-point or 5-point restraints.

21. Because psychiatrists masterminded the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people including disabled children, the elderly and psychiatric patients during The Holocaust in Nazi Germany, and "selected" hundreds of thousands of concentration camp prisoners for death ("T-4 euthanasia" program) - historical facts still missing in psychiatric textbooks and histories.

22. Because psychiatrists have willingly participated in and administered mind-control experiments in the United States and Canada since the early 1950s - its chief targets have been poor patients, women, dissidents and prisoners.

23. Because psychiatry, particularly institutional-biological psychiatry, is based on the 3 Fs: Fear, Fraud,and Force.

24. Because psychiatry is a form of social control or punishment - not treatment.

25. Because psychiatry, particularly institutional-biological psychiatry, is fascist - a direct threat to democracy, human rights and life.

Let me add one to the list here:

26. Because psychiatry of all medical fields and professions have the most practicing atheist - "Psychiatry plays God, instead of recognizing they are at the mercy of God"

A note from the author: This statement is a slightly revised version of the original written in Spring 1998. Feel free to add and publish your own reasons. I am a psychiatric survivor and anti psychiatry activist who has been involved in the psychiatric survivor liberation movement for 24 years. I am also co-editor of "Shrink Resistant: The Struggle Against Psychiatry in Canada" (1988), host-producer of the anti psychiatry program "Shrinkrap" on CKLN radio (88.1 FM) in Toronto, member of People Against Coercive Treatment (P.A.C.T.), and member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).]


The author, Don Weitz can be reached at his e-mail address:

Addendum: there is an interesting debate going on over at - - in the comment section from a resident psychiatrist about how "God and Soul" do not exist, and have no valuable part in psychiatric treatment or in the healthy lives of the inflicted.

Interesting reading and some food for thought!

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Ray Sandford - Will This Shocking Crime Never End

Ray Sandford - Will This Shocking Crime Never End?


On Friday, 1 May 2009:

Protest to Be Held in Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda to
Stop Forced Electroshock of Minnesota Resident.

MindFreedom International announced that it will peacefully protest the ongoing forced electroshock of Ray Sandford, a 55-year-old resident of Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The protest will take place inside the Rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday, 1 May 2009, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


A six-month campaign to stop Sandford's electroshocks has gained international attention. Sandford has been shocked more than 40 times on an outpatient basis under a court order even though he and his family have clearly stated his desire not to be shocked. Sandford lives in a residential group home and is under the general guardianship of Lutheran Social Services.

"It's amazing that a man who is supposedly being protected by
Minnesota court-appointed guardians and who has been represented in court hearings by a Minnesota public defender is suffering this kind of human rights violation," said Al Galves, PhD, a member of the MindFreedom board of directors.

Friday's protest will feature a number of speakers including:

** David Oaks, Executive Director of MindFreedom from Oregon;

** Al Galves, a retired psychologist from New Mexico;

** Louisa Bouta, a long-time activist for psychiatric rights in Minnesota;

** David Culver, a disability advocate; and

** Daryl Trones, a mental health advocate.

A public speak-out will also be held.

Galves said that electroshock -- also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT -- subjects the patient to as much as 600 volts of electricity for between one-half and four seconds. "It disables the brain," Galves said.

MindFreedom International is an independent nonprofit coalition of psychiatric survivors and others who advocate for the increased availability of safe, humane and effective care for people who are experiencing psychiatric emergencies and who oppose involuntary treatment.

MindFreedom can be contacted at

For more info on the Ray Campaign see:

Please make your voice heard!!!!!

Thank you, Stan

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Kay Jamison "The Unquiet Fraud" - More

Kay Jamison "The Unquiet Fraud"

Kay Jamison




“Kay Jamison PhD is without equal in articulating the points of view of both an expert and a patient, with the co-authorship of the definitive text on bipolar and the leading bipolar memoir to her credit. But what makes Dr Jamison truly worth listening to is the simple fact that she is leading a successful life.”

There is no doubt Jamison is without equal – She is the definitive voice of Child bipolar and follows her pal “Biederman” of Harvard shame in the aggressive drugging of children, and yes even pre-school age are included in this fantasy bipolar world she, her notorious cohorts, and the Pharma industry have created.

I believe hawking books and doing Pharma funded studies at Johns Hopkins speaks volumes. Please remember that this “fraud” goes on speaking tours that includes NAMI, DBSA, CABF (Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation) where she is an advisory council member. Here’s the partial list of those nice people wanting to drug your pre-school age child for a supposed illness that has no diagnostic or scientific proof to back up these hideous claims

. I have color highlighted some names of interest; since these names have been in the news as of late and I have posted about their evil intent here on this blog before. I’m sure with the time and resources the other names on this list could be tied to published studies, Pharma influence and money, The FDA, and the whole dirty high stakes game they like to call psychiatry

Yes, all of these names listed below are bought hook, line, and sinker into the bipolar child myth, with each having a vested career stake in this high profit money game of feeding Big Pharma and drugging our children.

Professional Advisory Council

Mani Pavuluri, M.D., PhD, FRANZCP
Chair of the CABF Professional Advisory Board

Director, Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

Kiki Chang, M.D.

Associate Professor and Director of Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California

Barbara Geller, M.D.

(Past Chair)
Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, MO.

Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.

Winner of 2002 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award", Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD; author of "An Unquiet Mind," "Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament," and "Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide. Co-author (with Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D.) of the classic textbook Manic-Depressive Illness.

Joseph Biederman, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Chief, Clinical and Research in Pediatric Psychopharmacology Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital.

“Cristina Romero-Sierra” was present last year when Dr Jamison addressed a DBSA group, and wrote much of this piece I’m commenting on here while guest blogging on John “McPimp’s” Mcmamy “I want to be a journalist so bad it hurts; Jeez,now if I could only write and had something to really say” web site.

So I thought in the interest of full disclosure and debate we should really analyze what was said.

“Dr. Jamison spoke about many thought-provoking subjects as they relate to mental illness, one of which I’d like to share with you here. The subject here is getting treatment to develop a stable ecosystem within a brain that suffers from mental illness.”

“Stable ecosystem within a brain that suffers from mental illness” That’s quite a nice choice of words, are we going to say bipolar attributes to global warming next also?

This is just a fancy way to say they believe that mental illness is a chemical imbalance that is all biologically based with direct genetic ties. Yet they have no proof or real science to back up those claims; while touting how great the drugs we use are in treating these made up mental illnesses.

Let me also state here that these people have never cured a single person with those great treatments they so ardently believe in, and that obviously do more harm than good. But what the heck, there is big money and professor/literary fame in the Myth.

“Dr. Jamison read from her classic memoir, "An Unquiet Mind," in which she recalls her pre-lithium highs:

"The ideas and feelings are fast and frequent, like shooting stars, and you follow them until you find better and brighter ones. Shyness goes. The right words and gestures are suddenly there, the power to captivate others a felt certainty."

But when the mania turns into manic psychosis, she wrote:

"The fast ideas are far too fast and there are far too many. Overwhelming confusion replaces clarity. Memory goes. Humor and absorption on friends’ faces are replaced by fear and concern. Everything previously moving with the grain is now against. You are irritable, angry, frightened, uncontrollable and enmeshed totally in the blackest caves of your mind. You never knew those caves were there."

“I don’t know that anybody really knows how the brain mutates and changes over the years," Dr. Jamison acknowledged in response to a question from her audience.”

Sounds like the classic altered constitution, with lots of self aggrandizing as in the “the Unquiet Fraud” to me. I just love this line where she states ““I don’t know that anybody really knows how the brain mutates and changes over the years”. What do you mean you don’t know? Isn’t this the basis for drugging every one up to and including the kitchen sink? But you don’t know!!! Yet, all these drugs are great whatever they do, to whatever it is or isn’t! Now that’s some nice hard science we have in Psychiatry.

"I would say at the most simplistic level is that if you took a scan of your brain on one manic episode, you would prefer to have that brain than the brain on five or six or seven manic episodes."

That’s funny, are you making a socialist judgment call here or proclaiming hard science Jamison? You have the University lab and tons of pharma bucks, and you are saying you can’t prove that mania causes and continues to cause brain damage as you state? Please prove that one for us all. You want to pull up all those brain scans you have done and show us how scientific you’re evidence is? I didn’t think so, just more Psycho babble conjecture! Oh yes, please don’t be pulling up those medicated brains and using them, because we know that damage is caused by the treatment drugs and not the mania.

“The cumulative effect on the brain of repeated manias, she said, is "one of the most compelling arguments for staying on your medications and being aggressively treated."

"You can’t keep having heart attacks," she emphasized. "You can’t keep having strokes. You can’t keep having depression and you can’t keep having manias, without paying a biologic cost.”

The longer the brain is stable, Dr. Jamison went on to say, the longer it stays stable:

"The brain is like a pond. It’s like an ecosystem. You want to get the ideal ecosystem and then you don’t want to disturb it very much. So you don’t want to be messing around with drugs. You don’t want to be messing around with sleep. You don’t want to be messing around with alcohol. You want to really create a stable environment."

Now this is some mighty circle jerk speak {laughing}

Maybe your mind is this nice well medicated pond; I sure hope those endangered fish and frogs don’t get wind of those drugs you’re touting, or you may have PETA angrily knocking on your door. Jeez, wrong again, these drugs are already tainting the water supply and destroying your nice stable little pond for everyone.

Now you can’t show us what bipolar really is on a biochemical basis (or just guess)? Yet, you compare mental illness to heart attacks and stroke? I believe medicine can show what a stroke and heart are in real medical terms as in brain lesions, tissue damage,, clots, of heart or brain. Would you please show us the real damage in your mentally ill brain? I would really like to see those child brains you have studied and show us the real evidence? OH! That’s right you have none!

“Dr. Jamison said the early manias "were absolutely intoxicating states.” “It took me far too long to realize that lost years in relationships cannot be recovered. The damage done to oneself and others cannot always be put right again and the freedom from the control imposed by medication loses its meaning when the only alternatives are death and insanity.”

“The major problem in treating bipolar illness from a clinical perspective is not that there are no effective medications, because there are. It is, rather, that patients so often refuse to take them. Worse yet, because of lack of information, poor medical advice…or fear of personal or professional reprisals, they do not seek treatment at all.”

Ok, you can’t show us the illness in real science, but here we go with the effective medications propaganda! How effective are they? I mean studies are now showing the cure causes more damage than the so called illness. So all these side effects must be just part of the illness than, and all the patients fault. Heard that nugget of pure wisdom doled out a million times from people that don’t have any real answers or a clue about reality. Your right about poor medical advice though; since you give it out in bunches all the time.

You have a lot of guts and ego going there to actually question personal choice of patients that refuse and reject your witch doctor non- cures .May I add that the lack of information you refer too in mainly in your profession as in tainted research, lack of real science, greed, bad conclusions, psychiatry’s narcissistic ego gone bonkers, professor status, and propaganda for the pharma dollars shell game.

“But once you’ve figured that out – the combination of medications, psychotherapy, lifestyle routine, and so forth – then you have a real shot at having a stable life. It’s really very frustrating, because that initial period has a level of difficulty.”

Dr. Jamison takes lithium. For many years, because she was on high doses of lithium, she suffered serious side effects. Standard practice is now lower doses, on which she has fewer side effects now. Her first two rules of her "Rules for the Gracious Acceptance of Lithium into Your Life" are: “1) Clear out the medicine cabinet before guests arrive for dinner or new lovers stay the night. 2) Remember to put lithium back into the cabinet the next day.”

I bet those shot kidneys really add to your argument Kay. Especially, that Silly and nonsensical crap "Rules for the Gracious Acceptance of Lithium into Your Life”.

How about you take your lithium poison in giant spoon full’s. Then stop messing with the world's children, and just let them be who they are “KIDS”.

It wasn’t to awfully long ago that being a kid with behaviors "like exploring and testing limits" was actually considered normal. That’s until your kind came along and saw some huge dollars in the business of creating mental illness and political correct social nanny-ism aka intrusion, leading to huge profit by Pharma and Psychiatry.

I just call it, as I see it – and this time around, I call out the psychiatric fraud “Kay Jamison” with a Humongous BULLSHIT

So this is what "Change" looks like!


$10,100 was given by people who identified their last name as "Jamison" and first name as "Kay".
$0 to Republicans
$10,100 from 1 person to Democrats

Barack Obama

John Edwards

Donation to Hoyer For Congress

John Kerry


Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark

My comments have been colored in this "blue" to allow distinction between pasted article and my opinions as stated here!

Comments are always welcome and will be edited to my liking

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NAMI - Are they Advocates or Just a Bad Drug Prostitute and Pimp For the Pharmaceutical Industry?

NAMI - Are they Advocates (NOT) or Just a Bad Drug Prostitute and Pimp for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

NAMI executive team members appear to be dancing all the way to the Bank on Pharma dollars and the clients suffering!

I was a little taken back when I recently watched a Fox TV "House" episode; when this show ended with a nice sales pitch for NAMI.

Fox Network and this Emmy Winning Show were actually selling/hawking t-shirts for NAMI.

I really liked this show and find it quite entertaining; but now they are a NAMI sponsor I may have to reconsider my limited TV viewing time.

NAMI has never been a patients advocate organization, or worked to help those with deemed and labeled with an altered constitution.

This has always been, and always will be a "you better take your meds/drugs or you will die" type of organization; as well as a public relations and marketing front for Big Pharma.

This Articles tells you a lot about how easy it is for those NAMI parents, donation givers, and family members {which this organization is really about} get duped into the miss information campaign NAMI continually runs on behalf of the Drug Industry; while all the while this so called Non-Profit status organization and
its executive team and director, including Michael Fitzpatrick rake in huge salaries and extra benefits from Pharma; as in pay outs while pimping pills on the side for lucrative $$$$$$ fringe benefits.

NAMI is a Major bad Joke among real advocates in mental health arena and for those in the know; since they only serve those that follow the old rope'um and dope'um fraud philosophy of this Drug Company Prostitute and Huge Pill Pimp for Big Pharma.


NAMI - Drug Money Laundering is Illegal

The National Alliance for Mental Illness is the latest member of the psycho-pharmaceutical cartel whose Big Pharma money trail is under investigation by the US Senate Finance Committee, with Iowa’s Republican Senator Chuck Grassley leading the charge.

In an April 6, 2009 letter, Grassley asked NAMI to disclose all funding from drug makers and industry created foundations.

The director of MindFreedom International, David Oaks, says Senator Grassley deserves thanks for doing what NAMI’s board of directors has refused to do.

MindFreedom has pointed out for years that NAMI is one of the main large mental health industry organizations to refuse to disclose, even to its own members, the amount of money they receive from the pharmaceutical industry,” he reports.

After receiving Grassley’s letter, NAMI’s executive director, Michael Fitzpatrick, sent out an email to many NAMI supporters and stated in part: “NAMI does not engage in product promotion, endorsement, licensure or certification of any product, service or program owned by a corporate sponsor.”

On the popular website, Furious Seasons, Philip Dawdy was quick to point out the falsity of that claim. “Fitzpatrick has certainly engaged in product pimpery for J&J/Janssen,” he wrote in his daily blog. To substantiate his comment, Dawdy provided a link to previous blog written on December 21, 2006, in response to a press release put out by J&& promoting its Risperdal’s me-too drug, Invega, with Fitzpatrick touting the drug using his title of “Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness.”

“We are pleased that innovative delivery technologies are being applied to new treatments for schizophrenia,” said Fitzpatrick in the press release.

“New and efficacious treatment options, like INVEGA, provide significant opportunities for more people with schizophrenia to manage their disease as they work with their treatment teams to live more fulfilling and productive lives,” he stated.

At the time, Dawdy wrote in his blog: “Now, what the hell is the ED of NAMI doing in a company press release much less mouthing the product name in all-caps?”

”When I last talked with Fitzpatrick about two years ago, he assured me that NAMI National had really cut back on its pharma habit. So this is just disappointing,” he noted. Judging from the yearly grant reports of Eli Lilly and Pfizer, Dawdy has a right to be not only disappointed but outraged.

In the fourth quarter of 2008, Pfizer’s report shows NAMI received $132,000 for a campaign that best describes the funding aim of Big Pharma called the Campaign for the Mind of America.

NAMI groups across the country collectively received an additional $13,500 in the fourth quarter.

In the third quarter, Pfizer gave NAMI another $225,000 to fund the Campaign for the Mind of America. Various NAMI groups combined also received over $63,000 in other grants. During the first quarter of 2008, Pfizer gave three NAMI groups grants totaling $5,567.

In 2008, Pfizer also gave NAMI groups $20,500 for annual conferences, $7,500 for Mental Health Awareness, and over $50,000 more in other grants.

Eli Lilly’s grant reports show Lilly is also funding the Campaign for the Mind of America, to the tune of close to a half million dollars a year. NAMI received grants for $450,000 from Lilly for this specific program in both 2007 and 2008.

In addition, Lilly provides extra funding to groups all over the US for a campaign called “Walk for the Mind of America.” In 2007, the gang’s walking money totaled $17,000 in the first quarter, $11,500 in the second and $13,000 combined for the third and fourth quarters.

For the year 2008, from first to last quarter, Lilly’s “Walk for the Mind” totals were: $11,500, $24,000, $12,500 and $2,000. Lilly’s 2008 report also shows a $350,000 grant for a program titled: In Our Own Voice.

In addition, the drug maker threw NAMI groups around the country over $90,000 to sponsor their annual conferences in 2007, and about double that amount for their annual meetings in 2008. The grant reports are filled with additional gifts to NAMI groups all over the US, too numerous to mention here.

Lilly is the most prolific funder of front groups obviously because it has the largest drug portfolio to peddle, with Zyprexa, Prozac, Cymbalta, and Symbyax, a combination of Prozac and Zyprexa, as well as the ADHD drug Strattera.

Pfizer markets Zoloft, the antipsychotic, Geodon, and Chantix, a smoking cessation drug. The company also markets Viagra, a big seller in part, likely due to the all the sexual side effects of psychiatric drugs.

The leaders of these “non-profit” drug pushing operations are also well compensated. In 2006, for a 35 hour work week, Michael Fitzpatrick, was paid a salary of $212,281 and another $10,090 in employee benefit contributions and deferred compensation plans, according to NAMI’s 2006 Tax Form 990

In her new book, Side Effects, Alison Bass reports the story of how the president of NAMI from 2002 to 2004, Jim McNulty, failed to disclose that he was being paid thousands of dollars from drug companies for promoting their products to NAMI members and others at various speaking engagements.

“In a particularly intriguing twist,” she writes on her website blog, “McNulty laundered this drug company money through a state chapter of NAMI.” Bass further explains:

“This is how the scheme worked, according to McNulty himself and others in the know. He would be paid thousands of dollars to speak about the benefits of various antidepressants — McNulty himself suffered from depression — and rather than pay him directly, companies such as Eli Lilly, the maker of Prozac, Pfizer, the maker of Zoloft, and GlaxoSmithKline, which made Paxil, would give his speaking fees to the Rhode Island chapter of NAMI, which would then cut McNulty a check.”

Senator Grassley has his work cut out for him now that he’s zeroing in on Big Pharma front groups because there are several with drug money laundering operations every bit as flagrant as NAMI’s. He might want to check out Mental Health America next, formerly known as the National Mental Health Association.

The group’s 2002 tax returns show the CEO and President, Michael Faenza, received compensation of $306,727, and another $35,275 in contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation that year, for a 35 hour work week.

This operation has a Campaign for America’s Mental Health. Pfizer’s 2008 report lists a one grant for $200,000 and another for $300,000 to fund it. In light of the psycho-pharmaceutical cartel’s push for Congress to pass the Mother’s Act to set the stage for the screening of pregnant women for a long list of “anxiety” and “mood” disorders, the most worrisome gift to Mental Health America is Pfizer’s donation of $20,000 to a Georgia group for: Project Healthy Moms: Education for Prevention/Treatment for Perinatal Depression Disorders, in the fourth quarter of 2008. Among the largest of countless donations from Lilly in 2008, Mental Health America received one grant worth $600,000 in the second quarter.

The group’s 2006 annual report shows it received over $1 million each from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lilly and Wyeth. Janssen and Pfizer gave between $500,000 and $1,000,000, and AstraZeneca and Forest Labs donated between $100,000 and $499,000. GlaxoSmithKline gave between $50,000 and $100,000 in 2006.

Evelyn Pringle

(Evelyn Pringle is a columnist for Scoop Independent News)

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