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6 year old Jani Schofield - schizophrenic or abuse victim

6 year old Jani Schofield - schizophrenic or abuse victim?
Recently an article was published in the LA Times - schizophrenia29-2009jun29,0,4834892.story
This heart touching article is about a very intelligent child named Jani, that has been diagnosed as severe childhood schizophrenic. She is currently being medicated with very powerful and dangerous anti psychotic medications without much success.
You should read the LA times Article as a back ground to what has been exposed by her parents on their blog.
Today I happened upon the parents blog at :

I was combing through some of the post and discussions when I just happened to click on the "About Me Section" of the blog.

To be candidly honest, I was out of the gate very critical of any mental health diagnosis on a child of this age; but after reading this blog I am left in complete shock and awe that this was not investigated by the "department of child protective services" or reported by mental health professions including the child's psychiatrist or others @ UCLA medical Center.

Let me note here:
Under Law all child abuse suspected by Health Care Professionals must be reported to proper authorities.

I will now just quote directly from this blog in the parents own written words, and let you the reader here draw to your own opinions or conclusions regarding this sad situation. You should go there and read everything in it's entirety. ________________________________________________________

"Five year olds are still desperate for parental approval.

Yes, kids have temper tantrums. But Jani would dig her nails into my skin and pull...leaving a bloody track down my arm or face. She would grin while she did this, a demonic grin that would have scared me had I had time to really think about it. But I didn't.

We tried everything. Positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement. Hitting her back (I won't tell you how many people told us that all she needed was a good beating). We took all her toys away. We gave her toys away. We tried starving her. We did EVERYTHING we could to try and break her. Nothing worked.

Even then, it did not occur to us that our daughter was mentally ill. Now I wonder who was really delusional. Susan and I held fast to our belief that Jani was just a misunderstood genius.

Then Bodhi was born.

The violence became so bad that at times Susan and I both lost it and hit Jani as hard as we could. We hit in impotent rage.

We got a referral to a psychiatrist.

Two months later, Janni was hospitalized for the first of what has since been four times, but in truth will be many more times.

Today, Jani is no longer a brat. Today, Jani is schizophrenic."

" Today, Jani is no longer a brat. Today, Jani is schizophrenic." or is she just an innocent child reacting to severe abuse and trauma?

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Beth said...

it's the chicken and the egg - honestly, if i had a child who was severely mentally ill and i wasn't getting support services, i might do some pretty desperate things, too. i don't know this family. but i do know that abuse can happen when families are under stress, and the schofields sound like they are pretty stressed. i certainly don't excuse them hitting a child, or starving her, etc. but my prayers are with them.

Stephany said...
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Stan said...

Dear Beth:

Thank you for your comment. This is what truly concerns me here. If a child is being severely abused by both parents; then where does that child turn? I would suspect turning within herself would be a fairly logical place to go, and just maybe the only bastion of safety left in her world.

This is not even taking into consideration the possible neurological damage that can be done when adults physically assault a child.

With this admission of blatant abuse by the parents out in the open; I would hope all of those avenues would be explored and investigated first; before this child is drugged beyond repair by a system that labels first, and then investigates others possible causes quite seldom.

The same once labeled, always labels modality we live in today with psychiatry.

I am personally not willing to give child abuse a pass, as others appear too.

Anonymous said...

Stan, thanks for covering this. I'm afraid for this child.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that someone finally brought this abuse issue up. I have been concerned ever since I read the first LA Times article. "Something is not right," I thought to myself. "This is very wrong." See, I am a psychotherapist eho has worked with schizophrenics in a hospital setting. I am also a mother . . .
Firstly, I am absolutely horified by the push of anti-psychotics these days. They are VERY serious drugs that wreak havoc on the body. My clients who had been on anti-psychs since childhood have suffered numerous serious physical ailments from them. Permanantly. Deciding to give them to a child??? Risky. We know this.
Secondly, in my experience, almost ALL of my patients had a traumatic event that seemed to lead to the psychosis. Be it witnessing trauma or being severeley abused. I think that someone is born with a predisposition, but there always does seem to be a serious event to kick that schizophrenia into full gear.
When I read the description of Jani, I thought. "She is a spirited child who is being GREATLY misunderstood." There are some babies who are energetic, colicky, high needs, don't sleep, need stimulation, (etc)., but they are not mentally ill. They take a lot of energy and drain you of any semblance of a normal life, but they are just spirited and sensitive. I don't have all the facts, but it appears that Jani's parents tried to deal with a spirited baby and were worn out. They wound up resorting to abuse. Starvation and hitting are enough of a traumatic event to spark that schizophrenia up.
Again, I don't have all the facts, but what I do know makes be so sad.
And being in a psych hospital? SCARY! It is scary for an adult and must be terrifying for a kid. The amount of time they actually spend getting help is minimal. Treated like second class citizens. It breaks my heart that there is no place better for a child like Jani to go.

Stephany said...
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Stephany said...
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Stan said...

Dear Readers:

I have received a couple of comments I will not post here trying to justify child abuse because these parent were supposed to be "Stressed Out" and "Over Burdened".

They even blame the abuse on this rare diagnosis and the parents not receiving the help they needed.

Let me restate that this validated and admitted child abuse happened before any mental health professional or diagnosis was in consideration.

The fact that abuse was not taken into consideration and factored in to the behavior displayed by this child by the psychiatrist and UCLA is in itself medical malfeasance.

Those that wish to defend child abuse and are going to play apologist for the parents here will not be afforded a platform on this blog.

How about Jani? have any of you defending these parent abusers even began to think about what life now holds in store for her.

How about her brother that witnessed this abuse and still is in these unraveled parents charge?

Jani's parents are more than willing to ship her off to be a poster child and lab rat for this supposed rare diagnosis of schizophrenic.

You may call that love; I call it just further abuse of the most horrific kind.

Those with attitudes that excuse child abuse and turn the blame on the child's so called disease can take that to the parents blog or their NAMI meeting where it will receive a welcome audience.

Here on this blog it will receive what it deserves; condemnation.

Anonymous said...

I beleive that this Jani has issues, what is casuing the issues is what I am not sure about. I have read some of her father's blog, and it seems as though between what Jani was a party to and what Jani witnessed has sent her into a world that she can escape.

Stan said...

commenter (Stacey) left a comment asking if I read the entire "About Me" section of the fathers blog?

Do you mean before or after the father edited a number of times for the consumption of those blind followers Stacy?

The whole "mental health label" argument is truly absurd when you omit the factual abuse as an infant before any diagnosis or intervention was introduced into this situation.

enough said; believe what you wish Stacy.

TheFly said...

This reminds me of the case for Sybil. Didn't she too suffer abuse from her mother? Hmmmm, I do believe there is a common thread with the abuse of such a small child and her relenting into her "own world".

Anonymous said...

This story is amazing. I just watched a clip from the episode on Oprah and actually felt the parents were doing everything they could by choosing to even live in 2separate apartments. I could completely relate because I too was in a situation similar to them raising a child while in my early 20's with severe mental and emotional issues. However, I did not opt for child abuse and I did everything I could to keep my child safe. I took the hard road and the road which is all too often looked down upon and the road which has left me with a lifetime of regret. I gave my young child to a relative who could care for her and her alone. For many reasons what was supposed to be a year has now turned into a lifetime and seeing her grow without me has been something I have accepted but something truly heartbreaking as well. I knew that at the time I could not provide the individual attention and patience she needed. We do have a relationship somewhat now, but it is more of an acquaintance. I would however, never change my choice because at the time, it was the best decision for her and her development.

Anonymous said...

I just read this article you wrote, I just watched 2 videos on this child and read another article in which I printed it out all because I believe one of my first grade students is schizophrenic, and in certain ways, acts much like Jani (only not as extreme).
The fact that this poor girls parents beat her, starved her, and openly admit that absolutely sickens me. I am by no means a doctor or psychologist, but for crying out loud, I can certainly tell when there is something "not right" with a child. You get help for that child, PROFESSIONAL help, ASAP! You dont beat them or starve them! You beat a child as hard as you can because she does it to you? What are you, 5? She's obviously a very sick little girl who needs the best help possible. My prayers are with her.

Anonymous said...

if you read the books of alice miller, a swiss psychotherapist and writer, you will see that jani is a victim. her parents are not victims. i believe it was stephany who commented that even if there is a predisposition to "mental illness," an outside event will often kickstart the affliction. ofcourse there are prenatal and neonatal traumas to contend with. i suspect that jani witnessed and suffered from mentally disturbed and abusive parents, who probably witnessed and were victims of abuse during their childhoods also, and could not handle their high-needs child in a healthy way. i agree with stephany again, when she said something to the effect that a child whose needs cannot be met by parents should be given to someone who can meet those needs. it is not a failure to do what's best for your biological child. reading the father's about me section of his blog today, i was struck by the tone of victimization he took. there was an air of justification and phony pouring-his-heart-out. i am the mother of a high-needs child, so i can commiserate with jani's parents. really though, i would kill myself if i ever resorted to beating my kid for every time he beat the s&%$ out of me with a smile on his face. when you see sadism in the eyes of a child, you're either delusional or they're imitating one(or many) of your mistakes. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Susan and Michael, please consider taking your daughter to be treated by a healer/shaman for healing. I am very concerned about the strong drugs she is being given. It is obvious that this child has bad spirits attached. Why can't you see this. Susan describes demonic looks, and the child's friend describes a spirit being put on her. No one is listening to what they see and what the children say. Please try, the quero in Peru heal all these cases. I am sure Native American and African healers can help as well. Of course, you have to be careful who and do some research. Your child can be healed I am sure of it. I can not understand why the parents would not seek alternative help for their daughter. Why accept this and more importantly, why please the hallucinations as you call them, make them happy. The whole family needs spiritual healing, you are all affected and controlled. Please don't accept this life. You can have better.

Taylor said...

I wasn't able to find any of these incidents mentioned in the About Me section. Either they have been removed or you have created an alternative reality for others to stumble across.

Could this be considered slander?

Jennifer said...

This is a heartbreaking story and I agree that there is something scary about the father of this poor girl. However Jani is mentally-ill and there are not enough services for children like her and their parents.

My husband and I are both educated, working professionals with an Autistic child so I know the stresses of dealing with a behaviour disorder. My son has been hospitalized twice and is currently on medication (of course not on the same magnitude as Jani).
We also have a younger child who is fearful of her older, abusive, and unpredictable brother.

We struggle everyday with our son's behaviour but we have never abused him, it's never even crossed our minds. I can't even understand why they would consider starving Jani, it's just cruel. Our kids never even see us have verbal disagreements because we make sure that we are always seen as a united front to our son. Otherwise he will perceive us as weak and try to break us.

I do however have somthing in common with Jani's father, I too am on Lexapro. Although for very different reasons. I am not a violent person, very much the opposite. So much so that I do not handle stress very well. Therefore I take Lexapro to help with anxiety, it has made all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately when I was a child or only 7-years old I missed diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and put on an array of medications including Lithium. I hate Lithium. Needless to say the medicine played a huge part in my childhood and not in a positive way. I went through it all, the therapy, the doctors, the tests and eventually improved. Though I do not attribute this to the meds. I actually secretly stopped taking my meds as I became older. I would hide the pills under my tongue and later spit them out. My poor care-taker never bothered to check. Then around the age of 15 the diagnosis of Bi=Polar was removed and I was labeled instead with Port Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I was severaly abused as a child. I agree with this diagnosis and also with my anxiety disorder. These are things I can easily manage and monitor but I will always live with. The Lexapro has been the best medication I have ever been on and I have tons of experience with medications.

I feel because of my history I can empathize with my son but I can also better protect him. I've been down the path of hospitals and meds. I know what to look for, what's harmful and what's hype. All these reasons have helped with the progression of my son's development and his behaviour. As a parent with a disabled child and also living through it myself I know first hand that if you want results and real help you can't rely on just yourself. We need help but we often need to go out there and find it for ourselves. Do our own research and be our own advocates. In the end our children only have us, we are their only line of defense in this fight against mental illness.

April said...

a few things; Jani's parents are adults. The worst physical infliction her father mentioned was the child scratching him down the side of the face until he bled. Trim her nails, then, I'm pretty sure HITTING HER WITH ALL YOUR FORCE will likely cause a bit more than shallow scrapes. Also, help should have been sought immediately when her temper raged out of control, or when she attempted to hurt her sibling.

"Today, Jani is no longer a brat. Today, Jani is schizophrenic."
No, Jani has always been a schizophrenic, you self-righteous... *muble mumble*

Stan said...

Dear Posters:

I want to thank all that have left comments for your efforts, concerns, and for expressing yourselves here.

I hope the best for Jani while continuing to question any diagnosis at this juncture in her journey.

I would also wish all those out there living with conditions of constitutional variations the very best. As I do for care takers of children and adults with life altering mental health related issues.

We owe each of them as a society the opportunity for a rich and rewarding life. While at the same time demanding accountability from those that would abuse or cause grievous harm to this delicate population of children and adults.

This is no easy task we are referring to here. It definitely takes monumental sacrifice in many instances; while covering an extended period of time with diminishing resources.

I know the resources and support systems are quite limited or lacking for care takers with special needs children and adults.

I can only hold out hope that out of this torrid tale with Jani; good can triumph in the end with changes that will provide true holistic care than actually provides positive results over time.

I'm also a realist in this hope endeavor. After working with populations across the gambit, from Developmentally Disabled and Mental Health fields; I have learned you must accept a person just where they are at while showing the patience to work at their own individual pace and time line; this should be set as a minimum standard of care. We should also always provide them with dignity, opportunity, a safe environment, while fostering self determination with absolute honesty.

It appears we continue to keep going to the same dry well and failed modality, hoping for a different out come. We must demand more from the entrenched institutions that today drug first and follow other alternative therapeutic paths later, if ever.

With this failed greed and influence driven modality ruling the day; we are in reality accepting a complete population as failures and throw away.

OK, that was only my personal opinion and long rant for now.

As for Taylor:

The M. Schofield blog has been edited and changed many times over the past few months. You can google older snap shot for yourself if you wish. The quotes I used in my post here were directly from his blog as written.


Anonymous said...

OK, so ever since seeing Oprah's show on Jani i have been doing some research on childhood schizophrenia and i have come to believe that JANI is NOT schizophrenic. I have worked on a psychiatric unit for 15 years now as a licensed social worker. Also after finding her dad's blog and reading some of his posts i am deeply disturbed. In fact i now believe her father may have Munchausen's by proxy. He seems to be deriving some sick secondary gains from his daughter being labeled "schizophrenic." Check out and you will see that Jani's behaviors do not align with the diagnosis he claims she suffers from. Below is the first paragraph about this horrible disease.

Childhood Onset Schizophrenia - Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes

Symptoms and Diagnosis

While schizophrenia sometimes begins as an acute psychotic episode in young adults, it emerges gradually in children, often preceded by developmental disturbances, such as lags in motor and speech/language development. Such problems tend to be associated with more pronounced brain abnormalities. The diagnostic criteria are the same as for adults, except that symptoms appear prior to age 12, instead of in the late teens or early 20s.6 Children with schizophrenia often see or hear things that don't really exist, and harbor paranoid and bizarre beliefs. For example, they may think people are plotting against them or can read their minds. Other symptoms of the disorder include problems paying attention, impaired memory and reasoning, speech impairments, inappropriate, or flattened, expression of emotion, poor social skills, and depressed mood. Such children may laugh at a sad event, make poor eye contact, and show little body language or facial expression.

Misdiagnosis of schizophrenia in children is all too common. It is distinguished from autism by the persistence of hallucinations and delusions for at least 6 months, and a later age of onset�7 years or older. Autism is usually diagnosed by age 3.7 Schizophrenia is also distinguished from a type of brief psychosis sometimes seen in affective, personality and dissociative disorders in children. Adolescents with bipolar disorder sometimes have acute onset of manic episodes that may be mistaken for schizophrenia. Children who have been victims of abuse may sometimes claim to hear voices of�or see visions of�the abuser. Symptoms characteristically pervade the child's life, and are not limited to just certain situations, such as at school. If children show any interest in friendships, even if they fail at maintaining them, it's unlikely that they have schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Jani and her parents on Oprah. A typical (and quite common) case that you see all the time in psychiatry. That is: parents have problems (often marital problems) but won´t admit it. But instead redirect their problems on to the child! (who will become the "problem-carrier".) All too often they get the whole surrounding to believe in them! (concentrating on the "problem-child".)
Besides, giving the child powerful anti-psychotics is as crazy as it can be! (they will cause braindamage and hinder the growth of the brain.) If you want to know more, read the books by Dr Peter Breggin! (probably the world´s foremost expert on psychiatry. Has been twice on Oprah´s.) Do you want to know more about anti-psychotics, try (great scientist in the field.)
Greetings from Swedish advocate for the right of loonies! :-D

PsycPro said...

Had anyone noticed on her dad's blog that he admits having the schizophrenia in both of his and his wife's families? He knows more than he shows.....

Isisbridge said...

I think everyone is making too much of the issue about the father hitting her and depriving her of food, when these matters are trivial in comparison to the abuse they are doing to her NOW, which is far far worse.

A child can recover from a slapping or a few missed meals, but what they are doing to her now is inflicting BRAIN DAMAGE with these very harmful and potentially lethal drugs, which can even destroy her blood cells.

The father has admitted that she has a 50-50 chance of not surviving to adulthood. And if she dies young, it will not be because of an unavoidable illness but because she has been killed with these medications, under the guise of “helping” her.

Jani has severe behaviour problems but I do not believe she has any illness or disease.

They say she has schizophrenia. But there is no such disease as schizophrenia. “Schizophrenia” is just a label which psychiatrists have invented for certain types of PSYCHOLOGICAL disturbance, which they wrongly assume to be caused by organic processes. The truth is that schizophrenics become schizophrenic as a result of their insecure sense of self and confusing interpersonal relationships.

But I don’t think that Jani is schizophrenic anyway. It is a wrong diagnosis.

If Jani’s behavioural problems need to be given a name, then I would say that she is high-functioning autistic. (Note, for example, the hand-flapping when she talks.)

This blog seems to be all about the father, and no-one has mentioned that she is clearly suffering from a failure to bond with her mother. A hypervigilant state during babyhood is not uncommon amongst autistic children who have not developed a close bond with the caregiver.

They were teaching her numbers and days of the week when she was barely one year old. So it is hardly surprising that she began to bond with these abstract characters rather than her parents, and that her imaginary world has now become more real to her than the real world.

The mother strikes me as very odd, and very unnatural in the way she interacts with the child: more of a witch than a mother.

I wish she could be rescued from all this and taken to a place of safety, away from her parents and the doctors: a place where she could blossom and achieve her full potential. She is in great danger.

PsycPro said...

Absolutely agree with Isisbrifge! Especially on the point of the Numbers and Days of the week she has bonded with ..... and hey, the name her parents gave her is January also. She is very troubled kid due to unbelievably abnormal parenting.

Kadence said...

I also get strange feelings from this family... I found it odd that they would have video footage of their newly born baby, making comments about how she was "looking at something". Come on - all babies stare off into the distance, for christsakes. To me, this was a self-fulfilling prophecy. For some reason, these weird parents WANTED their kid to be wackadoo. They wanted her to be quirky and bizarre - wanted to think that she saw things that weren't there. Sounds insane, right? Well, Munchausen's by-proxy is pretty insane. The mother's personality is very odd - she almost seems like she wants to be a talk-show host with the way she talks, and I agree with the commenter that she seems a bit "witchy". The father seems overbearing and volatile - he admits to beating his wife and his child, for goodness sakes. I find it odd that they don't want to place Jani in residential because all facilities are "out of state". Um, how about they pick up and move to that state and visit Jani on a daily basis? Because - they are afraid that in time, Jani will get BETTER living in residential. Their lies will be exposed.

Something is very, very wrong with this family.

Anonymous said...

I myself am a mother of a now adult schizophrenic. I am also a graduate of psychology. I watched the TV documentary on Jani and I too have reservations about the diagnosis of schizophrenia in this child. One thing struck me when I watched the program. The parents showed video of Jani as a baby supposedly looking and following things that they could not see. They attributed this to her "being born" with schizophrenia. "PLEASE" I have four children and have often observed normal healthy babies of such a young age randomely looking around a room like this. As for the unusual sleep pattern changes in Jani's infancy, I have a grandaughter who did much the same thing and screamed unceasingly for hours even days sometimes and she has some behavioural difficulties also (she is now 8)but she is not schizophrenic. I learned in school about self fullfilling prophecies in connection to behavioural problems ie: if people repeatedly tell you something is wrong you come to believe it is. I noted in the program that Jani was often asked to explain what is supposedly wrong with her and I was surprised that she did so with some level of understanding. It is obvious she has been told this and often. I also noted that the adults around Jani never seemed to make any attempt to disuade her from "believing" in her so called fantasies. They almost seemed to encourage her at times. If Jani's parents accounts of her superiour intelligence are correct then it would be even easier for Jani to pick up on que's from the adults in her life and develop her own dilliusions as she ages. As for the abuse issue, I understand the frustration of raising a mentally ill child but regardless of how you feel, we as the adults need to restrain ourselves from acting on those feelings and find another way. Watching the parents in this program it seemed as though they were much too "pleased" with the attention that is coming their way visa vie Jani. I too might be concerned about something bordering Munchausens in one or both parents as one person suggested. I feel for the family but mostly I am concerned that Jani at such a young age is on this drug cocktail without several more independant diagnosis being done. I think the doctors who are treating her did not have an answer so they gave up and labelled and drugged her perhaps even to appease the parents. I believe Jani has behavioural problems, but schizophrenia is not one of them. I pray someone interviens on her behalf before it is too late.

research_fanatic said...

there is a diagnostic category out there that describes Jani to a tee but it is not very well known
id like to know if her psychiatrists have ever considered it
its called
Multidimensionally impaired disorder

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling something was off with the parents. I'm starving and beatng your kid? Something is not well with Jani but I feel the parents are part of that or enabling it to become worse. They are big on touting on their blogs, Twitter, Youtube that she is the youngest schizophrenic and please donate money. I don't blame them for asking monetary help but if you are hurting your kid or have some sick view to live through the kid's sickness, something needs to be done. Here is something I posted elsewhere:

Both parents have said they struggle with mental illness themselves. Even though doctors have tried to say they feel Jani may be on the autism spectrum (as well) the father was going on his blog swearing saying it isn't autism but it is schizophrenia only. He even went on to say he knows this because autistic people aren't violent and Jani is. Well I know about autism first-hand and they can be violent (e.g. pinching, biting, kicking, etc). I also read in the father's blog how Jani was left in the lobby while they were in recording and she got upset and threw a vase his wife wanted to immediately bring her to the psyche ward and even the father in the blog was questioning if it was over-reacting. There are other times she misbehaves and I feel the way they parent her is more enabling her to be sick. I get the feeling they WANT her to be the youngest child with schizophrenia for the media coverage. Both parents blog and have a radio show where they goof around about political issues and porn jokes sometimes. There's jsut something very off about this situation. You do have a very sick girl but I think the parents are messed up and enabling her sickness. I'm not sure they want to get her better. I did send the father info on some nutritional info as part of a plan but he had no interest. I think they're living through their daughter's illness, for better or worse.

Anonymous said...

Stan, thank you for this blog. It has only been this year that I have discovered Jani Schofield and what is happening to her. I agree she is being abused. Soon her fathers book will be published. It is already being advertised on amazon and all I can think about is the death of Caylee Anthony and how her murderer, her mother got away with it and also plans to wrtie a book. Michael Schofield and Caylee Anthony are the same breed. Because Jani has been labeled schizophrenic is gaurentees she will have no voice, no credibility for her entire life. Michael has been accused of sexually molesting her and because they have given her this diagnosis he still gets to sleep in her bed every night! This is the same man who shook her as a two month old baby, who hit and starved her, who overdoses her with benedryl to knock her out! We have to keep speaking out for her on all the sites where she is being discussed, youtube, facebook, his blog and even amazon discussion. Please continue your efforts on showing the reality of Jani;s life and thank you for what you have done thus far.

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