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Astra drug recommended in EU for some depression - They are doing what? Now, at least we know who is really crazy!

Astra drug recommended in EU for some depression - They are doing what? Now, at least we know who is really crazy!

From -

Astra drug recommended in EU for some depression

Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:29am EDT
* European agency backs Seroquel XR as add-on treatment

* Move follows rebuff from Dutch authorities last year

(Adds detail on drug, EU approval process)

LONDON, April 23 (Reuters) - AstraZeneca's (AZN.L) schizophrenia drug Seroquel XR has been recommended by European regulators as an add-on treatment for depression, following an earlier rebuff in the Netherlands.

The European Medicines Agency said on Friday it could help patients with major depressive disorder who have had sub-optimal response to treatment with other antidepressants.

The decision is in line with approval for the drug granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December and will come as a relief to AstraZeneca.

Last May, the Dutch authorities, acting as reference member state under the European Union's mutual recognition procedure, rejected Seroquel XR in depression, prompting AstraZeneca to refer its application to the European Medicines Agency, which approves drugs centrally.

Seroquel XR is an extended release version of AstraZeneca's original blockbuster medicine Seroquel, which the company hopes will win increasing market share as the older drug faces patent expiry.

It is already used for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, though it has side effects including weight gain and a movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia.

Adding major depression would boost sales, since the drug could help patients who do not respond well to conventional antidepressants. But its commercial potential in this new area will be limited if it can be used only as an adjunct to other drugs rather than as a monotherapy.

Recommendations for marketing approval by the EU agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) are normally endorsed by the European Commission within a couple of months. (Reporting by Ben Hirschler, editing by Will Waterman and Rupert Winchester)


Just so you get the proper context of this EU approval, I will re-post "AstraZeneca - Seroquel the anti-psychotic turned anti-depressant, how lies and misleading marketing work" here for you.

Click on image to view in larger format

AstraZeneca - Seroquel the powerful tranquilizer anti-psychotic being advertised as an anti-depressant. How lies and misleading marketing work.

A hat tip goes out to pharmagossip for bringing this above ad to my attention. So now after misleading a jury in a New Jersey court room: this is how a so called responsible corporation "AZ" acts as they again purposely market and hide dangerous side effects associated with the drug Seroquel.

It's appears Big Pharma never learn when greed/profit are always their ultimate master; as here we go again with AZ using the same misleading lies and marketing tactics in Canada.

I have to wonder out loud when our Government, the DOJ, and the FDA will wake up and smell all this extreme marketing bullshit AZ constantly throws at consumers and doctors.

Bipolar depression doesn't consume you folks. AstraZeneca consumes you, they want to consume your bank account, and your personal health until death do you part.

Update/Addition: Some might be thinking to themselves that I'm being to harsh on these pharmaceutical corporate criminals here on this site even though Pharma Corporations have bought/purchased conflict of interest influence directly through many trumped up advocacy groups/organizations (direct Pharma marketing fronts such as with NAMI), being one of the largest lobbying spenders in federal and state capitals (including a wide open door to the Obama White House with untold millions in cash for policy deals), and how they have basically hooked/addicted university's and doctors on their steady flow of cash which in all cases tarnish and brings into the question the ethical and moral underpinnings in each of the proceeding entities mentioned here.

So your life and health have been virtually sold to the highest bidder so to speak.

My question is how many people have to be permanently disabled or killed before we start holding each link in this chain of blatant criminal inhumanity responsible for their unquenchable greed and evil self serving ways.

This is an interesting article over at Pharmalot worth reading related to the topic of Pharmaceutical corporate shenanigans within medicine and it's results upon public perception.
Psychiatrists And Pharma: Undue Influence?

You can also read about how anti-psychotics are being marketed to our armed forces with the devastating consequences that are created in their personal lives, diminish their effectiveness in war zone situations, and in the end may damage our national security. Why Are So Many Soldiers On Antipsychotics?


The comment section on this topic has been buzzing with such good information, that I have decided to add some of those comments to the front page here.

mike howard said...

One only has to look at Dr. Charles Schulz from the University of Minnesota and see how profitable pimping for AstraZeneca and seroquel is. It's never about researching for a cause/cure for mental illness, it's solely about just "treating" the symptoms and keeping the patient barely functioning as to keep the drug/cash flowing. Until America wakes up and realizes they have duped by the so-called psychiatric society things will just go on the same way. With psychiatric research its come down to "we don't care how the patient is doing, just how many have you enrolled. "First do no harm" went out the window long ago.

One only has to look at Dr. Charles Schulz at the University of Minnesota. He has the legend in his own mind mentality as far as pimping for AstraZeneca and falsifying Seroquel trial data. It's never about researching for a cause/cure for any psychiatric disease, it's more profitable to just keep people alive and "treat" the symptoms.

March 26, 2010 3:47 AM


Blogger Stephany said...

Well, here he is:

Founder and Director, Schizophrenia Program, MCV, 1980-83
Medical Director, Schizophrenia Module, University of Pittsburgh, 1983-86
Schizophrenia Research Branch, NIMH, 1986-89
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University, 1989-99

Responsibilities/Activities in this Residency:
Head of Department of Psychiatry
Course director, Resident didactics
Lecturer, Resident didactics
Research supervisor

Research/Scholarly Interests:
Borderline personality disorder
Psychiatric illnesses in adolescents


"By early 2000, Seroquel had been on the market for three years. Psychiatrist Charles Schulz MD--who received hundreds of thousands of dollars as a paid consultant to AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly--presented a report at the APA meeting that he said was based on his analysis of 1,800 patients in four separate trials. His conclusion: patients on Seroquel were more likely to show marked improvement...that Seroquel was significantly superior to other drugs.

However, the company's analysis of the data contradicted his pronouncements. Minnesota press reports describe internal emails by AstraZeneca officials, such as John Tumas, warning on March 23, 2000, after an internal company analysis of the raw data that:

"The data don't look good...What seems to be the case is that we were highlighting the only good stuff... It is clear that a claim of superiority for Seroquel over Haloperidol (Haldol) could not be generated using these data...In fact, I don't think we can even get a paper out of this."

Nevertheless, when Dr. Schulz presented his report, AstraZeneca issued a news release headlined "An analysis suggests Seroquel (R) has greater efficacy than Haloperidol." It quoted Schulz saying: "I hope that our findings help physicians better understand the dramatic benefits of newer medications like Seroquel.''

Glen Spielmans, an assistant professor of psychology at Metropolitan State University, who has reviewed the documents smelled something fishy: "These two things, they don't go together. Either the (company) analysis was wrong or Schulz's presentation was wrong."

Looks like another AZ pimp, like Reinstein and the rest of them, these people DESERVE PRISON TIME.

March 26, 2010 8:28 AM


Blogger Stephany said...

The above links to that doctor as well as this one could seriously be a post, but here it is:

Patient dies in drug trial in the doctor's care

"He was then transferred to the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.

Weiss said discussions about research started right away at the hospital. Markingson was placed in Fairview's Station 12, a new unit at the time created to treat psychotic patients and screen them for research. Olson and Dr. Charles Schulz, head of the U's psychiatry department, helped launch the unit in part to enhance the hospital's startup schizophrenia program and meet the U's mandate to bring in more research dollars."

"A judge agreed Nov. 20 with Olson's new recommendation, requiring Markingson to follow the doctor's treatment plan. The next day, Markingson signed a consent form to be part of a national anti-psychotic drug study, Comparison of Atypicals for First Episode, or CAFE.

Weiss didn't understand. How could her son be deemed incapable of making decisions one day and then consent to a drug study the next?

The study, funded by drugmaker AstraZeneca and spread among 26 institutions, compared the effectiveness of three commonly used anti-psychotic drugs — Seroquel, Zyprexa and Risperdal."

"Full participation required Markingson to take one anti-psychotic drug for up to a year and to appear at the U for checkups. Markingson received AstraZeneca's Seroquel. As Subject 13, Markingson was worth $15,000 to the U, with some of that going to Olson's salary and the psychiatry department. Switching or adding medications could have disqualified Markingson and halted payments to Olson and the department from AstraZeneca."

"The state ombudsman raised concerns after Markingson's suicide, including the method of ensuring that patients were taking their pills and the ethics of one doctor both recruiting and treating a patient. The report also questioned whether Markingson was truly eligible for the study, because he wasn't diagnosed with schizophrenia until several weeks after he had enrolled."


We know how "informed consent" works in these places, what a tragic nightmare.

Update: April 14, 2010

This story never seems to end, just like AstraZeneca's criminal greed mongering never ends.

Here is a eye opening list of "Doctor Death's" gravy train payoffs from AZ to perpetrate dangerous lies as a spokes person and distribution icon for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Photo of Doctor Death

All 20 pages of them!

The back story of Doctor Death's and AstraZeneca's pay to poison scheme- @ pharmagossip Back story here.

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