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Senator Grassley - Presents findings from Operation Ghost-writer Busters

Who're gonna call??

Senator Grassley - Presents findings from Operation Ghost-writer Busters


Ghostwriting in Medical Literature
Minority Staff Report
111th Congress
United States Senate Committee on Finance
Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Ranking Member
June 24, 2010

featuring Big Pharma and DesignWrite in a seedy love story of money, greed, intrigue, academia, power, research, and spanking good sex for favors.

If memory serves me correct here, DesignWrite was also involved in that little AstraZeneca, Seroquel, Wayne MacFadden ghost writing love triangle of great notoriety not so long ago.

Wayne MacFadden: AstraZeneca, Seroquel, patents and BOLDER


AstraZeneca's Seroquel Research Director Confessed to Sex-for ...

AstraZeneca's Sex-for-Studies Seroquel Scandal: Did Research Chief...

From what I can derive reading this report, is that the NEW corruption, is really just the OLD corruption, recycled to be NEW corruption once again? Makes perfect sense in corporate America anywise!

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Western State Hospital and DSHS - More inhumanity and the denial of basic human rights

Western State Hospital and Washington DSHS - more inhumanity and denial of basic human rights

mindfreedom has brought this horrible and inhumane situation to my attention that is happening at this very moment in Washington State. I urge each of you reading this post to take action by calling Western State Hospital, and writing to the Governor and Attorney Generals office in Washington State demanding humanitarian action.

E-MAIL Washington State Governor Gregoire : http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/

Jess C. Jeamieson, PhD is CEO of Western State Hospital in the  State of Washington
CEO of Western State Hospital Jess Jamieson 253-756-2525

A Call to Action

Free Emily from Western State Hospital, and Reopen Court Case from Year 2001!

by Cindi Fisher on behalf of the Darguzhyte family:

Hello Friends around the World:

Eita Darhguzene needs your help to free her daughter, Emily Darguzhyte and to prove her daughter’s innocence in a 2001 kangaroo court case.


Please call and request that Emily be given her freedom and returned to her family immediately. She has been involuntarily confined and drugged for over nine months and now the doctors are petitioning for an additional 180 days. They are using her false charge and conviction in 2001 as part of the support for their petition, and charging yet again that she is gravely disabled.

She goes to court 1 July 2010, but keep speaking out until she is free.

Please call the CEO of Western State Hospital, Jess Jamison 253-756-2525 and tell him to instruct the treatment team to withdraw their petition and give Emily her freedom.

Please E-mail Governor Gregoir and request that Emily be given her freedom and tell her to investigate and reopen the court case against Emily Dargughyte in 2001.

Click here: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/

More information:

Click here http://eitaleta.blogspot.com/2010/06/mother-fights-to-prove-daughter.html to read the details of the impulsive mistake made by court house guards and the cover up that followed, resulting in young Emily, then 19 years old, being illegally coerced into plea bargaining to gain her freedom, in a courtroom where no one else was present except Emily’s parents, after over 165 days of psychiatric drugging, jail and isolation from her family. No interpreter has ever present.

In this latest travesty of justice, Emily, now 28, was sentenced first to a 90 day involuntary commitment with court-ordered forced drugging and then manipulated into signing an additional 180 day confinement to Western State Hospital. She was committed as gravely disabled because she refused to talk to the hospital emergency room staff and because she was determined to give a urine sample as she was asked to do.

Emily's speaks English, but her native language is Lithuanian and Lithuanian is the only language spoken at home. An interpreter was never present.

Almost 300 days ago, Emily went to the local emergency room for dysmenorrhea, a form of severe menstrual cramps. Her chart stated she had been hospitalized before at Western State Hospital, so instead of treating her dysmenorrhea in the regular emergency room she had first been placed in, they transported her to the part of the hospital reserved for those with mental illness.

Having been misunderstood and unjustly committed from this behavioral health room before, she refused to respond to their questions and kept silent until her mother arrived. She then conversed quite fluently in Lithuanian with her mother.

Misunderstanding About Urine Sample Escalates

When asked for a urine sample she sat on the commode for a half hour, trying to overcome the effects of prior medication which causes difficulty in urinating. The staff became impatient after waiting a half hour for the sample and demanded she get off the commode.

Her mother, knowing Emily's difficulty, had left the room to give Emily privacy and time. When her mother returned; she was shocked and horrified to see Emily face down on the floor with her hands handcuffed behind her back. When Emily had refused to move, the staff did not attempt to locate Emily's mother, but became impatient and instead sought the assistance of security to have her forcefully removed from the commode.

Given such cruel, embarrassing, and humiliating treatment, Emily refused to talk to the County mental health male practitioner, who had been called by the nursing staff.

For this silence... and for her determined effort to overcome a medication side effect... she lost her freedom and her health. The DMHP pronounced Emily gravely disabled, despite Emily's mother explanation that her daughter was socializing with friends and family, and caring for herself, just prior to the onset of the severe menstrual cramps; not at all gravely disabled. And 300 days later, she is now suffering physically and emotionally from the high doses of medication and their terrible side effects; and extreme isolation from her mother and family since she was involuntarily committed!

Recently, after being denied her second outing outside in 270 days with her mother, Emily, in despair, fell on the floor and cried out "I am nothing..I am nothing."

Emily and her family speak Lithuanian at home and never once was an interpreter present for any of the proceedings or events during this almost 300 day ordeal. This in itself was/is a travesty of justice, but extremely so, when after a 90 day confinement of mandated drugging, Emily was manipulated into signing up for an additional 180 days when her mother was not present.

And now Emily is very silent and talks very little with the staff and they want to use this as well, as evidence of "gravely disabled", and imprison Emily for another 180 days. They even site her 2001 charge, even though it was reduced to a coerced plea bargain, as support for this continued violation of Emily’s human rights and due process of law.

If the treatment team does not withdraw the petition, we have requested a hearing (July 1, 2010) and will have Dr. Toby Watson, director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology as an expert witness by telephone. But the reality is that the staff should withdraw the petition and release Emily immediately! Although they recently changed members of the treatment team, the two main petitioners were Dr. Longawa, psychiatrist, and Anneliese Simons, social worker.

Easy Actions You Can Take

Please use the web site for the Governor of Washington to complain, and show there is international attention.

Click here: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/

[Sample message, your own words are best:]

Dear Governor Christine Gregoir:

Please investigate reports on the Internet of the forced psychiatric drugging, and unfair institutionalization, of 28-year-old Emily Darguzhyte. Please provide translation services in her native language, Lithuanian. Also please investigate and reopen Emily’s 2001 court case where she was coerced to plea bargain for her freedom in a private courtroom setting with no interpreter ever being present.

If you can do more...

Please contact the CEO of Western State Hospital, Jess Jamieson (photo on right).

Ph: 253-756-2525.

E-mail: JAMIEJC@dshs.wa.gov, Jess.jamieson@dshs.wa.gov

Ask him to instruct the treatment team to withdraw the petition and release Emily to her family!


My take on this situation @ this time, considering that I have limited knowledge and corresponding details related to this individual case:

I have written about and personally witnessed the inhumane and atrocious treatment patients receive from the Washington State Mental Health System and Western State Hospital before. How many innocent victims have to suffer the torture and indignity allowed in our State Mental Institutions and state funded facilities before we the people say it must STOP NOW?

Washington State DSHS - Western State Hospital - The love that can bring down old stone walls -Lindsay's

Washington State DSHS - Western State Hospital - Lindsay's Journey Part 2 - Making Your Voice Heard

The Failure we all pay for - Western State Hospital and Washington State DSHS

Washington State DSHS - Western State Hospital - A Shoeless Joe Jackson Story in Western's Field of Dreams

The following plea for help is taken directly from the Mother's Blog:


Mother Fights to Prove Daughter Innocent! Please Email the Governor

E-MAIL Washington State Governor Gregoir : hhttp://www.governor.wa.gov/contract/

Tell her that Emily’s Darguzhytes, arrest and court case in 2001 in Clark County was a gross travesty of Justice and the case should be reopened.

Emily continues to suffer from that treatment and the criminal record she does not deserve. She was dismissed from a volunteer CPR instructor position after a background check, she has been barred from visiting Canada where she went often to visit her aunt, and the charge of kidnapping which were reduced to a forced plea bargain of unlawful imprisonment is being used as support in the petition to further imprison her at the hospital. She has Court on July 1, 2010.

Call the CEO of Western State Hospital today Jess Jamieson 253-756-2525 and tell him to have Emily’s treatment team withdraw their petition to keep Emily another 180 days.

By Eita Darguzhene (Mother of Emanuele Darguzhyte) email: Eitaleta@gmail.com

Our family; my husband, our 13year old daughter Raminta, our 10 year old daughter Emanuele ( nickname Emily), and myself, Eita Darguzhene, immigrated to the USA as Refugees from Lithuania in the former USSR on October 25, 1991. We endured decades of communistic regime and persecution from the KGB and State atheism. In 1996 we became American Citizens and we expected to find in America, the land of the free; democracy, justice, peace, truth, protection of human rights and respite from unruly totalitarian regime of USSR.

Below is the tragic story of our daughter Emily, who, due to a false arrest at age 19, has endured gross human rights violation including being unjustly institutionalized, restrained and forced drug with extremely debilitating, mind altering drugs at Western State Mental Hospital (WSH) in Washington, imprisoned in a local jail, and her rights of due process of law trampled in America. Her case needs to be retried with due process of Law.

In addition, presently, that false conviction and the “mentally ill” label has been used unjustly to once again institutionalize Emily at Western State Hospital and force drug her. She has been there for almost 300 days and they are petitioning to confine her an additional 180 days. Today, we need your Help to Free Emily!!!

1) to free Emily, 28, from her present forced confinement and drugging at Western State Hospital;

Call the CEO of Western State Hospital today Jess Jamison 253-756-2525 and tell him to have Emily’s treatment team withdraw their petition to keep Emily another 180 days. She has Court on July 1, 2010. Read her story below

2) to have Emily’s court case from 2001 reopened,

EMAIL Governor Gregoire http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/ and tell her that Emily’s Darguzhytes, arrest and court case in 2001 in the Clark County was a gross travesty of Justice and the case should be reopened.

That case involved a false arrest, charge, cover up and unjust conviction by the criminal justice and hospital authorities.

Emanuele seems to speak good English, however she has limited English proficiency, and we speak only Lithuanian in our home. The services of a certified interpreter has never been ordered, even once, during any part of the legal proceedings or forced treatment Emily has been force to endure during this entire horrendous nightmare.

You have read about the details of her present intolerable condition on MindFreedom.org website and now here are the details of her false charge and conviction of “illegal imprisonment in 2001."

WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!!! Please call and email now!

Coming to America: A Nightmare Story for a Young Lithuanian Woman

by Cindi Fisher

Court Guard Acted Impulsively and Refused to Communicate with Eye Witness Parent

In 2001, Emily’s mother and father accompanied her to court for a minor probation violation, of which neither her parents or Emily had understood. While at court, waiting for her hearing, Emily was accused of attempting to kidnap an 8 year old girl from the restroom in the courthouse. The following is a brief description of what actually happened:

During the court recess Eita left the courtroom and stood in the hallway directly outside the courtroom, hoping to speak to Emily’s lawyer to understand the violation; meanwhile Emily went to use the restroom. Eita was standing in the hallway in direct site of the restroom door, not more than 15 feet away. A few minutes later, Eita watched Emily exit the bathroom holding a young girl by her waist, facing outward, and set her down on the floor in front of two women, one of whom, seemed to be the mother. After Emily set her down, Eita and Emily were both shocked when one of the women started screaming “what are your doing with my child?” Emily had no idea why the woman was screaming, (having only the pure intention of helping the little girl open the door, as the little girl had requested of Emily,). Emily didn’t respond to the mother’s screaming and walked back down the hall, past Eita, into the courtroom, and sat back down beside her dad. Eita joined them, with Emily seated between them. Within a few minutes Emily was summoned from her courtroom seat between her parents, by courthouse guards, who then forcefully removed her from the courtroom; her parents immediately followed, shocked and confused; no explanation was given to them whatsoever and the guards refused to listen or communicate in any way with them. Before they were allowed to see or talk to Emily or the guards, the guards handcuffed, booked and unlawfully imprisoned Emily in the Clark County Jail with the charge of kidnapping. We know that the details of the kidnapping would never hold up in court. According to the court record, Emily picked up the 8 year old girl carrying her under the armpits, allegedly fondling her breast; then the girl supposedly began kicking and screaming,; Emily managed to continue holding her by the armpits, yet covered her mouth with one hand and made the girl reach out and open the door. Meanwhile, directly outside the door, the mother and grandmother were waiting and apparently although hearing the so called screaming, did nothing, but according to their testimony to the guard, screamed at Emily "what are you doing?when she exited the door "with their girl". This is the part where Emily had no idea why they screamed at her and just went and sat down in the courtroom between her parents. The headliner local newspaper article the next day either purposely distorted or was given false information; the article said Emily allegedly attempted to kidnap the child from the bathroom, fondled her breast, silenced her screaming, but when she was confronted by the women outside the court she immediately released the child and tried to “mingle in a courtroom audience where the court guards found her…Nowhere in the story did it mention that she was there WITH HER PARENTS for a COURT HEARING and that her mother was an eye witness; no reporter ever attempted to interview the parents before writing the article and no interpreter was ever ordered or present. Another important fact was that one of the women who made the charges was scheduled for a felony jury trial that day on April 24,2001.

Impulsive Arrest Followed by Extreme Cover up Measures

Thus within a matter of minutes this vibrant, young 19 year old woman went from being accompanied by her parents in the U.S. courtroom of Justice to being isolated, fingerprinted, booked on a kidnapping felony charge, and locked up as an inmate in the Clark County Jail. Her cry of innocence and her parents plea of her innocence fell on deaf ears. To add insult to injury, at the arraignment the next day, Emily, frightened, confused, and shocked, was brought to court, with hands and feet shackled wearing an orange jumpsuit, designating "especially dangerous" , and was ordered to be evaluated for competency to stand trial… no interpreter was present and the parents were not allowed any input. And from that moment, the trail of unjust and unfair proceedings continued to build exponentially. Emily was certainly competent to stand trial and should have been given bail, and at the very least a court ordered interpreter should have been present; there was no prior history of a serious criminal record; there were an eye witness that seriously placed doubt on the validity of the charge and she had been at court with her parents.

It is the writer’s opinion that once the authorities realized the seriousness of their error, that could easily be proven in court, a plan was needed to avoid bringing their impulsive, illegal actions to light. Pronouncing Emily incompetent to stand trial and failure to secure the services of an interpreter set the stage for extreme and harmful cover up measures to be taken.

Normally, from the time a judge request the first competency evaluation until the point where a 90 day restoration to competency is ordered, there is usually a time lapse ranging from 2 months minimum up to 4 months and it is not rare for as much as 6 months to lapse.

In Emily’s case

1) this process was rushed through, in LESS THAN TWENY FOURS HOURS,

up to and INCLUDING a court order signed by the judge for a


(The usual 14 day non-medicated evaluation and the additional “up to”14 day forced medicated treatment were completely omitted --”

3) WITHIN 24 hours of her “kangaroo” court arraignment, where she was denied bail, Emily was transported to WSH --it is the authors opinion that there surely were others in jail with equally or more serious charges still awaiting evaluation and transport orders.

4) at Western State Hospital, in LESS THAN 24 hours, Emily was “evaluated as gravely disabled and a danger to others, based on the charges that were not proven;” the report requesting competency restoration for “up to 90 day confinement with permission to force medicate” was written and faxed to the court; the court received the report; signed and faxed the order back to the hospital; and the 90 day forced treatment with mind altering neuroleptic drugs began--All this IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS)

No interpreter; no bail; no input sought or allowed from pleading eyewitness parent……

Why was Emily’s case given such top priority rush???

Emily maintained she was innocent throughout the 6 months of being subjected to horrific human rights violations, and being forced over and over again to repeat the crime she had been charged with but had not committed, and the possible sentence. She continually begged to be given a polygraph test. When she was returned to jail, 90 days later, she and her parents immediately instructed their second hired attorney to request a jury trial. Emily's first attorney refused to seek a jury trial and brought her to court to plead guilty to a plea bargain; but she refused. Her parents hired a second attorney, who was instructed to seek a jury trial to prove her innocence. Both of her attorneys violated her legal rights by informing her that if she did not accept a plea bargain to a lesser charge of unlawful imprisonment, she would be returned to Western State hospital for further “treatment.” When her trial date was eventually set, it was at almost 90 days from the time she was returned to jail “competent to stand trial.” Finally, after being kept in jail 75 days without bail, after her forced 90 day psychiatric drugging and hospital confinement, with what felt like no hope of release, she was brought into a private courtroom where no other people were present accept her parents and she agreed to plea bargain to unlawful imprisonment .

E-MAIL Washington State Governor Gregoir : http://www.governor.wa.gov/contract/

Tell her that Emily’s Darguzhytes, arrest and court case in 2001 in Clark County was a gross travesty of Justice and the case should be reopened. *

E-mail: eitaleta@gmail.com

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“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” – Big Pharma and the evil minions that market their Magic Poison Pills to Children

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” Big Pharma and the evil minions that market their Magic Poison Pills to Children

Let me attempt here to show you how those supposed separate and independent entities are actually part of one huge web working toward one single disastrous end; and that end is to label as many people as possible mentally ill and drug the American public relentlessly in the quest for the unholy grail of profit and unbridled social control by creating a permanent and sustained underclass of perpetual human serfdom.

Of course you have to begin with a fantastic marketing premise, which in this case is that “mental disorders (your emotions) are deemed to be a biological brain chemical imbalance and/or a genetic flaw in origin” and then market that information as unchallenged scientific fact through the medical community (even though "they" of all people know to this to be a complete and utter lie).

Of course there are some in this far reaching web that reach for the stars so to speak, as they believe mental illness and the emotional human condition is caused by a cat poop virus, and that anti-psychotic drugs are anti-viral agents.

Either lie you look at in any depth concludes "they" are making nothing much more than a huge leap of faith in spouting off biological pathology with a pharmacological component touted as the magic bullet. But then again, there is huge industry pouncing on the endless profit potential from their creative falsehoods and patronage.

Then working from that completely false and distorted claims “they” open the door to an endless flood of drug treatments that target, change, and tranquilize “your” brain function and behaviors without even knowing quite exactly how they work in truth (except that they obviously mute the senses and tranquilize the whole person), or what the actual consequence/outcome may be (of course along with this premise comes a litany of whole body proven adverse side effects).

Of course that actually matters very little in the whole scheme of this miraculous charade and masterfully woven web, since it’s the pot of gold profits that can be made by disease mongers that is really at the heart of this magnanimous fraudulent scheme.

The last thing we “they” would want is an “effective” treatment modality that would create healthy individuals. Since we all should be aware that the pharmaceutical industry is predicated on the disease model, and there is no or very little profit in healthy people after all.

So let’s expose the Big Pharma Black Widow Spider and analyze just one of many webs where “you” ( or your loved ones and children) are the ultimate prey.

To start with “they” need to validate the myth/falsehood by buying/corrupting the medical key opinion leaders, academic institutions, and research mechanisms.

One stellar example is Harvard University’s & Mass General Hospital’s notorious J. Biederman “Second to God” and his band of merry medical thugs that have not only guaranteed study results before even conducting the studies. Then they also were behind a massive unreported income buried treasure chest from Big Pharma, then there was the many protocol breaches in clinical research, the mystical ghost writing fiasco, and those unforgivable actions of using “toddlers” as human Ginny pigs for aggressive psychotropic drug treatment experiments.

Many consider that J. Biederman is the father of the child ADHD, Bipolar, Behavioral/Defiant Conduct disorder, and the hideous paradigm of aggressively and preemptively using dangerous anti-psychotic and other drugs in pre-school age children as primary treatment.

Yet, where are the web strands that begin to create the spider’s evil web?

Biederman and many of his cronies just happen to sit on the adversary board of the CABF “Child Adolescent Bipolar Foundation” which promotes/markets childhood mental illness and drugging to parents and the media.

They intern are supported and connected to NAMI (80%+ of its funding comes directly from Big Pharma), DBSA Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (no one knows for sure at this juncture exactly how much of their funding comes directly from Big Pharam??? But assumptions say it’s probably the vast majority of its treasure trove), and then there is E Fuller Torrey’s TAC (Treatment Advocacy Center),.

E Fuller Torrey just also happens to be The Stanley Research Institute and Stanley Foundation Executive Director that has funded financial grants to no other than J. Beiderman at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital, where he and his cohorts conducted drugging experiments on Children with substances like Astra Zeneca’s “Seroquel” anti-psychotic, and many other drugs makers anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and dangerous stimulants drugs. I hope you are beginning to see the intricacies of this finely woven web.

It is no mistake or great surprise that E Fuller Torrey’s TAC (the coined new eugenics for profit movement) agenda of fear mongering and aggressively supporting laws that limit and deny both basic human rights and our deemed sacrosanct constitutional principles to those labeled mentally unhygienic (aka Kendra’s Law and clone laws like this now effecting 46 other states across America), Kind of ironic that they just happening to be supporting this early childhood preemptive drugging epidemic that is now sweeping our nation also?

It is also not mere coincidence that NAMI’s national convention this year is focused on Childhood Mental Illness awareness, screening, and that always drug pushing for Big Pharma pimp-hood stature. Which also weaves back to CABF, Beiderman, Torrey, TAC and the rest of the evil web?

Judith Warner, NYTimes columnist and book author teams up with NAMI to promote drugging of children with psychiatric medication

2010 NAMI Convention - Treatment Advocacy Center staff will have a booth at the 2010 NAMI Convention in Washington, DC.

The sad reality and fact is that our main stream corporate media is also very much a part of the evil web promoting the falsehoods weaved in message strands that market/feed continually to “you” the often blinded and deceived citizen a very twisted propaganda as the truth.

From The New York Times Propaganda Page - this time it's psychiatrist Dr. Harold Koplewicz dosing out the mind poison.

The book the NYTimes "Ask the Expert" Child Psychiatry Q&A Koplewicz didn't read: C-Span, Robert Whitaker Anatomy of an Epidemic

Dr.Harold Koplewicz used the NYTimes to name drop Delcath Systems, Inc.

Dr. Harold Koplewicz : Q&A for NYTimes, infamous "Ransom Notes" campaign backer says "no evidence to prove over-prescribing in kids"

Kendra's Law - Letter to the NY Times Editor in response to op-ed article by E. Fuller Torrey, TAC Forced Out Patient 'treatment'

Of course this Dr. Harold Koplewicz has connections to the APA, NAMI, TAC ,and many more of the usual suspects and web strands.

Then you have an APA (American Psychiatric Association) that has many of these evil doers at the top of their criminal members list (including those writing the NEW DSM-5, which has even more members vested in BIG PHARMA writing this literal diagnostic garbage manual). This intern will create more disease mongering and runs right back to the deep and greedy pockets of BIG PHARMA.

Dr. Allen Frances, DSM-IV task force chair writes letter to APA Members: DSM 5 troubled waters

Dr.John Nardo, Letter to Editor: Miami Herald-- Dr.Charles Nemeroff--U of Miami's bad hire

Already Famous? Nemeroff And His Keynote Bio

Of course AstraZeneca and their PR “Lie To Me” man Tony Jewell is touting its association with the DBSA with an AZ produced and marketing bipolar awareness video campaign making its rounds on their very own DBSA Pharma summer “Seroquel” promotional tour.

AstraZeneca PR spin doctor at it again: Tony Jewell defends AZ : and the bipolar depression "education" site by AZ--Seroquel anyone?

So in this relatively brief post, I hope you begin to get a small glimpse into how "they" are playing this dangerous drugging game for profit at your and your loved ones expense.

This could actually be a pretty damned good puzzle if it wasn’t for the dire and immediate consequences we face as a people and nation do this blatant fear mongering, disease mongering, outrageous greed, and profiteering by a completely out of control and held unaccountable pharmaceutical industry.

Let me end this with some snippets from articles outing Harvard’s and Mass General Hospital’s this “ain’t no tushy massage” J. Biederman.

Outrage! Preschoolers used as guinea pigs in psychotropic drug tests


Thursday, May 18, 2006
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)

As ClinicalTrials.gov reveals, in 2005, Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an 8-week trial study that recruited children as young as four years old to be drugged and monitored, including having their blood drawn, to see if their tiny four-year-old bodies would tolerate a powerful psychotropic drug (Seroquel).


Stanley Medical Research Institute, Joseph Biederman, Fuller Torrey and TAC

Stanley Medical Research Institute, Joseph Biederman, Fuller Torrey and TAC

Interesting reading the Joseph Biederman deposition documents,which in part discuss the Stanley Foundation.

Biederman Deposition pdf format documents, Feb. 2009.

Superior Court of New Jersey
In re: Risperdal/Seroquel/Zyprexa

Video Deposition of Joseph Biederman, MD
Friday February 27, 2009
Boston, MA.

page 342

Q. What is the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A.(Biederman) The Stanley family has a foundation that is called now the Stanley Medical Institute that funded us for a few years to conduct the psychopharmacological research on pediatric bipolar illness.

Q.The Stanley Medical Research Institute you said was created by one family, the Stanley family?

A.To my understanding, yes.

Q. Do you know the Stanley family?

A. No.

Q. Who is the director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A. I don't remember.

Q. Do you know any of the people that are associated with that particular institute?

A. (Biederman)I knew them.I just don't remember their names.

Q. Where is the Stanley Medical Research Institute located?

A. I do not know.

Q. Have you ever been to that particular institute?

A. (Biederman)We put an application for conducting this type of research that I described and they funded us.

Q. And what is the Treatment Advocacy Center? *(TAC)

A. Treatment Advocacy Center? I have no idea.

Q. You've never seen the term used with respect to the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A. No.

Q. How many studies has the Stanley Medical Research Institute funded of yours?

A. They funded a center, so there was a group of studies, studies that involved neuroleptics and studies that followed up, but mostly a study that involved treatment.

Q. What center did they fund?

A. They funded the center for the treatment of pediatric mania, so we conducted studies examining Zyprexa, Seroquel, Risperdal(risperidone).We did a study of preschoolers, these type of things.

Q. So the center for Pediatric Mania has been funded exclusively by the Stanley Research Medical Institute?

A. (Biederman)Yes.It's the center for treatment of pediatric mania.That's probably correct.

Q. Okay and what is your relationship to that center?

A. (Biederman) I was director of the center.

Q. You said you were. Are you currently?

A. No. The center ceased to exist in early 2000.

Q. Why did it cease to exist?

A. Because they run out of funds.

(continue to read further, page 344

page 353/354

Q. Does the Stanley Center for psychiatric Research still exist today, to your knowledge?

A. The Stanley Foundation exists.Our center does not.

Q. Does the Stanley currently sponsor any programs for the psychiatric department at Mass.General as far as you know?

A. I have no idea.

Q. You have no idea?

A. No. They may.The department is a very large department and some investigators may receive funding from the Stanley Foundation.

Q. I'm asking you as to your knowledge sir.

A. (Biederman)To my knowledge the Stanley family funds the broad institute that is affiliated with Mass.General, a very large effort at improving the genetics of bipolar illness.I'm not sure if it's the Stanley Medical Institute.I believe it's the Stanley family itself.
Read the pdf format deposition at IN VIVO blog(Ed Silverman of Pharmalot fame).

TAC/Treatment Advocacy Center, Fuller Torrey, Stanley Foundation

Stanley Foundation Brain Harvesting Illegal in Washington State


Yes, it is quite an evil web that has been weaved no doubt!

I guess the one question that is left for each of us to answer for ourselves is: Are "you" going to be part of the solution, or turn away and become part of the problem?


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