Friday, June 11, 2010

Nativis Inc. threatens blogger for skepticism - Will Photons one day allow "Clowns" to walk on water also?

Nativis Inc. threatens blogger for skepticism - Will Photons One Day Allow " Clowns" to walk on water also?

Quoting the late Carl Sagan on this very problem; "They laughed at Galileo. They laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

If you happen to believe that far flung theoretical science can solve almost anything, then it appears there is a company out there you should be seriously looking into for your "hope and a prayer" miracle investment dollars.

Nativis Inc. doesn't want anyone questioning these far flung ideas and the outrageous monumental claims they have made. In fact they think they can actually intimidate blogger's from writing about them and these claims that amount to nothing much more than a profitable con type scheme with lots of lame bravado bluster, indecipherable techo/science speak, a witch's dash of this, and a pinch of bitter unsubstantiated threats thrown in just for good measure.

It appears Nativis Inc. is about to learn a valuable hard lesson in photon realignment and free speech?

And off to the races we go:

I was steered this morning to this article by soulful sepulcher over @ pharmaconduct blog. You really need to follow the included links and read the whole torrid and twisted back story to this following article.


Is Nativis Threatening Pharma Blogger Derek Lowe? Are they insane?

The following opinions are expressly mine.

In case you haven't seen Derek Lowe's post from today about receiving a menacing letter from John Kingma, the CFO of Nativis, definitely check it out. For some background, previously, Derek posted two pieces (see The Power of Photons, You Say? and Nativis: Waiting and Seeing) on his blog about Nativis, a company located in La Jolla, CA and who, according to their website, "...may be the first to successfully apply QED theory to medicine by converting photons, or light, to biological action."

Apparently, Nativis wasn't too happy about Derek's skepticism towards their technology. First, their CEO sent to Derek some information presumably intended to persuade Derek to reconsider his opinion. When that didn't work, they had their CFO send Derek a letter basically asking Derek to censor his blog. Derek posted the CFO's letter in full, along with a great response.

I'll give them (a miniscule) benefit of doubt. Derek is correct in stating that the most revolutionary scientific ideas are initially not recognized or respected by the scientific establishment. However, he's also correct in stating that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and Nativis claims are, well, out of this world. On this subject, Derek sums the situation up nicely: If I may quote the late Carl Sagan on this very problem, "They laughed at Galileo. They laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

Based on what I read on Nativis' website and Derek's blog, I am of the opinion that Derek has been exceptionally kind to them in his discussion of their technology. In my opinion, their descriptions of their technology sound like something that only a con-artist would dream up. Worse, based on their behavior towards Derek, I am of the opinion they are are upset that, with the attention being showered on them after being discussed on Derek's blog, their ability to fleece scientifically unsophisticated investors is being compromised. Like Derek, I would love to see them prove me wrong.
This is a fine example of photon realignment at work in the world today!!
Full disclosure notice; I believe this photo was taken in the gulf of Mexico recently, so those elusive photon's could really just be a thick gooey layer of spilled crud oil instead of a miracle photon realignment effect..

An extraordinary claim: turning water into drugs: Nativis Inc. faces high hurdles of skepticism

By Bradley J. Fikes North County Times, Escondido, Calif.
Publication: North County Times (Escondido, California)
Date: Sunday, May 30 2010

May 30--A La Jolla startup has made an audacious claim, even by the biomedical industry's standards. It says it can turn water into drugs.

The company, Nativis Inc., says its technology comes from a well-established theory of physics, quantum electrodynamics. According to that theory, chemistry is based on the interactions of small packets of electromagnetic radiation called photons.Because it's the photons that really matter, Nativis executives say, the chemical really isn't important.


Yes, some day with the marvel of Photon technology you too should be able to do this and so much more!

I encourage blogger's everywhere to post articles about Nativis Inc. and their slimy intimidation tactics.

As that wise American Icon Forrest Gump once said " stupid is, as stupid does"

If your interested in further information about
"Nativis", or want to contact them, send them fan mail, or just want to visit them for some other humanitarian purpose. This is their web site -

Someone left this eye opening secret video in the comment section this afternoon; though I can not verify that this particular and obviously superior intellect research scientist works for "Nativis" or not. I though it would make a fine addition to this post anywho.


Anonymous said...

Whidbey Island, WA.

Whidbey investors behind a ‘medical revolution’

A company called Nativis exists thanks largely to more than 30 North Whidbey investors rounded by Oak Harbor resident John Kingma, who has deep roots in his home town. A life-long Oak Harbor resident and CPA for 27 years, John Kingma is the son of former Whidbey News-Times advertising director Ralph Kingma and nephew of Ryan Kingma of Fakkema and Kingman, Inc., an engineering firm.

John Kingma met up about eight years ago with Langley resident John Butters, a world-class businessman who had gained knowledge of a new therapy idea through scientists he knew. Together they founded a company called Nativis, whose motto is “medication transformed.”

“He’s the inventor and brainchild behind this,” Kingma said of Butters. “He has the business background in bringing scientists together.”

Since its founding, the company has grown and moved its base to La Jolla, Calif., to be near the biotech and pharmaceutical community in San Diego.

Kingma won’t say how much money was raised, but today Nativis has about 10 employees of its own and, more importantly, hires what Kingma described as “the best scientists for our research lab.”

Anonymous said...

An extraordinary claim: turning water into drugs: Nativis Inc. faces high hurdles of skepticism
By Bradley J. Fikes North County Times, Escondido, Calif.
Publication: North County Times (Escondido, California)
Date: Sunday, May 30 2010

Against this skepticism, Nativis has attracted some well-known medical scientists to advise as consultants.

Local biotech veteran William T. Comer is one of them. He was CEO of Sibia Neurosciences Inc. when it was sold in 1999 to Merck & Co. for $87 million. Also consulting are Gerald Yakatan, former president and CEO of La Jolla's Avanir Pharmaceuticals, and Jerry Radich, medical director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

A Rancho Santa Fe resident, Comer helped Bristol Myers-Squibb bring the cancer drug Taxol to market. Nativis' first project is to test a Taxol mimic called Digitax, now in pre-clinical trials. Nativis said it plans to ask permission this fall to begin human clinical trials.


Corporate bullying of bloggers isn't the way to make news

Pharma Conduct Guy said...

Great post Stan!

Anonymous said...

This in the comment section of Derek's article:
Comment# 119

on June 11, 2010 2:39 PM writes...

Derek: Much I believe that you are right to rebuff this ludricrous and pathetic attempt to scare you into pulling the plug on this debate, you should not cast aspersions on the work of Nativis's scientists. They are doing dedicated and highly original research, as shown here...



Stephany said...
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Stan said...

Dearest Anon:

After clicking on the link you so kindly provided above to this very important science being conducted by these obviously superior scientific minds which are making many amazing technological break throughs into uncharted territory; I took pause for a single brief moment to consider what I had written here. lol.....

Now that the moment has passed, I will stand by what is written.

Thank you for stopping in Pharma Conduct Guy, I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

Stephany said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone reading the threads in question from an objective standpoint, would intuitively understand that Kingma & Co object to the personal attacks and in some cases outright defamation of individual character (comparisons with Bernie Madoff, etc), not the skepticism.

If you support character assassination as a proper component of rational skepticism, however, more power to you I guess. I don't.

Stan said...

This comment was left by an anonymous person or persons attempting to defend the actions of Nativis and/or their representatives:


"Anyone reading the threads in question from an objective standpoint, would intuitively understand that Kingma & Co object to the personal attacks and in some cases outright defamation of individual character (comparisons with Bernie Madoff, etc), not the skepticism.

If you support character assassination as a proper component of rational skepticism, however, more power to you I guess. I don't."

I will choose to respond to this comment:

Well, I can only make an educated guess/assumption that this comment has come from the company directly, or one of their representatives/investors.
So let’s briefly break this situation down for everyone in some straight “no bullshit” speak.

The hypothesis Nativis Inc. has based these obviously very high risk investments upon has come under some intense scrutiny by the scientific community and public observers; which has posed some viable, pertinent, and rational questions regarding the validity of the claims being made by Nativis Inc.

Now, since this company has not provided or presented enough concrete proof of any credence to those questioning its viability, or have they provided any acceptable in-depth verifiable scientific analysis to support their far-fetched, ground breaking, and monumental claims; it would only seem quite rational that those peering in through the “Looking Glass” would be raising not only strong opinions about the science and methodology, but the entire business aspect and investment dollars behind this company.

I have read through the comment section of the blog in question, and have found it to be incredibly tame and well mannered as comments/opinion sections go around the blog world.

In fact by the very nature of the “beast”, if something isn’t passing the “smell” test as with your company’s hypothesis, and to then make matters worse when questions are posed to a company such as Nativis Inc., they responds in an obviously defensive, angry, intimidating, and threatening manner as they have chosen to do so in this particular case.

Then Nativis should not be at all surprised at the “Madoff, Etc.” and related parallels that are being drawn and made at this juncture. Let’s simplify it this way; if the science is suspect/poor/bad, the supposed theory/hypothesis shows very little chance/promise of actually producing a workable/profitable product, then the actual viability of this company as a whole does come into play and should be considered in any discussion.

I will give you a bit of free advice here at no added expenditure; since I can only imagine many of those vested in this company financially are getting more than a wee bit nervous right about now.

Next time Nativis decides leap before they look, or act before they think, you might consider hiring a professional PR firm (might I suggest V-fluence lol…) to handle public relations matter. The open and free internet venue/format shown and evidenced by your actions is one that Nativis obviously is ill equipped to handle adequately from my own direct blunt honesty and observation.

Leaving “oh poor pitiful me” whining anon comments @ blogs such as this do nothing to bolster your credibility or do they do anything to repair the damage it appears Nativis is now further inflicting upon itself.

Next time you comment here I would suggest/advice you to use your real name and company title so there is not an inkling/appearance/misunderstanding that could/might be construed as some kind of underhanded fraudulent conflict of interest impropriety being relayed to the reader.

Stan said...

pharmagossip has a great, serious, and enlightened post on this topic and issue @

Stan said...

More interesting stuff from the Quackometer on Nativis - I believe this may start to get a little more than simply embarrassing for them in the not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

A current update to Nativis progress.

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