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“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” – Big Pharma and the evil minions that market their Magic Poison Pills to Children

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” Big Pharma and the evil minions that market their Magic Poison Pills to Children

Let me attempt here to show you how those supposed separate and independent entities are actually part of one huge web working toward one single disastrous end; and that end is to label as many people as possible mentally ill and drug the American public relentlessly in the quest for the unholy grail of profit and unbridled social control by creating a permanent and sustained underclass of perpetual human serfdom.

Of course you have to begin with a fantastic marketing premise, which in this case is that “mental disorders (your emotions) are deemed to be a biological brain chemical imbalance and/or a genetic flaw in origin” and then market that information as unchallenged scientific fact through the medical community (even though "they" of all people know to this to be a complete and utter lie).

Of course there are some in this far reaching web that reach for the stars so to speak, as they believe mental illness and the emotional human condition is caused by a cat poop virus, and that anti-psychotic drugs are anti-viral agents.

Either lie you look at in any depth concludes "they" are making nothing much more than a huge leap of faith in spouting off biological pathology with a pharmacological component touted as the magic bullet. But then again, there is huge industry pouncing on the endless profit potential from their creative falsehoods and patronage.

Then working from that completely false and distorted claims “they” open the door to an endless flood of drug treatments that target, change, and tranquilize “your” brain function and behaviors without even knowing quite exactly how they work in truth (except that they obviously mute the senses and tranquilize the whole person), or what the actual consequence/outcome may be (of course along with this premise comes a litany of whole body proven adverse side effects).

Of course that actually matters very little in the whole scheme of this miraculous charade and masterfully woven web, since it’s the pot of gold profits that can be made by disease mongers that is really at the heart of this magnanimous fraudulent scheme.

The last thing we “they” would want is an “effective” treatment modality that would create healthy individuals. Since we all should be aware that the pharmaceutical industry is predicated on the disease model, and there is no or very little profit in healthy people after all.

So let’s expose the Big Pharma Black Widow Spider and analyze just one of many webs where “you” ( or your loved ones and children) are the ultimate prey.

To start with “they” need to validate the myth/falsehood by buying/corrupting the medical key opinion leaders, academic institutions, and research mechanisms.

One stellar example is Harvard University’s & Mass General Hospital’s notorious J. Biederman “Second to God” and his band of merry medical thugs that have not only guaranteed study results before even conducting the studies. Then they also were behind a massive unreported income buried treasure chest from Big Pharma, then there was the many protocol breaches in clinical research, the mystical ghost writing fiasco, and those unforgivable actions of using “toddlers” as human Ginny pigs for aggressive psychotropic drug treatment experiments.

Many consider that J. Biederman is the father of the child ADHD, Bipolar, Behavioral/Defiant Conduct disorder, and the hideous paradigm of aggressively and preemptively using dangerous anti-psychotic and other drugs in pre-school age children as primary treatment.

Yet, where are the web strands that begin to create the spider’s evil web?

Biederman and many of his cronies just happen to sit on the adversary board of the CABF “Child Adolescent Bipolar Foundation” which promotes/markets childhood mental illness and drugging to parents and the media.

They intern are supported and connected to NAMI (80%+ of its funding comes directly from Big Pharma), DBSA Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (no one knows for sure at this juncture exactly how much of their funding comes directly from Big Pharam??? But assumptions say it’s probably the vast majority of its treasure trove), and then there is E Fuller Torrey’s TAC (Treatment Advocacy Center),.

E Fuller Torrey just also happens to be The Stanley Research Institute and Stanley Foundation Executive Director that has funded financial grants to no other than J. Beiderman at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital, where he and his cohorts conducted drugging experiments on Children with substances like Astra Zeneca’s “Seroquel” anti-psychotic, and many other drugs makers anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and dangerous stimulants drugs. I hope you are beginning to see the intricacies of this finely woven web.

It is no mistake or great surprise that E Fuller Torrey’s TAC (the coined new eugenics for profit movement) agenda of fear mongering and aggressively supporting laws that limit and deny both basic human rights and our deemed sacrosanct constitutional principles to those labeled mentally unhygienic (aka Kendra’s Law and clone laws like this now effecting 46 other states across America), Kind of ironic that they just happening to be supporting this early childhood preemptive drugging epidemic that is now sweeping our nation also?

It is also not mere coincidence that NAMI’s national convention this year is focused on Childhood Mental Illness awareness, screening, and that always drug pushing for Big Pharma pimp-hood stature. Which also weaves back to CABF, Beiderman, Torrey, TAC and the rest of the evil web?

Judith Warner, NYTimes columnist and book author teams up with NAMI to promote drugging of children with psychiatric medication

2010 NAMI Convention - Treatment Advocacy Center staff will have a booth at the 2010 NAMI Convention in Washington, DC.

The sad reality and fact is that our main stream corporate media is also very much a part of the evil web promoting the falsehoods weaved in message strands that market/feed continually to “you” the often blinded and deceived citizen a very twisted propaganda as the truth.

From The New York Times Propaganda Page - this time it's psychiatrist Dr. Harold Koplewicz dosing out the mind poison.

The book the NYTimes "Ask the Expert" Child Psychiatry Q&A Koplewicz didn't read: C-Span, Robert Whitaker Anatomy of an Epidemic

Dr.Harold Koplewicz used the NYTimes to name drop Delcath Systems, Inc.

Dr. Harold Koplewicz : Q&A for NYTimes, infamous "Ransom Notes" campaign backer says "no evidence to prove over-prescribing in kids"

Kendra's Law - Letter to the NY Times Editor in response to op-ed article by E. Fuller Torrey, TAC Forced Out Patient 'treatment'

Of course this Dr. Harold Koplewicz has connections to the APA, NAMI, TAC ,and many more of the usual suspects and web strands.

Then you have an APA (American Psychiatric Association) that has many of these evil doers at the top of their criminal members list (including those writing the NEW DSM-5, which has even more members vested in BIG PHARMA writing this literal diagnostic garbage manual). This intern will create more disease mongering and runs right back to the deep and greedy pockets of BIG PHARMA.

Dr. Allen Frances, DSM-IV task force chair writes letter to APA Members: DSM 5 troubled waters

Dr.John Nardo, Letter to Editor: Miami Herald-- Dr.Charles Nemeroff--U of Miami's bad hire

Already Famous? Nemeroff And His Keynote Bio

Of course AstraZeneca and their PR “Lie To Me” man Tony Jewell is touting its association with the DBSA with an AZ produced and marketing bipolar awareness video campaign making its rounds on their very own DBSA Pharma summer “Seroquel” promotional tour.

AstraZeneca PR spin doctor at it again: Tony Jewell defends AZ : and the bipolar depression "education" site by AZ--Seroquel anyone?

So in this relatively brief post, I hope you begin to get a small glimpse into how "they" are playing this dangerous drugging game for profit at your and your loved ones expense.

This could actually be a pretty damned good puzzle if it wasn’t for the dire and immediate consequences we face as a people and nation do this blatant fear mongering, disease mongering, outrageous greed, and profiteering by a completely out of control and held unaccountable pharmaceutical industry.

Let me end this with some snippets from articles outing Harvard’s and Mass General Hospital’s this “ain’t no tushy massage” J. Biederman.

Outrage! Preschoolers used as guinea pigs in psychotropic drug tests

Thursday, May 18, 2006
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)

As reveals, in 2005, Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an 8-week trial study that recruited children as young as four years old to be drugged and monitored, including having their blood drawn, to see if their tiny four-year-old bodies would tolerate a powerful psychotropic drug (Seroquel).


Stanley Medical Research Institute, Joseph Biederman, Fuller Torrey and TAC

Stanley Medical Research Institute, Joseph Biederman, Fuller Torrey and TAC

Interesting reading the Joseph Biederman deposition documents,which in part discuss the Stanley Foundation.

Biederman Deposition pdf format documents, Feb. 2009.

Superior Court of New Jersey
In re: Risperdal/Seroquel/Zyprexa

Video Deposition of Joseph Biederman, MD
Friday February 27, 2009
Boston, MA.

page 342

Q. What is the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A.(Biederman) The Stanley family has a foundation that is called now the Stanley Medical Institute that funded us for a few years to conduct the psychopharmacological research on pediatric bipolar illness.

Q.The Stanley Medical Research Institute you said was created by one family, the Stanley family?

A.To my understanding, yes.

Q. Do you know the Stanley family?

A. No.

Q. Who is the director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A. I don't remember.

Q. Do you know any of the people that are associated with that particular institute?

A. (Biederman)I knew them.I just don't remember their names.

Q. Where is the Stanley Medical Research Institute located?

A. I do not know.

Q. Have you ever been to that particular institute?

A. (Biederman)We put an application for conducting this type of research that I described and they funded us.

Q. And what is the Treatment Advocacy Center? *(TAC)

A. Treatment Advocacy Center? I have no idea.

Q. You've never seen the term used with respect to the Stanley Medical Research Institute?

A. No.

Q. How many studies has the Stanley Medical Research Institute funded of yours?

A. They funded a center, so there was a group of studies, studies that involved neuroleptics and studies that followed up, but mostly a study that involved treatment.

Q. What center did they fund?

A. They funded the center for the treatment of pediatric mania, so we conducted studies examining Zyprexa, Seroquel, Risperdal(risperidone).We did a study of preschoolers, these type of things.

Q. So the center for Pediatric Mania has been funded exclusively by the Stanley Research Medical Institute?

A. (Biederman)Yes.It's the center for treatment of pediatric mania.That's probably correct.

Q. Okay and what is your relationship to that center?

A. (Biederman) I was director of the center.

Q. You said you were. Are you currently?

A. No. The center ceased to exist in early 2000.

Q. Why did it cease to exist?

A. Because they run out of funds.

(continue to read further, page 344

page 353/354

Q. Does the Stanley Center for psychiatric Research still exist today, to your knowledge?

A. The Stanley Foundation exists.Our center does not.

Q. Does the Stanley currently sponsor any programs for the psychiatric department at Mass.General as far as you know?

A. I have no idea.

Q. You have no idea?

A. No. They may.The department is a very large department and some investigators may receive funding from the Stanley Foundation.

Q. I'm asking you as to your knowledge sir.

A. (Biederman)To my knowledge the Stanley family funds the broad institute that is affiliated with Mass.General, a very large effort at improving the genetics of bipolar illness.I'm not sure if it's the Stanley Medical Institute.I believe it's the Stanley family itself.
Read the pdf format deposition at IN VIVO blog(Ed Silverman of Pharmalot fame).

TAC/Treatment Advocacy Center, Fuller Torrey, Stanley Foundation

Stanley Foundation Brain Harvesting Illegal in Washington State


Yes, it is quite an evil web that has been weaved no doubt!

I guess the one question that is left for each of us to answer for ourselves is: Are "you" going to be part of the solution, or turn away and become part of the problem?



Stephany said...

Have fun with that link!

The best audio and video mental health presentations from the web, as selected by the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. (CABF)

Stephany said...

PS--Great round up post of the who's who of bad boys in the KOL pharma industry. I wonder if they all golf together?

Though Melissa DelBello from the CABF board took a HELLA lot of cash from AstraZeneca and is running with this pack of unethical bad boys, so it's not just men! Barbara Geller, Joan Luby...

Stan said...

Keep adding those links:

It appears that many of those deemed the dirty dozen or so are here reading about their stellar humanitarian accomplishments.

I do happen to believe greed, corruption, and being a soullessly evil entity is fairly homogeneous, which plays no favorites when it come to drugging kids for big dollars.

Maybe they will have a drugging wheel of fortune for attendees to spin for fabulous cash and prizes at the 2010 Washington DC NAMI pimp-fest.

Stan said...
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Someone is V-interested in this post, the V-truth, and the mention of AZ must have them V-trolling once again.


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4th of July bank holiday weekend Friday july 2, 2010

Closing at U.S.$5.75

(that is less than a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese meal value)

must have been deemed 'black friday' by Delcath, and Koplewicz.

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