Thursday, July 22, 2010

AstraZeneca begins to settle Seroquel Lawsuits- Does this smell like bullshit to you?

AstraZeneca begins to settle Seroquel Lawsuits- Does this smell like bullshit to you?

I found this appropriate YouTube video that I would like to dedicate to AstraZeneca

To read more on this breaking news and some thoughtful analysis, I will just leave some links to related articles:

@ soulful sepulcher

$I'll give you $10,000 if you agree to have a life long drug-induced illness and shorter life span: AstraZeneca to settle 200 Seroquel lawsuits


If spokesman Tony Jewell wants to make a statement about "participating in good faith", then he should join the ranks of James Wetta, the ex-pharma rep who blew the whistle on AstraZeneca to the tune of a $520million dollar fine from the DOJ (Department of Justice)last Spring, and AstraZeneca signed a CIA(Corporate Integrity Act).

If $10,000 is compensation that appears to be reasonable in this settlement, then the Judge has lost all perspective.

A lifetime illness due to taking a drug, permanent disability and a life span cut short. The internal documents show the drug maker knew this could happen and the FDA STILL allows Seroquel to be on the market--now boasted as an antidepressant and off-label use of Seroquel for insomnia is quite common.

What is a life worth? well, I can safely say that $10,000 does not cover a couple of months of loss of work wages from being out sick while trialing a diabetes medication and diet routine, and suffering permanent loss of job as a result and loss of insurance to cover diabetes care as a result.

I bet Tony Jewell, the spokesperson for AstraZeneca spends $10,000 a month on expenses defending the company, but then this is all my opinion, so the lawyers reading this blog as well as the internal spy network hired by AstraZeneca, V-Fluence who has me in a "Google reader", can take my words and shove them where....Florida's sun don't shine.

Where's Wayne MacFadden? Remember him?

@ Pharmalot

AstraZeneca Starts To Settle Seroquel Lawsuits

Another day, another large settlement. Rather than ring up tabs for expensive lawyers and confront the possibility of bad publicity indefinitely, drugmakers are choosing to settle gobs of product-liability lawsuits with big settlements. Such moves, of course, appease anxious investors and allow senior execs to focus on the important stuff, such as their compensation packages developing new meds.

VIA Bloomberg:

"AstraZeneca Plc agreed to pay $2 million to settle more than 200 cases over its antipsychotic drug Seroquel in the first resolution of lawsuits alleging the medicine causes diabetes, people familiar with the accords said.

The settlement, which provides an average payout of more than $10,000 per case, came as the result of a U.S. court-ordered mediation involving 26,000 cases filed against London-based AstraZeneca over Seroquel, the people said."


"“AstraZeneca continues to participate in good faith in the court-ordered mediation process,” Tony Jewell, a company spokesman, said in an interview. “The mediator has asked the parties to maintain the confidentiality of those discussions. AstraZeneca will honor the mediator’s request."


This post has been used at who is a proponent of seroquel use no matter the emotional or physical consequences - So let's see what he's willing to risk to be so called "Happy" in a drug induced stupor.

Does she look happy to you?

Seroquel user example, does she appear happy to you?

I guess Happiness is subjective term after all


David Stein said...

I have been on Seroquel for almost a year now. I am at 600mg. And actually I knew about all the side effects when I started taking it. I was told by my doc that I could potentially develop the shakes later on in life and I would have a higher chance of developing diabetes. But the fact is the drug has been working for me and I am making the conscious decision to gamble with my life. I do not know if this is the right thing to do, but for the time being I am no long suicidal and my manic-depression has been controlled.

Thank you for posting this, I will have to further look into Seroquel and its effects, but for the time being I will stay on the drug.


MarlboroJones said...

Re: The Bullshit song

"I don't need medication. You need a fucking ball bat up the side of your head."

--seen recently on a bumpersticker. lol.

Stan said...

some of my most ardent fans are quite interested in this post for some strange reason.

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susan said...

Hey, David, you found this site. Good for you.

This guy (Stan) knows his shit. He's a good one to learn from little Grasshopper.

Stephany said...

David Stein at least has informed consent, which makes it even more impossible to understand the choice to use a life-shortening neuroleptic.

Tardive dyskenisia is not just hand tremors such as those from Lithium use.

I have witnessed so many ppl unable to walk, or keep their lips together long enough to eat food, it is a sad commentary on quality of life.

Holding the drug company accountable for illegal marketing of the drug, and consumer awareness is a goal for my blogging, due to seeing suffering in ways no one should.

My daughter was awake for 10 days on 800mg of Seroquel and it induced extreme psychosis.

To each his own, I wonder how living in a care facility unable to walk or feed self as a result of the drug choice and it's side effects sounds.

betasheep said...

I was trolling, I mean posting, on planb's site a few months back, see Tony's comment here. Dude readily admits to a prior love affair with pain pills in other posts.

He sounds exactly like me and the way I used to use shrinks. He's still young and like me, I hope, will learn to grow out of it.

Stan said...

David's (comment above) blog had this little post on addiction related to his seroquel use. I found this to be enlightening and a little disturbing, since he's one of those this drug is great people promoting it's use?

"This is going to be a quick post as I get ready to go see my psychiatrist in 30 minutes. Ever since I was diagnosed as having Manic Depressive Illness I have been seeing various psychiatrists to prescribe me medication. This has to be one of the most bizarre events. To me, I see the psychiatrist as my drug dealer (I have a lot of experience with this, as I had seen numerous dealers over the years to help sustain my pain killer addiction. As such, the same dialogue and the uneasiness exists when seeing my doc.) Here is a brief account of what goes on when I see my psych:

Upon entering the doctor’s office I walk up to the front desk. After talking with the front desk person she informs me that Dr. F is now ready to see me. Walking into his office, I see my psychiatrist lounging on his worn chair staring at various charts. He looks up, greets me with a smile and instructs me to close the door. Once I sit down the small talk commences. We ask each other how we are doing, comparing notes on our seemingly uninteresting lives until the discussion shifts to the topic of medication. I tell Dr. F how the increase in Seroquel is working and that my mind is relatively stable. He writes a couple of notes on his pad, comments sporadically and then continues writing. This is where it gets odd. I tell Dr. F that I am out of Seroquel samples and I need more. Like a drug addict I am begging this man to fill me up so that I can get my fix. I am nervous and uneasy. What happens if he doesn’t have anymore samples? But he does. He tells me to wait there as he goes into the storage room. The next few minutes are tense as I wait patiently for my dealer, I mean doc, to come back with the samples. About five minutes later Dr. F renters his office carrying a small paper-bag filled with Seroquel samples. Handing it to me, he tells me that this should last until my next visit. I then remember that my Zoloft prescription ran out. I then ask him if he could write me another prescription for Zoloft. Again it seems like I am begging him for the drugs.

The entire meeting lasts 15 minutes. I have all my refills and I go back to the front desk to pay. While waiting for my credit card to be validated I engage in small talk with the front desk lady, finding out that she has found a new job and will be leaving this office in the next few weeks. When the payment went through, I was handed a receipt and card notifying me when my next appointment would be. My transaction was over and escaped to my car.

Every time I see my psychiatrist it feels like this. The forced dialogue, the nervousness, the feeling of anxiety when asking for more pills. But it is necessary for my progress. Don’t get me wrong, I need the medication to keep my mind stable, but the process I have to go through to get the meds feels as if I am going to a drug dealer begging for another fix."

And this statement from the comment section:

"Ever since I started taking Seroquel I have gained over 70, I have a hard time with my short term memory and I sleep a lot more."

Yes, now I'm getting the picture of the "happiness" he refers too. Trading one unhealthy addiction for another is not happy, just a new way to get a fix while running from your problems. Of course if you can place a medical establishment label on your problem (as bipolar/mentally ill) then it's all cool. Well NOT REALLY.

susan said...

Like I said, he is a youngun, 23? I am twice his age, i am still learning and struggling. The fact that we are learning - well, that's good. I wish I had his tools when I was his age. I finally found someone I can leave my POA with and what not. It took a very very long time.Yes I am seeing a shrink, and will have to while I taper and what not. It's a work in progress.

I went into my 401 and bought copies of Whitaker for several people. I am mailing one to Dave on Monday- and a book on caring for a new kitten. ;-) ( I told him stripey ones are the best).

How the heck did you get the readers names so pretty?

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