Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NAMI message - Vote Big Pharma - Vote Big Brother - Vote for a Brave New World

NAMI is telling you to Vote Big Pharma, and to follow Big Brother

NAMI message - Vote Big Pharma - Vote Big Brother - Vote for a Brave New World

NAMI , acting as a well funded front organization for pharmaceutical corporate interest are getting deeply involved in the political process. This along with the huge money and efforts Big Pharma invest in shaping our political process and legislation that has demonstrative consequences that we as citizens will be paying for with our health and our dollars for many decades to come.

Then this latest NAMI effort should come as little surprise to many.

Let me in the interest of full disclosure and public awareness, expose how NAMI wants you to vote for Pharma Friendly Candidates that promote their funding masters marketing interest.

NAMI has publicly thrown out these following loaded questions as pharma bait to potential candidates for this fall election cycle. I have chosen to answer them publicly here, even though I am not seeking public office as counter balance to this sleazy marketing campaign NAMI is touting as supposed advocacy.

1. One in four adults will experience a mental health disorder, while one in seventeen (over 10 million Americans) lives with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression. If elected, what will you do to improve health care for people who live with mental illness?

  • First off, I would dispute your ridiculous numbers, while calling them nothing much more than dangerous disease mongering.
  • To improve health care in America I would remove non-profit status from all organizations that are nothing more than a marketing fronts for the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • I would offer real choice to consumers, and place money/funding where results have proven to be effective over the long term.
  • I would conduct an indepth criminal investigation of NAMI, DBSA, TAC, and like organizations focusing on undue influence and direct funding ties to these organizations and their management officers by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • I also would enforce and create laws that would hold their leaders accountable for their actions.
  • Any organization like NAMI that is a funded marketing wing of Big Pharma would be forced to place a public conflict of interest disclaimer on all materials related to the organization.

2. Many children and adults with mental illness rely on public mental health care for treatment. If elected, what will you do to make sure resources for public mental health services are stable and adequate to meet needs?

  • If elected I would stop wasting billions upon billions of Tax Payer dollars on deception and lies related to the drugging of america with hog wash like the "brain chemical imbalance" and "genetic predisposition" theories being touted as sound and absolute science when they are anything but.

  • I would ban any Pharmaceutical Corporation from doing business with all government agencies and programs if they have shown to have misrepresented their products, ever propagated fraud, hidden severity of adverse side effects, tainted or hide clinical data, or marketed their drugs to doctors for other than intended uses (off label marketing).
                    • I would work to ban direct to consumer advertising by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • I would fight to place strict limits with criminal penalties upon universities and doctors that do industry funded research and clinical trials without total scientific impartiality.
  • I would demand complete transparency, proven safe effectiveness, and that any new drug was shown be significantly more effective with less side effects than current drugs already approved and in the market place before allowing any drug or product to seek FDA approval.

  • I would ban pharmaceutical monetary or other benefits from doctors or professionals conducting research or trials at universities and public institutions.
  • I would bring about legislation that would make all benefits and gifts given to practicing Doctors be open public record to be posted in any office where the doctor practiced medicine, with an expressed goal of full disclosure in medicine to regain public trust and medical integrity
    • I would also ban Pharmaceutical Industry sponsored CME (Continuing medical education) courses. I would fight to see that any doctor or researcher that signed off on Ghost Written materials or journal papers that proved misleading or invalid have their medical licences suspended or revoked along with public condemnation, penalties, and fines.

3. Shortages of mental health professionals contribute to inadequate care, particularly for people living in communities of color or in rural areas. If elected, what will you do to address shortages of mental health professionals?

  • We need to train a new generation of health care professionals with the highest moral & ethical standards.
  • The problems we are facing today in the mental health arena are not in the shortage of mental health professionals ( especially in psychiatry), but in a corrupted medical community that has embraced a modality of disease mongering for profit that only serves international pharmaceutical corporate interest.
  • We are experiencing in America an epidemic of mental health related disability because it is being marketed as such.
  • This disease mongering travesty being propagated upon our society which must be met with strong condemnation.
  • The only true storage we are experiencing in the Mental Health System is alack of integrity and common sense.

4. Lack of stable, affordable housing is one of the most significant barriers to living in the community for people with serious mental illness. If elected, how will you address housing needs for people with mental illness?

  • We have created an epidemic of mentally ill dependent upon government social services programs in this country since the pharmacological focused revolution has taken hold with the help of front organizations like NAMI.
  • I would reverse this trend and false perceptions that those with labels/mental health issues must be branded and drugged for life.
  • I would focus on a community based recovery model which instilled hope, encouragement, and productivity as obtainable goals.
  • Not more drugs, Not more labels, Not increased diagnosis, and Not a likely forever poverty prognosis.

5. Only one in three adults with serious mental illness are employed, yet most want to work. If elected, what will you do to help people with mental illness return to work?

  • I would get the vast majority of mental health patients off drugs and on the road to a sustainable recovery.
  • I would work in earnest to prevent others from becoming like them enslaved to the drugs, enslaved to a label, and enslaved to organizations like NAMI.
  • The facts and data tells us that before the supposed quick fix magic pills came along, people recovered without them in the vast majority of cases, returned to work, and resumed their roles as productive members of society.

6. Over five times as many people who live with mental illness are in jails and prisons than in hospitals. If elected, what will you do to reduce the numbers of people with mental illness in our criminal justice systems?

  • We need to stop clouding the waters between Criminality and Mental Illness.
  • Having a mental health condition does not void a person for their personal responsibility for actions undertaken in violation of law..
  • Nor does it inherently make a person more prone to criminal actions or make them more dangerous.
  • We need to stop the propaganda and fear mongering related to mental health populations, while holding everyone responsible for their chosen actions in accordance with the law.

7. (For Congressional Candidates only) Public awareness of mental illness and its impact on health is accelerating, but the research is not keeping pace. How will you approach investment in mental health research?

  • I would stop all mandated mental health screening which only has lead us down a road to increased disease mongering and the unwarranted and dangerous drugging of our population.
  • I would push for truth and full disclosure policies, so our population was not inundated with false and misleading information by organization such as NAMI.
  • I would not fund any mental health research until institutions and universities had once again shown they were capable of conducting responsible independent research and studies completely free of pharmaceutical industry influence and prejudice.
Make your vote count, Vote against the NAMI tainted agenda

Vote for candidates you can trust in the time honored tradition of American values and doing what is right.

Election Day Countdown: 'Mental Health Gets My Vote'; Voting Rights Of People With Mental Illness Are Protected

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has unveiled an Elections 2010 website for grassroots advocates to use in reminding candidates for public office that "Mental Health Gets My Vote."

"Election Day is less than three months away," said NAMI Executive Director Michael J. Fitzpatrick. "Elections this year at every level are critical ones for mental health. Strong, non-partisan dialogue is urgent. "

"State budget crises across the country have led to massive cuts in mental health services that have put lives at risk. At the national level, congressional actions also affect hopes for recovery."

"Everything from Medicaid to the nation's economic crisis to recovery from the oil spill in the involves mental health concerns," Fitzpatrick said. "Americans concerned with unemployment, for example, need to recognize that unemployed persons are four times as likely to report symptoms of mental illness. This is no time to cut mental health."

The NAMI Election 2010s website includes federal and states action agendas and questions to ask candidates in public forums. Editorial writers and reporters also will be able to use the website's fact sheets and questions for issue-based election coverage.

The site includes voter registration information and important reference tools for local mental health groups and individuals to use in defending the right to vote against improper challenges by election officials. Under federal law, people with mental illnesses who understand what it means to vote cannot be denied the right to vote.



betasheep said...

I smell desperation more than anything else. NAMI understands that a great many voters are disappointed that the Democrats are indistinguishable from the Republicans and that there's going to be a bloodbath this fall of politicians who consider themselves bleeding heart liberals.

If you've not been paying attention, our federal government is buried underneath a pile of debt. It takes more and more money to service the interest. Coupled with some really pointless and expensive military excursions, this leaves less and less for spending in other areas. Thankfully, one of the first areas to be cut is mental health services because a great many think quite correctly that they're simply a scam to employ self-important middle-class professionals.

I look forward to watching this beast continue to howl while it gets starved to death.

Anonymous said...

You make some good points Beta, but as things get far worse before they get better, chemical control forced upon the disgruntled masses is a tempting and effective way of government keeping the angry mob from revolting against it.

The system has become so mired down in it's own corruption and overbearing weight, that I'm not so sure they could enact solutions at this juncture, since they have blinded themselves from all semblance of a rational reality.

In other words we may unfortunately be yelling in the dark with no one left or able to listen.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by your blog. i love it and so appriciate the much needed words of truth. I LOVE YOU

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