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NAMI, TAC, PSYCHIATRY, ACADEMIA, BIG PHARMA - An Unholy Alliance - equates to the Quackery Promotion Road Show Tour

NAMI, TAC, PSYCHIATRY, ACADEMIA, BIG PHARMA - An Unholy Alliance - equates to the Quackery Promotion Road Show Tour

I happened upon this article in the Vancouver Sun which appears to be touting that old Fuller Torrey Snake Oil, as some new breakthrough research. This comes as no great surprise since Psychiatry and their marketing minions for Pharma have been taking some huge hits as of late. The chemical imbalance, genetic pre-disposition, serotonin, and dopamine theories have taken a thrashing in the scientific community and public perception which intern reflects badly upon their corporate pharmaceutical masters selling their magic bullet drugs. So now they have gone into their archives to dig out some old theories to replace those being debunked.

This article just gives even more insight into how this modern drug cartel marketing structure is set up. We have known for a long time that Fuller Torrey who basically runs TAC and the Stanley Foundation Purse Strings (I'm sure your aware of this hate and fear mongering organization that is the force behind such Laws as "Kendra's" in New York State) and Torrey's Wild and Crazy Cat Poop Virus Snake Oil he's been mumbling endlessly from his twisted and perverted perch for decades now. Of course Torrey has also been behind a lot of dubious research funding through the Stanley Foundation front. Funding J Biedermen of second to God fame with his of drugging of pre-school age children used as lab rats @ Harvard University with dangerous anti-psychotics.

What you may have not known was NAMI's medical director Dr. Ken Duckworth is walking lock step in this Snake Oil Marketing Con Game being perpetrated upon the American Public. Duckworth (That I will refer to as Dr. Quacky in this post) is the one that signs off on all the NAMI propaganda materials and touts their junk science as undisputed truth. Of course you only have to open your eyes to see how all these dubious dots connect themselves to one another creating an astoundingly ugly and corrupted picture.

We know how huge drug cartel members like AstraZeneca are the puppet masters behind NAMI and DBSA's snake oil charade marketing schemes. So in this article we can see when you follow the money, you can also follow the con. It's not pseudo rocket science to figure out who that the money bag men behind the John Hopkins research into the Cat Poop Virus theory.

I find it amazingly ignorant that the main stream media would be writing articles about this ridiculous and fantastical supposed junk science as a lazy fall back position to the thoroughly debunked chemical imbalance theory's as the root of emotional maladies.

Of course there will always be those out there like F. Torrey and Dr. Quacky that think they know better than anyone else based on their tainted objectivity and personal demons related to questionable experiences related to members of their own families. I wouldn't expect the snake oil sales pitches to be ending any time soon since Dr. Quack, NAMI, Torrey, TAC, DBSA and their cultist followers have their faith, identities, livelihoods, and reputations all dependant upon this myth being sold as truth.

Cat schizophrenia?


To read the whole article go here ---->

Cat parasite may cause mental illness

Scientists look for a link between infections and brain disorders such as schizophrenia

Johns Hopkins University scientists trying to determine why people develop serious mental illness are focusing on an unlikely factor: A common parasite spread by cats.

The researchers say the microbes, called Toxoplasma gondii, invade the human brain and appear to upset its chemistry -- creating, in some people, the psychotic behaviours recognized as schizophrenia.

If tackling the parasite can help solve the mystery of schizophrenia, "it's a pretty good opportunity ... to relieve a pretty large burden of disease," said Dr. Robert H. Yolken, director of developmental neurobiology at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

The cause of schizophrenia is unknown, but both genetic and environmental factors likely play a part, according to the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.

The notion that there are links between infections and schizophrenia is "intriguing," said Dr. Ken Duckworth, a clinical psychiatrist and medical director for the U.S. National Alliance on Mental Illness.

"There's so much we don't know about schizophrenia that anybody paying attention would welcome any thoughtful inquiry. And the infectious disease corner of the field is a growth stock right now," he said. "If true, it would have a preventive implication which is profound."

Yolken, a cat owner who says he has tested positive for Toxoplasma antibodies, said the potential link between Toxoplasma infections and mental illness is no reason for cat owners to panic -- they just need to keep some basic hygienic precautions in mind.

"I couldn't understand why a disease like schizophrenia persists in humans," he said.

Through much of our history, "people who have these diseases don't reproduce very well, either because they're sick, or they've been locked up, or because they were killed."

If the disorder were strictly genetic in origin, he added, those genes should have been culled from the gene pool long ago. But they weren't. Insert: I guess eugenics didn't work out to well, so back to the drawing boards?

It was a colleague, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey of the Stanley Medical Research Institute in Chevy Chase, Md., who sealed the deal for Yolken by unearthing a trove of studies from as far back as the 1950s, many of them not written in English, suggesting links between infections and schizophrenia.

Someone with a toxoplasma infection, called toxoplasmosis, is more than twice as likely to develop schizophrenia, according to Yolken. Insert: Please Prove it, show us the proof, the science, the pathogen, show us using evidenced based science, not mouthing crazy regurgitated theory by some well known crack pot.

First isolated in 1908, T. gondii is present in the bodies of a third of the world's population, on average. It is a lifelong infection.

"Humans can get infected either directly [from contact with cat feces], or from eating the [undercooked] meat of an animal that was itself infected by a cat," Yolken said. Some toxoplasmosis outbreaks have been traced to water supplies contaminated by cat feces.

Felines are typically infected when they eat an infected mouse or bird. They don't usually get sick. So far, there is no vaccine to prevent cats from becoming infected. So the microbe reproduces in the cat's gut. Its eggs, or oocysts, develop there, and are later shed with the cat's feces.

There they release cells that migrate mostly to muscles and the brain, forming cysts to protect themselves from the mouse's immune system.

But T. gondii must get back into a cat to reproduce again. To get there, it needs the mouse to be eaten by a cat. Insert: genetically sacrificial mice? INTERESTING.

Scientists believe the parasite raises its odds of success by changing the mouse's behaviour and reversing its natural fear of cats. But how? Insert: I would surmise it to be pure dumb luck? But maybe they have a gambling addiction based on their chemical imbalance? lol......

Studies of mice and rats infected by T. gondii have shown risky behaviour changes, including an attraction to the smell of cat urine that makes them vulnerable to attacks. These findings may have parallels in behavioural changes in people, from schizophrenia to depression and reflex impairment. Insert: I'm trying to grasp how you determine risky behavior in rats and mice, then correlate it to human behavior? Do the rats or mice sneak out of the lab late at night to party down and have wild orgies?

Glenn McConkey, a researcher at the University of Leeds in England, reported last year that two genes in T. gondii's DNA contain instructions for the production of an enzyme that makes a brain chemical called dopamine.

"That's somewhat unusual, because other parasites don't have that [dopamine]," said Sarven Sabunciyan, Yolken's colleague at Hopkins. After all, microbes have no brains. Insert: just like some scientific researchers have no common sense....

In higher animals with nervous systems, dopamine is a neurotransmitter with important roles in regulating behaviour. Some anti-psychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia work by blocking dopamine action in the brain.

Medical students have long been told that mental illness and infectious disease were separate fields.

"I was taught they had nothing to do with each other," said Duckworth. But then he'd encounter a Lyme disease patient with something resembling psychosis, or an AIDS patient with depressive symptoms. Insert: Dr Quacky gives us his testimonial and conversion moment. Does anyone need some Kleenex for their tears? Might you think getting a diagnosis of AIDS might make someone depressed based on just the magnitude of the event?

"I think it's intuitively possible. After my experience with AIDS patients, I can think, 'Why not?' Insert: Let me get this straight, you are comparing schizophrenia to AIDS? Hold on, trying to stop laughing here......

Evidence that T. gondii infections may be a cause of schizophrenia, while not yet conclusive, is growing, Yolken said. A review of past studies, published last year by Yolken and Torrey, collected a variety of intriguing correlations.

For example: People with schizophrenia have a higher prevalence of T. gondii antibodies in their blood. There are unusually low rates of schizophrenia and toxoplasmosis in countries where cats are rare, and unusually high rates in places where eating uncooked meat is customary. And some adults with toxoplasmosis show psychotic symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Insert: that clarify your statement. Insert: Are you saying all People with schizophrenia have a higher prevalence of T. gondii antibodies or are you just saying you are using conjecture in an attempt to support an unsubstantiated claim.

Cysts are active

Studies have linked a history of toxoplasmosis with increased rates of other mental changes, too, including bipolar disorders and depression. Insert: what studies, who conducted and sponsored them, were they peer reviewed, where are they published?

Yolken believes Insert: act of faith, belief, doesn't sound very scientific? additional factors, such as an unlucky combination of genes, are probably needed to produce schizophrenia among Toxoplasmainfected people. The parasite's DNA also may be important, since some strains are known to cause more disease.

Studies also have suggested that the timing of the infection -- early in life when the brain is developing -- and the place in the brain where the cysts settle, may be important, he said. Insert: and then they also may not be important at all, correct?

But once the T. gondii cysts are established, how might medical science find and kill, or at least silence them?

Yolken said that while T. gondii cysts are invisible to the immune system, they are not totally passive. Inside the cysts, the microbes are alive, sensing their environment, periodically trying to break out, multiply and form more dopamine-making cysts. The flare-ups probably occur when the host's immune system is weakened by illness or stress. Insert: nice guess, but how about showing us the evidence of this being fact other than your personal paid spokesperson speculation.

Scientists believe these "reactivations" of the infection could explain the emergence or worsening of cognitive symptoms as people with schizophrenia reach adolescence and young adulthood. Insert: scientist believe? You mean these paid clowns believe. see how they twist the truth and try to sell this cat poop as validated science.

If it works in animals, that would raise hopes for a toxoplasmosis treatment for people, and perhaps, one day, some relief for people with schizophrenia.Insert: but it's a much more likely and obvious outcome in that we will be laughing at this theoretical hogwash for another five or six decades. Just one question for the readers: Would you trust the Dr. Quacks pushing this snake oil with your important health choices?

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betasheep said...

You're right. It's based on some old bullshit. But this bullshit has been gussied up with a new twist: Prions. Prions are a germ which causes a disease that doesn't manifest itself until years after the germ's contraction. Yes, scientists have resurrected germ theory here. Torrey was among a group of scientists that were violently opposed to prions-as-cause-for-schizophrenia when it was first proposed. In recent years, he's come around.

Actually, prions are fascinating. Genetics might not be the end-all, be-all that was originally believed. It has been suggested that a prion may cause the alleged hormonal insult in utero that may make a person gay. It would help explain why homosexuality, whenever it runs in families, comes more frequently from the Mother's side. In other words, what may appear to be inherited genetics could actually be a germ. (As a God-fearing queer, I'm fascinated about this and alarmed that they may some day be able to delete my kind from the human experience.)

I'm also surprised the fine folks at Johns Hopkins didn't also try to trot out the old canard that potato consumption causes the sharp spike in alleged cases of schizophrenia among the Irish population.

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