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GSK -vs- Pope - Create Your Own Caption

"a photo of GlaxoSmithKline's Head of European Clinical Psychiatry, Alastair Benbow and the Pope. The photo has not been doctored, Benbow did actually meet the Pope. In Benbow's own words:..."

Bob Fiddaman @SEROXAT SUFFERERS - STAND UP AND BE COUNTED recently posted this photo above on his blog as a satire post ""you create the caption". He has since removed the post for understandable reasons.

Caption entry #1:

I, on the other hand would invite readers to make their own caption for the photo and post them here in the comment section. Interesting that this photo would come to light soon after my last post God speaks out to Big Pharma - "Let My Children Go".

Let me add a little Background information below related to Fid's dealings with GSK & their giant intimidation machine.

Here’s what Phil Dawdy award winning journalist at Furious Seasons has to say on the matter:

I learned yesterday that attorneys representing GlaxoSmithKline in the UK had sent a letter to Bob Fiddaman, who writes the Seroxat Sufferers blog. Seroxat is Paxil’s brand name in the UK. As a result of the letter, Fiddy felt compelled to remove a video he created and posted to his website in February. It’s not clear to me what specific legal action the lawyers threatened.

I linked to the video when it was originally posted in February since I felt it got at some of the issues that had just been aired in the British and American press concerning accusations that GSK had hidden suicidality data connected with the use of Paxil. The person making that accusation was none other than Harvard clinical psychiatry professor Joseph Glenmullen who had reviewed clinical trials data in connection with a California lawsuit. Fiddy’s video presented statements made by Alistair Benbow, a GSK UK official and medical doctor, concerning the drug’s suicidality profile and contrasted them with statements in the British press about Seroxat’s suicidality profile as well as interspersing all of that with information about select patients who had experienced some of the drug’s rotten side effects. There was even background music.

Fiddy, in essence, posed the question of whether Benbow was a liar.

The whole thing seemed innocent enough since Fiddy was working with known facts and seemed to be presenting them in a reasonable fashion. But GSK’s attorneys, apparently writing to Fiddy on behalf of Benbow, objected to the fact that Fiddy had employed GSK’s logo in his video. What’s more, the video was posted to YouTube and in the comments section someone asked Fiddy a question and Fiddy compared Benbow with Hitler, as I understand it. The attorneys apparently complained to Fiddy that Benbow was feeling harassed as a result of the video. And they also took umbrage that Fiddy has implied that Benbow was a liar.

Fiddy explains his view of the situation here. He took the video off of YouTube recently and issued an apology to Benbow. Fiddy, most of you know, had some rotten experiences on Seroxat (Paxil).

Going after Fiddy for comparing Benbow to Hitler shows an incredibly thin skin on Benbow’s behalf and how silly British press laws are (the subject for another day perhaps). It’s also a move that Fiddy should regard as a backhanded compliment and a badge of honor. He’s being targeted because he is one of the loudest voices on the Internet denouncing GSK and how it’s handled Paxil/Seroxat and he’s clearly gotten under Benbow’s skin. Basically, GSK used lawyers to intimidate an activist into shutting up, especially in light of the fact that there are many, many others on the Internet who have talked serious trash about Benbow. Unless GSK plans to go after everyone who’s said anything sharp about Benbow, then they have singled out Fiddy.

Beyond that, this kind of behavior on GSK’s part chaps my hide, as the saying goes, because GSK has had run ins with academics before and attempted to stifle their views. I simply won’t tolerate this sort of nonsense and since I have obtained a copy of the video thanks to the magic of the Internet, I am posting it here, unedited.

The video is also on YouTube here. You can comment on it here or on YouTube. I know that Paxil/Seroxat stirs passions like few other psych meds, so I’d simply ask that people who feel compelled to comment on this matter in any fashion keep their rhetoric reasonably decent.


After paying out billions of dollars for the damage caused by GSK and their drug Paxil; I personally believe Fid has been vindicated & shown the world that standing up & speaking the truth can create/force change, while holding even the most powerful multi-billion dollar international pharmaceutical corporation accountable for their actions & crimes against humanity.

Kudos, Keep pounding that drum Fid.


Update from John Mack http://pharmamkti...: Drug Discovery is as Much an Art as a Science, Says GSK CEO Witty

GSK's "More Than Medicine" blog posts today announced that GSK CEO Andrew Witty "recently wrote a forward-looking essay focusing on the future of the pharmaceutical industry for 2011 and beyond."

In that essay -- published in the Economist (here) -- one paragraph stands out: "Art, not just science" is the heading, under which Witty says: "First, we need to recapture the ability to empower creative talent in the discovery phase of r&d by creating an environment in the labs that reflects the fact that discovering a drug is as much an art as it is a process."

News Update: from soulful sepulcher link--->

Psychiatrist on GSK payroll sentenced: 13 mo in prison for research fraud - Paxil & children!

VIA Natural News:

And yet another update on the corporate criminal organization known as GSK -

Recognition and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A Psychopharmacology Handbook for Primary Care-ghostwritten by GSK : Charles Nemeroff AGAIN

VIA PharmaGossip:

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God speaks out to Big Pharma - "Let My Children Go"

God speaks out to Big Pharma - "Let My Children Go"

For far to long our institutions of faith have been deafeningly silent as our children have been the bulls-eye target of huge marketing campaigns waged by mega multinational pharmaceutical corporations & their massively funded puppet minions in medicine, scholastic institutions, & false advocacy organizations.

That finally maybe coming to a halt & changing, as we are now just beginning to see the tragic and horrific results of this pharmacological assault that has been perpetrated upon the youth of America and around the globe.

This following article comes from the Catholic review: We can only hope & pray that many other faith based organizations will heed this righteous call to speak out; while joining in this worthy effort to save our children from an ominous fate based solely in the earthly principles of evil greed and sinful deception..


Drug company greed puts kids at risk, US speaker tells Vatican meeting

By Rita Fitch
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY – The Catholic Church may be the only organization that can counter the corporate greed fueling the over-prescribing of harmful psychiatric drugs to children and young people, said Dr. Barry Duncan, a clinical psychologist and director of the Heart and Soul of Change Project.

Flawed methodologies in research and a drastic minimization of actual risks make the cited efficiency and safety of these drugs untrustworthy, he told a meeting of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Ministry.

And clinical trial evidence on psychiatric drugs is often skewed by conflicts of interests, particularly when trials are funded by the drug industry or when the studies are conducted by people who are paid consultants of the company under review, Duncan told the Nov. 18-19 meeting.

He said because of the church’s broad networking capabilities and international influence, it “may be the only power on earth that can counter the forces of corporate greed that have no moral or ethical conscience.”

He called on religious orders, Catholic schools, hospitals, medical associations, media and parishes to become informed and help children and families discover alternatives to psychiatric medications as well as help them have real input when discussing the risks and benefits of such medication.

Duncan spoke Nov.19 on “The Question of the Use of Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals in Pediatrics” during the conference, and he spoke about his findings in a separate meeting Nov. 18 with Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Duncan told the conference that the United States leads the world in the number of psychiatric prescriptions to young people and that the trend to resort to antipsychotics before or in lieu of social and behavioral therapy is on the rise in Europe.

Most disturbing, he said, is that poor children in the United States, particularly those in foster care or on Medicaid, are four times more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic drugs and six times more likely to be treated with a number of different psychotropic medications.

Poor children are also “vulnerable to dangerous drugs used as interventions of control rather than therapy,” he said.

Clinical evidence does not support the practice of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs as a first response to behavioral or psychiatric issues, he said, not only because of the drugs’ questionable long-term effectiveness, but also for the risk of serious health consequences, dependence and disability.

“The belief in the power of chemistry over church, community, social and psychological process – fueled by unprecedented promotion from the drug industry that targets all players in health care – forms the basis of pharmacology’s growing centrality in treatment, research, training and practice,” he said.

Children have no voice, and they rely on adult judgments and decisions for their well-being, he added.

Families, pastoral workers, pediatricians and health professionals “need access to accurate data - to the truth untainted by corporate influence,” Duncan said.


Important recent related articles: - marketing childhood disease

Forest Labs targeted children & teens: Celexa, Lexapro suicide lawsuits being settled

A Psychiatrist speaks: "The problem is that our short-sighted pharmaceutical solutions have created a long-term problem all its own"

Youth in Juvenile detention: antipsychotics instead of physical restraints: Texas using Seroquel for control: don't forget the foster kids

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Disclaimer regarding recent Post from this blog that was highlighted elsewhere by CCHR

Disclaimer regarding recent Post from this blog that was highlighted elsewhere by CCHR

Link -->

From the CCHR web site -

"The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices. CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful." as stated on thier site: "CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz at a time when patients were being warehoused in institutions and stripped of all constitutional, civil and human rights."

"CCHR functions solely as a mental health watchdog, working alongside many medical professionals including doctors, scientists, nurses and those few psychiatrists who have taken a stance against the biological/drug model of “disease” that is continually promoted by the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry as a way to sell drugs. It is a nonpolitical, nonreligious, nonprofit organization dedicated solely to eradicating mental health abuse and enacting patient and consumer protections. CCHR’s Board of Advisers, called Commissioners, include doctors, scientists, psychologists, lawyers, legislators, educators, business professionals, artists and civil and human rights representatives."

"People frequently ask if CCHR is of the opinion that no one should ever take psychiatric drugs, but this website is not dedicated to opinion. It is dedicated to providing information that a multibillion dollar psycho/pharmaceutical industry does not want people to see or to know. The real question therefore is this: Do people have a right to have all the information about (A) the known risks of the drugs and/or treatment from unbiased, nonconflicted medical review, (B) the medical validity of the diagnosis for which drugs are being prescribed, (C) all nondrug options (essentially informed consent) and (D) the right to refuse any treatment they consider harmful."

"CCHR has worked for more than forty years for full informed consent in the field of mental health, and the right to all the information regarding psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, not just the information coming from those with a vested interest in keeping the public in the dark."

"It is in this spirit that we present you with videos, blogs, news, medical experts and information designed to arm you with facts."

"As a nonprofit organization, it is through public donations that we are able to continue our educational campaigns. "

So let me make a clear and concise clarification here for anyone reading. I am not a Scientologist, nor do I agree in any way with the basic constructs of their organization/religion called the church of Scientology.

In fact this web site is not directly affiliated with any particular organization advocating in the mental health arena. I do not profit, nor do I make any financial, or other consequential gain from operating this site.

I would say that is simple enough for almost anyone to understand, but if not - my disclosure and the Fair Use Notice are in public view at the bottom of this page for further detail.

If it so happens that I agree with CCHR's views on mental health related issues; this in fact does not diminish either my own personal views or those of CCHR on this particular issue.

CCHR has worked hard to bring this mental health issue to the forefront with strong advocacy and by producing some excellent educational materials. I applaud them for their efforts.

What or if there are any other anterior motives behind CCHR I can not speak too here. I personally have recieved no recruitment materials or contact from them. So I will give them the benefit of doubt that they are operating separately/autonomously from the Church of Scientology's control for the time being or until evidence shows a different truth about CCHR.

It's unfortunate those that are well funded pro-pharmaceutical corporation minions and their sheepish followers like to point fingers at anyone questioning this well documented and deeply flawed horrific biological/drug based model/modality are often portrayed as wing nut Scientologist in some lame ignorant attempt to discredit or deflect from the real & critical issues we face today regarding the mental health arena & the damaging drug based treatment paradigm which is very much promoted like a dangerous cult or fringe religion today in America and around the world.

Enough said on this issue....have a nice day.....

For more reading on this topic, check out the links I have provided below.


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Possible Never Before Seen Secret Pharmaceutical CEO Video Conference Released to Public

Possible Never Before Seen Secret Pharmaceutical CEO Video Conference Released to Public

You might be wondering quietly if this was just a little release of the steam being built up over their growing mountain of legal troubles. The ending scene in the video seems to depict a high level of frustration...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is this for real, or just more smoke and mirrors - Big Pharma Executive being prosecuted by DOJ for obstruction of justice & lies

Is this for real, or just more Bravodo, Smoke, & Mirrors - Big Pharma Executive being prosecuted by DOJ for criminal obstruction of justice & lies

The Big News coming out of Pharma-land is that the DOJ is going after a former GSK lawyer/Exec for a myriad of crimes which could lead to a Fashionable Federal Prison Jump Suit & a very long stay at a Martha Steward Foo Foo Club Fed. The question still remains if this scum bag exec does go to trial and is convicted (or sings like a Canary); what effect this might have on the World Wide Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel Criminal business as usual model?

From the rumblings being heard around the Pharma CEO world it appears this maybe a circle the wagons moment, with ensuing strategy orgy session which would include a huge PR campaign of "we need to be more open and listen themes" while prospects of huge corporate take overs, turf wars, and more profits shine like stars in their beady & greedy CEO eyes ( read here--> AstraZeneca CEO: Pharma Must Be Open, Work With Stakeholders - and here Glaxo sees more industry consolidation - Pharma Not Well Equipped to Handle a PR Cyber Storm-VOX

For a little back story)

This all sounds like a big wonderful hug fest & one giant "can't we all just get along" moment for all those that have been watching these corporate crimes being waged against society and humanity go unchecked for decades now. But the caution bells are ringing in distance as we have learned the hard way many times before with Big Pharma; words are always cheap, while honesty & accountability is something of an abomination to the holy pharmaceutical corporate stone tablet creed.

So as they say, the proof will lay/lie in the pudding. Will AstraZeneca finally do the right thing when it's comes to the many thousands injured by Seroquel, will J&J make good on the Risperdal crime settlements and get clean/sober, will GSK come in with a apology mop with groveling pledges of restitution and pay outs for damage caused by Paxil, Wellbutrin, Avandia, as we just name a few of the many ongoing Big Pharma Cartel horrendous criminal actions that have seriously harmed or killed consumers.

If you believe the sweet smell of change is in the air, you might want to ask/consider why is Big Pharma trying to close the honesty door at the same time they are saying they want it to be wide open? read here-->And Here Is The SEC Whistleblower Program

Now if one was to place this in the framed context that Big Pharma is still pumping huge amounts of money into the drug influence game involving doctors and research here---> and here-->

Or here where they continue funding front marketing groups - AstraZeneca Funds DBSA and AstraZeneca funds NAMI - as stellar examples.

One might/would get the distinct impression that Big Pharma has no intention of changing their profitable criminal ways, or their seedy business as usual model.
Definitely give us all some food for thought as the DOJ finally appears on it's face to be taking some substantive action against the world largest criminal organization.


via & pharmagossip

Former Glaxo Lawyer/Exec Indicted For Obstruction

Move telegraphs DOJ's posture regarding going after execs:
Former Glaxo Lawyer Charged With Obstruction of Probe … lying to obstruct a U.S. investigation into whether the pharmaceutical company illegally marketed an antidepressant as a weight-loss drug. …[Wall Street Journal]
Former Glaxo lawyer accused of marketing cover-up … concealing evidence and falsifying documents to influence a federal agency, four counts of making false statements to the FDA, as well as one count of obstructing an official proceeding …[MM&M]
Ex-Glaxo Lawyer Indicted for Role in US Drug Probe … withholding slides that were used by doctors who were paid by Glaxo to promote the drug and that she prepared a memorandum about …[US News]
DOJ charges former Glaxo lawyer with obstruction … rare case of the Department of Justice targeting a specific executive, rather than an entire company … obstructing justice and making false statements in an effort to conceal illegal promotion of a company drug …

It's titillating she is a lawyer but the real take home point is that the US Attorney has indicted a former V.P. (She is retired). The shit is going to hit the fan when they offer her immunity to tell on her friends. (And you know she will because there is no parole in Federal prisons). Worst case scenario would be that she implicates her former compadres in a manner that morphs this headache into a full blown RICO case.


And bnet-pharma Jim Edwards has his take on this developing news;load-all-news

Indicted Glaxo Lawyer’s Choice: Cooperate With Feds or Stay Silent

A vp/associate general counsel at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was indicted for lying to the FDA in a signal that the feds have finally begun their long-awaited quest to prosecute individual drug executives for wrongdoing in the drug business. Previously, prosecutors relied on multimillion dollar settlements in their attempts to discipline drug companies. Those settlements merely became part of Big Pharma’s revenue model, however, so now they’re going after management.

Prosecutors have started at Big Pharma’s weakest point: GSK. The company recently settled a $750 million case in which the feds discovered workers at its Paxil factory in Puerto Rico were running a black market drugs operation, shipping contaminated or mixed-up pills, and filing reports in Spanish so that management couldn’t understand them. The Paxil fiasco is still under scrutiny: Congress has demanded a probe of the FDA in Puerto Rico to understand why the agency was asleep at the wheel during the 10 years that the GSK facility ran of the rails. At the time of the Paxil settlement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston said the Paxil probe was still “ongoing.”

Which brings us to the accused GSK lawyer, Lauren Stevens, and what will happen next. Stevens has been indicted for alleged misstatements she made to the FDA about GSK’s promotion of the antidepressant Wellbutrin. GSK paid 2,700 doctors to give promotional talks about the drug and Stevens knew 28 of them were using materials promoting illegal, “off-label” uses of the drug for purposes such as weight loss, the indictment claims. The probe began in 2002, according to page 144 of this GSK disclosure.


Monday, November 1, 2010

AstraZeneca - Seroquel - Latest on pharmaceutical corporate criminals trying to get off cheap

Photo of AstraZeneca CEO Dave Brennan brought to you Via PharmaGossip:
All likeness & references in this photo depicting Mr. Brennan as an evil blood sucking corporate pig monster are purely coincidental

AstraZeneca - Seroquel - Latest on pharmaceutical corporate criminals attempting to get off cheap

The continuing saga of this criminal corporate drug cartel member AstraZeneca & their profit above all else strategy appears to be highlighted once again. AZ is reporting that their 3rd quarter profits are down 27% amid their high priced legal wrangling (a bellowing Boo Hoo is heard coming from the AZ board room).

So let us put into rational context the information this article below provides and what it does not:

AstraZeneca is banking on a 203 million dollar settlement to resolve 18,200 legal claims for illegal marketing and hiding the adverse effects of their blockbuster drug Seroquel; which have caused diabetes and a whole host of other life long/ending adverse health conditions.

If you were to break this down per case, it's comes out to roughly just over 10 grand per litigant minus 40% in attorney fees. Though some Law firms like "The Miller Firm LLC" & "Saiontz & Kirk, P.A" who are handling thousands of Seroquel litigation claims may appear to be jumping at this offer in very secretive negotiations and a deemed settlement . (Note The Miller Firm LLC has washed it's web site of all Seroquel information, updates, & is not including the injured party's in these negotiations, or are they keeping them informed of settlement actions being taken supposedly in their interest and behalf).

There is a huge stumbling block awaiting AstraZeneca's "Get Off Cheap Strategy" since very few "if any" of the injured party's are going to accept this reported insulting offer of a few thousand dollars for a life long debilitating & altering injury caused by AstraZeneca's despicable actions and product.

This very well could mean many many more years of expensive legal battles ahead for AZ, and the continued high legal cost incurred for AstraZeneca. It will be interesting to see how much patience their stock holders will have when another billion dollars in legal fees are written off their spread sheet.

Shall we mention the staggering cost to this Corporation will burden when they start losing thousands of these suits in court rooms around America.

Please notice that AstraZeneca is actually making more profit today off of Seroquel than ever before. AZ has pulled out all the marketing stops possible. Launching major advertising campaigns in all media outlets including a huge investment in the internet realm. This includes funding NAMI "The Traveling Bipolar Medicine show" and DBSA "Speak & be Drugged" in supposed informational/awareness campaigns that are truly nothing more than Seroquel marketing schemes.

Plus, AZ is funding clinical trials and are pushing for approval of this animal tranquilizer for everything from BPD to Yawning with massive investments into targeted research and questionable clinical studies.

You amass these above practices with their well paid shills in Medicine, Scholastic Institutions, and the Pharmaceutical Corporate Drug Cartel basically running/controlling the APA (America Psychiatric Association) as well as virtually writing the DSM-V. The potential for increased profits and influence peddling for these dangerous and damaging drugs like Seroquel are endless.

AstraZeneca somehow is under the delusional and demented thinking that the serious damage caused their illegal marketed and dangerous drug (which makes well over 4 billion dollars a year in profit) can be swept away as if washing a dirty window with a few million hush dollars in
commonly termed "corporate pocket change".



from Bloomberg Businessweek -

AstraZeneca Q3 profit down 27 pct amid legal costs

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on Thursday reported a 27 percent drop in third-quarter profit as it set aside nearly half a billion dollars to settle claims that its anti-psychotic drug Seroquel has harmful side-effects.

Net profit was $1.55 billion compared with $2.12 billion a year earlier, the company said. Revenue was down 3.7 percent to $7.9 billion.

AstraZeneca PLC said third-quarter results included a charge of $473 million for current and future settlements of product liability claims involving Seroquel, its second-biggest-selling drug.

The company faces claims that the drug caused diabetes and other harmful effects to some patients.

David Brennan, the company's chief executive officer, said AstraZeneca remained "firmly on track" to meet full-year financial targets.

AstraZeneca shares were down 1.4 percent at 3,199.5 pence in morning trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Although the company faces difficult comparatives related to last year's surge in flu vaccine sales, Panmure Gordon analyst Tom Kemp said AstraZeneca remained his top pick in the pharmaceutical sector.

"We expect the company to continue to 'beat' on earnings and quite possibly also increase the scope of its long-term guidance as early as January 2011," Kemp said.

Third quarter revenue was up in all regions except the United States, AstraZeneca's biggest market, where revenue fell 13 percent due to generic competition and the absence of pandemic flu sales, Brennan said.

The provision for Seroquel included $203 million for agreements in principle to resolve more than 18,250 claims, and $270 million as a reserve to cover settlement of unresolved claims.

Despite legal issues, sales of Seroquel were up 7 percent in the third quarter to $1.30 billion.

Sales of the cholesterol-fighting drug Crestor rose 20 percent to $1.37 billion.

For the nine months to Sept. 30, overall net profit was down 1.6 percent to $6.19 billion while revenue was up 1 percent to 24.65 billion

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