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Important AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Settlement Offer Rejection Update

Important AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Settlement Offer Rejection Update

As many of my faithful and regular reading already know...I try to make a earnest effort in keeping in the time honored tradition of providing important and breaking developments/happening related to the no so subtle & questionable deeds that have transpired in the pharmaceutical industry and in this case; AstraZeneca...

Today I would like to bring to your attention some very informative and important blogs or forums related to recent developments in the AstraZeneca Seroquel without further ado let me wholeheartedly recommend that you read the following blogs and forums to arm yourself with knowledge related to you and your loved ones health & safety...


soulful sepulcher blog has been all over this story for some time now.....don't miss her breaking news reports, informational scoops, and thoughtful commentary related to these matters...

Quote: AstraZeneca "Made patients into guinea pigs in an unsupervised drug test"-Michael Levy
Diabetes from taking antispsychotic Seroquel: CDC stats on life with diabetes

$5967.00 for a lifetime body damage - diabetes settlement: Exclusive documents from the Seroquel Lawsuit Blog --AstraZeneca payout equals chump change

and so many more writings you are sure to enjoy...


Seroquel Lawsuit Blog

                                                     Hat Tip to Seroquel Lawsuit Blog for photo

This blog contains so much information/links/facts/documents directly related to this litigation and much more pertaining to the sordid story behind the Seroquel crimes. You could easily spend a few days consuming the wealth of information it provides..


In the News: from Reuters


Finally, to balance things out and add a dose of satirical humor into the mix..

There is Topix Seroquel Lawsuit Forum 

Here is a small smattering sample of the nonsensical insightful bantering this forum may provide for your reading enjoyment:

We need to keep this forum scrolling along based on the spammer contractual agreement creed code page 453 paragraph 3 line 6.

"always revert to the spammer sworn by laws which state when you don't have or can win an argument; just keep the conversation moving along...remember if you can beat the message...slay the messenger" :)"

 "AZ reached private deals with plaintiffs firms that controlled big Seroquel dockets, offering token amounts of money to plaintiffs in exchange for their lawyers agreeing to drop out of the litigation."

Your life, Your injury, Those life long conditions you must burden including diabetes, related conditions, and even death caused by AstraZeneca's Seroquel are worth but a mere TOKEN....not a fair amount...not anything close to admission of any wrong doing by AstraZeneca...and as an added bonus your silence is bought for this mere TOKEN in the process...

If you really feel your life is worth a mere TOKEN...if all those years you have suffered waiting upon justice to do "DO THE RIGHT THING" is worth a mere TOKEN....then by all means, jump all over this settlement...

There is no more debate, hiding the facts, or smoke & mirrors platitudes now...your life without a shred of doubt has been placed on the litigation discount bargain rack....Price: a mere TOKEN

For a mere TOKEN...AstraZeneca & these many law firms walk away handsomely rewarded and confident they can continue this criminal "Business as Usual" model.

Look at the facts...look at the numbers....look in the mirror....Do you see a mere TOKEN peering back at you....or do you see a worthy dignified human being worthy of respect and justice...

Contrary to what "others" are telling you here; you (the injured party) get to decide whether this mere TOKEN serves your "Best Interest".

The spam parade crew will continue their "SELL THE SETTLEMENT' propaganda campaign right after this important message & words from are forum sponsor....

"do you feel like a cloud of depression is following you you maybe sometimes feel a little anxiety when making public speeches in front of large ruckus crowds....maybe that other series of potent & dangerous antidepressant drugs you have been taking aren't making you feel absolutely perfect and better than good....that's why we want you to ask your doctor for PoisonXR....proven to be no more effective than a placebo in clinical studies...insert quiet sedative background music: this is usually the section where we tell all about PoisonXR's nasty & debilitating side effects, but that might just make you feel depressed or just try PoisonXR....and roll the dice for yourself..."

We now resume regularly scheduled spam wars programing....

Was just sitting here waiting on the edge of my seat for the packet to arrive and spending some quality time watching the setting spammer trolls roll in...LMAO....wonder when that damned packet will arrive....My packet is going to be better than your packet you know...BPB is going to give me a much better packet than all the others packets you know....I heard it will come I'm just dreaming about all the great stuff I can buy when my packet arrives....I may have to knit me up one of those padded packet jackets to hold my wondrous packet....I called (where in the world is) Carmen Sandiego over at the BPB client assistance and Fred's Pizza delivery service answer line...I was assured for the 17th time this year my packet was being delivered to me ASAP by a personal limousine service.

They said it would come in an expensive Italian leather bound packet holder embossed with 14 carat gold lettering...I'm sure this will be the day it will fact I'd bet my failing pancreas and high glucose level on it...I figured since I'm here in such hopeful spirits, I'd just repost a little truth while I was waiting with baited & breathless anticipation...thanks for asking & being concerned about my precarious packet predicament...
Great Packet News

GREATS NEWS!! I was sitting here in my easy chair motorized entertainment center that I obtained in a legal settlement with an unnamed or con I mention boat manufacturer due to confidentiality agreement I signed onto more than decade ago. Though I am allowed to reveal it was a horrible fishing accident where a great white shark leaped over an obviously defective railing and bit my damned legs off.

I was able to retain some highbrow-ed ligament legal counsel in that particular case because of the huge settlement I received from an undisclosed and confidential vacation package corporation suit settled over a horrible & maliciously irresponsible incident that transpired while I was traveling through the outback in Australia when out of preventive no where a wild Dingo ate my Baby...

OH Yeah, back to the GREAT NEWS...I was looking out the window when I caught the glimpse of a shiny brand new limousine with balloons and confetti ejecting from the sunroof headed my way from off in the pristine distant...

Well in a lick-a-Ty split second I popped in my glistening white teeth that I had received in an employment injury settlement from a unnamed confidential behemoth multinational candy manufacturing corporation where I was a taste tester. They should have warned me that stuff could have cavity side effects related the suffering loss of my treasured chompers.

So anywho, I hooked up my chair super charger and headed out to the road in front of my glorious double wide abode to greet them from the middle of the HWY...

In no time at all you could hear the magical sound of screeching tires and the sweet smell of burning rubber inches from my statuette joyous pose in anticipation of an incredible and long overdue packet arrival.

Yet, to my sad dismay and tremendous disappointment...the limo was just full of lawyers and scantly clad harlots off for a wild night out on the town celebrating some huge settlement victory they just won over a bunch of ambulance chasers adversaries and as they stated laughingly "Pathetic Chump Losers" that they also revealed were pharmaceutical drug victims or something to that effect...

At that moment, to be quite honest...I felt my very gizzard sink into the howling bowels of my suffering reality...

But just when all appeared lost; a disdainful melody of cheap boom box chiming Christmas music was heard in faint distinct. I knew from prior litigation experience and a confidential settlement agreement with this particular company over some bad product temperature control procedures and inflicted emotional distress this had to be no other than Handy Dandy Mike's Tricycle ice cream vender and newspaper delivery service headed my way.

Yes Sir, I was absolutely correct as that Tricycle headed straight toward me as I scooter-ed my way up to the front porch to join my faithful one eyed dog “Uni-corn”… who just so happened to have suffered the loss of his eye from an unprovoked altercation with the neighborhood Tom Cat named “PUSS” a few years back…. In that particular litigation myself and the dog settled out of court for a hefty undisclosed and confidential amount…..

Anywise, Handy Dandy Mike road on by at top peddling speed while flipping me a nice gesture greeting bird and threw a crumpled up wad of ice creamed stained papers in close proximity to my now missing feet….

Well low and was my danged Packet! May Glory be to God, and the Litigation Almighty @ BPB headquarters; my day had been made whole, fulfilled, brimming over with Halleluiah jumping beans joy, and free of all immediate burdens….

Now what to do?

Says right here I have 3 hours from the time the Packet was tossed at me to return this document signed and notarized to be part of this settlement agreement monopoly

Coming soon in Part 2 of GREAT PACKET NEWS

SIDE NOTE: AstraZeneca embroidered crying towels will be distributed at the end of this heart wrenching and touching true cross my toes story...


Word sure does spread like a wild fire in a hornets nest around these parts. before you could shake a crooked stick, all my Grifter neighbors (GregloryWV, Myra SmCoxx, Paddy Cakes, Billy Bob RR Jerkins, Snake Oil Sam SPAM , David Brinnen CEO, & Ambulance Chaser Baily Barnum & Baily LLC ) where knocking down my door wanting to celebrate my newly discovered dubious good fortune.

All of my law-challenged friends, neighbors, and cohorts were also mysteriously & magically involved intimately in this & many other related pharmaceutical litigation matters (call it Karma, Kismet, Kermit, a gravitational paradox, or just some parole office chatter the has brought this Mary Sunshine band of misfits together).

Anywho, this loving, supportive, & nurturing factious extended family of various legally falsified documented SSDI verified and constitutionally protected second class citizens were bubbling over with enthusiasm to find out what my newest lotto prize winning settlement entailed.

As I swiftly scurried about tidying up & hiding away any pertinent & important valuables that weren’t other wise nailed or screwed down that might offer subsequent pilfering opportunities during this gleeful atmospheric gathering of community conscience; We all sat around spending some quality time gleefully laughing & smiling to the crackling sounds of celebratory beer can pop tops opening, each pouring down a few eye watering fine jug shots of 99% pure moonbeam, and then munched away on various bags and boxes of scrumptious diabetic FDA approved snack foods.

So without further mountain a dew suspense…I proceeded to UN-crumple the packet envelope fully intending to unveil my “Praise be to the almighty whatever” Packet offer information.

Then all the sudden it occurred to me like momma beating me over the head with a wooden spoon or experiencing a unfortunate super sized “Depend” accident moment, that I was still under the omni puss (or was that octopus) of an unspecified confidentially clause undetermined in this implied pycho-babble legalized retention syndrome speak cover-up document.

Of course being the conniving bastard SOB that I am purported and unconfirmed to be; I knew there was little doubt I could subvert the implied intentions of this keep your damned lips zipped covenant, and proceeded to share in board undesirable context the parameters of my settlement tally with everyone….
So here it is Folks….


stay tuned - to be continued in Part 3


I’m getting way more than you…. In fact that $39.99 some of you out there having been crowing like a dawn rooster about or your reported $3999.00 under cooked fried chicken offer… that isn’t even in the same ballpark or mud bog in relationship to my settlement offer…..

In undisputed fact my offer in much closer to the total accumulated debt of the United Corptopian States of America, than it is to that poultry figure y’all having been tossing around like you were making love to somebody elses' wife/husband or related mammalia species ….

So take that & smoke in your crack pipe or other related crack Orpheus or Orifice.

In a futile attempt at rapping up this important presentation of unverified pertinent shared information here; and after pushing the last drunken carcass off my porch out unto the yard weeds & other strewn paraphernalia; I sat down to ponder in short order & within the constricted settlement return time frame what the heck in tar nation was I going to dew.

So I decided to roll my easy chair be-hide my abode to my self contained temple of spiritual enlightenment & converted cold war bomb shelter to pray/chant/meditate before an accumulation of shrines, idols, religious artifacts, and wee gee boards related to all the popular denominations of spiritual guidance available in today’s crazy consortium of faith based pandemonium.

As I pondered the settlements I had received in prior litigation related to the lead poisoning and asbestos contamination from this poorly constructed spiritual facility of sanctimonious bull plucky. I knelt humbly and hillbilly before the sacrificial alter of all known wisdom; time honored historical indoctrination, and the all mighty one and only God, or similar facsimiles of the aforementioned stated deities for guidance.

Who would of thunk that in a million eons the Good Old Boy sitting on that pearly gated Throne of all predetermined fate and destiny would be listening to inconsequential me…

The “MAN” appears to me in a vivid kaleidoscope flaming vision of such overwhelming magnitude that I was frozen in awe struck earth shattering interest & attention.

The soulful vision directed me to immediately discard all my evil ways and reject blood money of evil and nefarious intent…...

to go on a pilgrimage across this land…and burn this demon inspired “Packet” document at the steps of AstraZeneca headquarters located in Wilmington Delaware, and declare before all mankind and the sub-species of corporate board members that God has instructed them in no uncertain or negotiated terms to “LET MY PEOPLE GO”.

So for now or until another all consuming Deity comes along with an alternative opinion, option, or concrete uncompromising demands; I must in all good conscience REJECT THIS OFFER, based on doing the right thing… based on the greater good, health, and safety of all people…

THE END or just the beginning...

Now, back to your regularly scheduled spammer programming…


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